My ex didn’t forget me!

October 16th, 2008

A guy breaks up with his girlfriend and meets her again at the party, this time he is going to give her the semen he’d been keeping for her…

This story is 100% true! I would like to share it with everyone, so that you could learn more about my life. I was 19 when I broke up with my girlfriend. We had been dating for 2 years and soon she told me that she had cheated on me with our neighbor’s son, and said that if I was OK with that she would go on like this, dating me and fucking him. We had not had sex with her, coz she kept telling me that it was not time yet and she had to be ready. She told me she loved me, and that guy was just for fun, whereas I was for serious relationships. I said that I couldn’t live on with such a fact, so she said she did everything to save our love, and if I didn’t want to be with her, it was my fault. When I asked her if she stopped fucking that guy, she said: “No”

It was Saturday afternoon. My best friend’s parents moved to Jamaica and they left the whole big house for on his responsibility, so he was gonna arrange a wild party and I though I could have a chance to have sex. However, I had just broken up with my girlfriend and couldn’t think of anyone except her! My friend told me there would a lot of hot cute girls supposed to have fun and I should take my mind of my ex, and make advances to any of them. However he didn’t tell me that my ex was also going to be there. That was a bitching good party! Everyone was drinking, dancing, swimming in the pool, chatting and laughing. There were lots of hot girl, some of them brought their bikinis and splashed in water, we invited the best D.J of our town who turned out to be my friend’s girlfriend’s classmate.

So the party went on, but soon it ended and me, my friend, my friend’s girlfriend, and my ex were the only ones who stayed till the end. They went in the bathroom and took a shower together, I could hear the screaming and laughing coming out of the bathroom. I put a movie into the DVD player. The movie started though I had no idea that it was porn because the disk didn’t have any label. I was not in the mood to watch porn tonight, so I turned it off and turned around. I found that my ex was gone. I wondered were she had disappeared. I went into my friend’s room, all lights were off, so I walked in to turn the light on and when the door shut behind me I felt a strong push on my back, so that I flew onto the bed. Ready to kick that fucking joker’s ass I turned around to see my ex. She jumped on me and we started to make out for a few minutes feeling each other. She was all drunk and horny. Then she went down on me with such evident intentions and though it wasn’t my first blow job, but it was my first from her for she had never pleased me orally. She put the whole penis right in her mouth and it was the best feeling I ever had! Her mouth was so warm and her lips were so soft, I could feel her tongue on my shaft moving up and down in her mouth. She applied too much spit on my cock so that it could slide in and pout easily. I came in her mouth and she swallowed every single drop! She swallowed it all and licked her lips, then I sat her on the bed and helped her strip naked. I decided to return her the favor. So I sucked on one nipple and played with the other one, and according to her face she was loving it, she was moaning very loudly. Then I went down and spread her legs wide, first I stuck my two fingers in her, but she said it hurt and I should only use one. With that I started to finger fuck her when she told me to use my tongue. Obeying, I stuck my tongue in her pussy moving up and down, tasting her juices and absorbing them like it was the sweetest drink ever! I did that for a few minutes when she finally told me to put my cock in her for she wanted it do much! Like any gentlemen pleasing a lady, I stuck my now hard shaft in her so far that it caused her let out a scream that could be heard next door. I fucked her slowly, her fucking cunt was so warm and constructing. It seemed that this bad girl had been well fucked by my neighbor’s son. I loved it I was losing my virginity at 18 to a 18 year old girl. I fucked her faster and faster, she was screaming and moaning like a fallen slut! She started to scratch my back, it hurt but I didn’t stop. Then after about 15 minutes I came. I managed to pull out of her just in time to cover her breast with gooey cum! Jets after jest, heavy spurts of cum fell on her tits!

Then my friend walked in with his girlfriend. They looked like they had just finished having a shower. I thought he would be very angry for we had done this on their bed, instead he smiled and asked me: “How about having a good orgy?” Blood rushed to my penis right away and in a second I was hard on again! My friend sat on the bed and took his towel off, his girlfriend took her robe off. Now I could see her naked, she was very beautiful, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed her and threw her on the bed kissing her neck and nipples. At this time my friend was fucking my ex on the carpet, he didn’t last long and came on her quickly, splashing his semen all over her boobs. I laid on my back and friend’s girlfriend was riding my cock, whereas my ex came to me, got on my top and straddle my head with her legs so that I could eat her pussy. Her freshly fucked pussy tasted great! Both girls took turns riding my cock and face! It was a good fun!

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