Life goes on

September 4th, 2007

Nick is the best lover, he is the one any woman dreams of, he’s got a really strong and a big dick and he surely knows how to use it. His girlfriend knows this and she invites him to her place where they have the best sex ever.

My lovers are outraged at my not seeing them recently. I can not resist any longer, besides, I miss sex myself. We arrange a meeting with Nick. He is one of the best.

If you could only see his hard-on! I can’t help but admire it. It is hard, strong, looking upwards. Guess, this dick is the model for the well-known “fuck you” gesture.

This time we decided to meet in a small town. The apartment was nice. When I saw him with his dick straight up I could not control my desire any longer and simply opened my mouth to catch it going down on all fours. Miaow!

The next best thing about Nick is how he operates his shaft. I always say the size is not significant. Not many people can afford sex in such poses like he does, I bet.

Just for you to know what I am talking about. For example, I am lying on my back, and he enters me sitting at my hips, then he also lies on his back. I do not know if you get the perspective. But the cock presses against the front wall. It is amazing. It is possible to switch man-woman places with him. Like, my legs are held tight together, he is over me, or he is lying on his back with legs wide open, and I am up on him between his legs.

Sex is always long ad beautiful with him. We switch poses fast. I do not even want to touch my clit, I am totally satisfied with the way he moves inside me. His dick caresses vagina walls, or rams fundus of uterus, causing sweet ache. Sometimes it is slow and tender, or deep and abrupt.

Here is his dickhead owning my hole. At first, it is tight and painful, but he holds my hips and gets deeper. Oh, honey, don’t pierce me through, please! A couple of thrusts more and my ass opens up for him, he slides his lubricated piston inside. I can not resist any more, I yield to him, and it goes deeper and deeper! I am coming, driving the prick out of my hole, it starts to hurt.

After a shower I suck deep into the stem, it’s tasty! We decide to try a rocking chair standing in the room. I am sitting on the edge of it blindfolded, with my hands tied up. I am dizzy a bit, seems I am about to fall, but the thing that will not let it happen is Nick’s dick drilling my pussy. Oh, it feels so good. The chair rolls back impaling me on the shaft up to the end. But for the legs that should be tied somewhere too, it is almost perfect.

Then we return back to bed. I want him to ejaculate, I want it so much. But he seems to linger, slides along me slowly, and a bit sluggishly, it seems, but it fills me with such sweet sensations, that I want to growl. The tempo constantly changes. I do not finger myself, I want him to come first, he is moaning, growling. He CUMS, oh, no, it is not the end, he goes on. At the very moment of coming he pulls the cock out of me and spurts all over my stomach.

-Why did you do that? Why did you pull out?

- I wanted you to see it…

Now we play with fingers. He knows my button. Feels, we are fingering the clit twofold, I am from the up, and he is somewhere inside, low. More and more… I wonder how I still handle it! The room goes dark before my eyes. No, don’t touch me anywhere. I am gone. Let me return to this world.

We have been dreaming about sex for three. The problem is that it does not turn him on to have sex with a girl and a guy, so the only way out is that we have another girl to join us.

So, my friend comes. The only demand is that he must not see her face, it makes sex even spicier. Nicky is lying on the bed blindfolded, me and my girl friend sit on his sides touching and fondling him. I am sucking into the dickhead, her tongue is playing with his balls. The pecker is hard as never before.

We both go along the stem up to the head synchronously, over and over again. Somewhere at the head our lips meet, we kiss, touching it. Then one of us stays to lick the head, the other goes around the dick. Four hands, two tongues are thrilling, and it does not matter who gets pleasure, you or your partner.

Well, girl, it is time for you to try him another way. She sits on the cock, I sit near. I love this sort of live porno when a large cock penetrates petite wet pussy right in front of my face. My fingers and my tongue do not let them forget there are three of us doing each other.

We change places. Now he is over her. She is moaning, mewing, well he is a pro in this field. I am not directly involved, but it does not bother me a lot, I am a viewer.

Her snatch is free now; I enter it with my musical ball fondling it with another toy. It feels good, am I right slut? Nick proceeds to me. Kisses, fingers, and penis. Yeah, I want you! The friend runs to the bathroom with the ball inside. She is clanking while moving, that is fun! Nick is doing me, sex is the best thing ever invented, I love it.

The friend gets back laughing. Turns out she did not know, her twat was filled with the ball, and simply could not figure out what was making the noise. It even scared her, as it fell out when she squatted!

It is not the end. The conclusion is that Nick is adorable, skillful and very talented in sex. He is amazing. We will continue later! Miaow!

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2 Responses to “Life goes on”

  1. Sam Says:

    We went to Paris last summer and there i picked up one sexy babe, so hot French girl! i enjoyed her!

  2. Ned Flenders Says:

    It’s really hot!

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