Just fun!

October 4th, 2007

When your friend asks you to stay over at his place on his birthday, don’t even hesitate to agree, because where there’s not enough space for everyone to sleep and you can be lucky to share a bed with two hot cuties!

My friend’s birthday fell on Saturday and that’s why we had fun drinking and dancing. All guests were student body, knew each other, except 2 girls, I had never met before. Both were slim and nice, brunets 19 or 20 years old. They appeared to be first-year girls, – some friends of a guy whose name day it was. In general we had a whale of time, time was in the small hours, our host decided to put all guests for the night. I got a separate room with a big sofa.

- We would join you somebody later, – he grinned and went away to go on drinking

I fell asleep immediately, but soon woke up feeling something funny, like something was crawling over my body. Then I realized that it was somebody’s lips, running along my belly down there. I opened my eyes and saw one of those girls, I meant earlier. She was completely naked and seemed to be longing for some play with my cock. Her girlfriend lied near by, naked too but slept soundly. I made up my mind to stay allegedly asleep and see, what would happen. Then this babe took my cock out and started licking it. Then she put its head into the mouth, jacking it off slightly. Soon I felt cock-stand. I moaned, captured by pleasure.

- You like it, ah? – she asked

- Keep on sucking it…

She kept caressing it for some minutes, then leant across me and put it into her cunt. Her pussy had already been wet and it entered inside easily. She gave a passionate moan and moved her ass up and down. It seemed to be giving her great pleasure, as she was moaning louder and louder. So did I, I was fondling with her tits, slapping her nipples and pinching them. After a while she got off me and asked me to screw her ass. I reacted happily and thrusted my cock. And there it started! She completely lost her mind; she began moving her ass so fast, that I hardly came! I pulled my dick put and asked to move slowly a bit. After some minutes of doggy style she took to sucking my cock again so that it turned red, she licked it as some ice-cream.

- Fuck Julie while she is asleep? – she suggested (Julie was her girlfriend)

I almost forgot about this chick! Now I looked hard and found that Julie was more attractive than my partner. She had big boobs, broad hips and thick thighs. I gave consent and, having opened her legs, put my cock into Julie’s vagina. It was warm inside, I started giving slow thrusts. From time to time my first partner lubricated my dick with saliva. Soon Julie become moaning, weakly first, then louder and louder. At last she begged:

- Yes. Yes… Give me more, please… Deeper…

I put her legs onto my shoulders and fucked her vehemently. Now she was screaming. I pulled my penis out and let girls have fun with it. They started sucking it willingly, smacking their lips and moving tongues. In the long run I came onto their protruded tongues; sperm covered their lips.

After that we had some rest and went on fucking again. First chick, whose name was Eva suggested that I should fuck her in the standing position, while Julie would fondle with my testicles. She was propping against the wall as I fucked her, then Julie’s turn came. I fucked her in a doggy style, and in a few minutes I came right into her ass. Eva felt hurt for I didn’t cum inside her and thus I had to satisfy her too. This time we banged in a missionary position and soon I blew out my third cum! Eva hardly came with me, so I started licking her cunt until she came too. After that we tumbled into the sofa and fell asleep. When I woke up there was nobody in the room. They had already gone. I asked my friend to give me their phone numbers and afterwards we had a lot of fun.

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5 Responses to “Just fun!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    haha, good story! A sleeping guy was having fun with 2 girls? seems lamely, but very interesting

  2. lucky Says:

    i m a gret slut

  3. Marty Says:

    good story an hope every guy this kind of fun,i would

  4. Gaby Says:

    great story.but i would have been WAY better tu this guy then them girls.(wink,wink.)haha:)

  5. nick Says:


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