My friend’s girlfriend!

July 18th, 2008

If your friend’s girlfriend is looking hot and exciting, you’d better make a move and get to her moist pussy…

Well, what can I say? I’ve always thought these web sites to be a bit pervert, and only perverts are visiting them. But now I’ve come to realize there are real people who love to tell their sexual stories or fantasies. I’ve never been an exception; and I want to write one. The most amazing sexual experience I’ve ever had…

…Let me start from the very begging, about 9 years ago, but I won’t bore you with talking details. My best friend was attracted to this girl, she was 19, 3 years younger than us, and she had a fantastic figure. She had a big round ass and large breasts. She was sun tanned; it looked like she spent weeks on sun bathing on sultry beaches of Miami. Despite the fact I didn’t like her as a person, anyway, I wouldn’t mind fucking her hard! My friend didn’t care, coz it his business. She was not a type of women I liked. I’d hate to talk to her about anything, coz we were absolutely different. But he liked her, and that mattered.

Well, once we were all having a party at his uncle’s house. His uncle had gone away for 2 months and his house was the best place to have fun, drinking and having a good time. There were no sexual affairs, we were just drinking and having a whale of time. However, on my turn, I had other thoughts. Despite the fact that’s she was a focus of interest to my friend and he hadn’t fucked her yet, I wanted it now. I could see she was getting drunk and definitely looking vulnerable. I didn’t give a fuck whether she was OK or not. I saw she made her way upstairs to a room. I guessed she was heading for a bathroom where she would be alone. She was tripping and it was obvious she really needed a relief.

I followed her, I was still sober and feeling horny as I watched her wiggling ass. I got to the top of the stairs and I could see the door to the bath room was fully open. When I looked inside, she was learning over the bath with the shower running on her. I walked towards her, my cock was as hard as stone, and I knew I had to get inside her. When I entered the bathroom, she turned, looked at me and questioned what I was doing. I said in a thick voice that I wanted to check if she was all right. I hoped she wouldn’t scream, telling me to get out of there. But the question she asked me then just staggered me a lot. She asked: “So, you didn’t come here to give me your big cock?” – I must admit I was shocked! And I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I didn’t know what to say in response.

I stood there, thinking of turning and walking away without saying good bye. But her next request made me feel really horny. Then asked for it, she wanted my cock in her mouth. She pulled on my trousers, and pulled my cock out. It was all hard and her hand felt so warm and soft. I looked down, she was sucking the tip of my cock, slowly licking, rubbing my balls and groaning. I knew I would probably lose my best friend if he found it out, but I couldn’t resist! She would look at me time after time and her sluttish eyes just made me want to get my cock deeper inside her! And she knew I really loved it! She was taking most of my meat down her throat. She worked my cock like a pro, I knew my friend kept saying he wished she gave him head. Poor chap! He loved her so much that didn’t even see what a slut she was! For she really was! She was giving me head, but left her own boyfriend without any oral pleasure. We all knew she wouldn’t even let him fuck her yet! She caressed every inch of my cock while sucking my balls, it was soft and easy! The best blowjob I ever had!

I could see her reach tight for her pussy, she put her hand down her skirt and started fingering herself! The more she flicked her clit – the more intense she became sucking me off. It was not until a quarter of an hour when I looked in the mirror and saw my best friend standing at the door. I was shocked, but he said it was OK, winked at me and started to pull his cock out of his trousers. It was getting harder by the second, and really didn’t care – she was just his dirty fuck-slut anyway.

She saw him coming, and made no reaction, as if it was a right sequence of events! She didn’t even acknowledge him, just kept on sucking me off. She grabbed his cock and started jerking him off at the same time not tearing herself up from sucking mine. She sucked me real hard while stroking my friend’s shaft. She loved it, she looked up craving for cock. After that this young slut swapped over, sinking my mate’s cock deep into her mouth. Now it was his turn to enjoy her sucking skills. She couldn’t take his entire cock in her mouth, but he grabbed her head and pulled her mouth to his balls, making her gag! Her hand tightened on my cock. She froze, her only action was the swallowing of my friend’s cock, but suddenly she pulled away and immediately deep throated me! My rod just slid in her mouth easily.

I couldn’t contain myself, I grabbed her and fucked her head, she didn’t refuse at all and took it. I could see my friend was enjoying watching, at the same time his girlfriend was wanking him with one hand! He pulled her hair and made her suck on his balls. After that she pulled our both cocks closer to her mouth and gave us some good double sucking! It was awesome! From the soft single blowjob I was getting before, this was much better! She was gagging, but refused to stop, she slid her middle finger in my friend’s arse hole and he came in her throat when her finger penetrated in his back doors! She sucked but continued to keep it in her mouth! I could feel his warm cum pouring onto my shaft! It felt awesome! When he pulled out she turned to me, my friend’s cum pouring out of her mouth, she took my cock back in and gave me the same action. That was it, I came with so much cum: it went all over her tits, her face… it seemed it would never stop! Cum was shooting like water stream!

I don’t know whether she was feeling sick or not, but my friend never saw her again.

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