November 7th, 2008

When you go on a vacation and don’t get to fuck anybody, I can say that the vacation is ruined, this guy did everything to make the vacation more enjoyable, read and enjoy!

Once we went on a vacation to Turkey. There were a lot of us – 11 people. My friend invited his cousin, Maria, to go with us. She was a fair-haired girl with a terrific figure. I made a pass at her immediately and paid my addresses to her on our way to the resort. I think she was interested in me too as she liked my attention.

On arrival we stayed at a good hotel at the seaside. I enjoyed watching Maria on the beach, her figure was really wonderful. I set a goal for myself to fuck this girl at any price… The days passed and our relationship was still the same – flirt, friendly kisses, nothing more. Every day observing her on the beach or in water I couldn’t help thinking about how to screw this girl. But nothing happened and I even lost hope…

At our last but one day at sea we decided to have a rip-roaring time. All of us went to a night club. I spent with Maria the whole evening …

When we left the club someone suggested going to the beach, to have a swim in the night sea and meet the dawn. Everyone agreed except for Maria. She was cold and decided to go to the hotel for a plaid. And I, of course, decided to go with her. On the way to the hotel she pressed to me for she was very cold and wanted me to warm her up. But in my head the thoughts were quite different, I wanted her…

At last we came to her room. She said she wanted to change her clothes and went to the bathroom. I realized that if I didn’t do anything right now we wouldn’t make love at all. So, I decided to act… I rose and moved to the bathroom. Opening the door I saw Maria almost nude, she had only lacy panties on. She shuddered and wanted to say something but I stopped her and kissed passionately…

At first she tried to push me away but then responded to my kiss. I kissed her neck and gradually slid lower… Her breast was very sensitive to caress and her nipples became hard immediately.
Maria twisted as a snake in my embrace. I positioned her in a doggy fashion and entered her sharply… I even didn’t take off her panties, just moved them aside.

I began fucking her aggressively, thrusting my cock up to the balls. I had been waiting for this moment for so long that now I didn’t notice that Maria was moaning under me. She felt pleasure and pain at the same time. She was not a virgin but her vagina was very narrow… It was so enjoyable to feel myself inside her… A few more movements and I was close to coming. I hunched in with all my might… She screamed either from pain or climax… I pulled my phallus out and a spurt of my semen gushed at Maria’s back…

We lay on the bathroom floor and breathed hard. I wanted to prolong the pleasure and asked her to fondle my cock. She took my penis into her mouth and started licking it tenderly. To tell you the truth she wasn’t good at blow jobs but watching her head moving up and down over my shaft was great and soon my dick was as hard as a rock.

Besides her nice breasts Maria had a fantastic bottom and I realized I wanted to fuck it too. I leaned her against the bath, took the first cream I could find on the shelf and started spreading my prick and her anus with it. She understood what I was going to do and began to resist saying her butt was virgin…

It was late. I set my cock against her asshole and pressed, but it was so narrow that I had to press more… Maria screamed and tears appeared in her eyes. Slowly I was moving deeper and deeper into her butt. It was like a drug that you want more and more. I forgot about her feelings and tears and was ramming her nice bottom more and more… I thrust my cock up to the base, my bollocks touched her buttocks. Each my push made Maria cry and moan. It was strange but she seemed to be enjoying that.

I felt I was on the verge… My orgasm was building in my balls and then… I burst out into Maria’s butt…

I was on the seventh heaven from happiness! I fucked this girl!!! She was lying on the floor and I was looking at her as a hunter at his prey… She was so miserable…

Feeling I had done everything I wanted I got dressed, kissed Maria on the cheek and went to the beach to join our friends. And the girl was still lying on the floor of the bathroom…

The next day we had to go home… Everyone felt sorry the vacation was over and I was the only one who was happy… I’d done what I’d wanted to!

On the way home we didn’t exchange even a word with Maria… and never met after that…

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