Just a night of my life!

July 2nd, 2008

A girl’s night out doesn’t always end the way girls want, guys should be close to make their cocks happy…

Hi! Everyone who reads my story! I’d like to tell you about my adventures. You know, every Saturday I and a few of my girlfriends have a night out. Usually we all get dressed and go to some bar and dance. When we do, we have a whale of time, and lots of fun. That night didn’t differ much from all those previous Saturdays. Except this time. I was so horny. And I really needed to get laid. I hadn’t had had sex since I and my ex broke up a few months ago. I was wearing a short black shirt, high heeled shoes and a black low cut top with my large breast popping out. My tits looked so amazing in this top, it made me wet just looking at myself in the mirror. I knew that most of the guys we met fixed their eyes on me. Sure, they wanted to fuck me. So did I.

So, there were 4 girls of our old company. We walked into the bar, which was crowded and air was filled with smoke. We sat at the bar, and ordered shots of martini, with salt and lemon. We toasted and our night began. I looked around to see if I attracted attention of any cute guys. My eyes caught one chap at the end of bar, talking to his friends. He was looking so hot! Big round muscles playing powerfully under his sun tanned skin. Time after time he would glimpse at me.

“Sarah, look at that guy over there!”

“Wow! Stella, he’s making eye on you, you should go and pick him up.” I got another drink at the bar, and as I turned around facing the dance hall, he was standing before me.

“Hi! How are you doing? I’m Alex”” he said. I sipped my drink and greeted him as well:

“Hi! I’m Stella.”

“You’re a really pretty girl.” he said.

“Thank you.” We walked towards the back of bar where there was a door to ladies’ room and where it was not crowded at all. It was also dark in there, so we could talk without anyone to disturb.

My favorite song started to play, and I just had to dance it.

“Come on, let’s dance, this is my favorite song.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him out there. I saw my girls, they were smiling and nodding at me. We danced and it was so amazing! When Alex turned me around my ass was sticking at his bulge. He was sliding his hands all over my waist, and legs. I felt his cock growing. His touch was making me so fucking wet. He kissed my neck what made turn around and start kissing his lips.

“Let’s get out of here.” I whispered in his ear and softly bit it. We walked outside and it had started raining. He grabbed my arm and pined up me to the brick wall of the bar. He was kissing my lips and neck. Alex put his hands under skirt. He wanted to grope my underwear. His hands ere so soft and tender, and he smelled so exciting! When his fingers reached my neatly shaved crotch, he recoiled and exclaimed:

“Babe, you’re not wearing any panties.”

“I know.”

“God, that’s so damn hot!”

He started to rub my clit and put a finger in my wet cunt. In a jiff hi finger was all glistened. I began moaning and started rubbing his throbbing cock through his jeans. I whispered in his ear:

“Alex, I want your cock so bad, I want you to fuck me so hard.”

He was making my pussy wetter and making me want his cock even more coz he wouldn’t let me have it. He pulled my skirt up and started eating my pussy, while I rubbed my clit. “Oh, God! You taste so good.” All I could do was moan. I wrapped my leg around his shoulder. He was sucking my clit and finger fucking me with 3 fingers. I pulled his hand up so I could taste my juices on his fingers. After sucking his fingers clean, he pulled them out of my mouth and put them back inside me. I began to moan louder as I was about to cum. I came so hard and then I pulled him up and he said: “Now, it’s your turn, honey” I pulled his pants down and took his cock out. His fat shaft saluted me with semi hard size. I got on my knees in front of him and started sucking his throbbing hard cock. It was long and fat, just how I liked. He put his hands on the back of my head and shoved his cock deep in my mouth. I began to choke on it. I love sucking a cock, actually it is my best skill. More than anything, I loved blowjobs. And I loved to choke on the cock too, it really turned me on. I wanted his cock so bad.

He started fucking my mouth like my pussy. He held my head on his crotch’s level and pushed his shaft in my mouth rhythmically and steadily. I was getting so turned on by this that I couldn’t help touch my pussy. He pulled me up and asked me how I want it. I stood up, turned around facing the wall and said: “I want you to fuck me doggie style.” Alex shoved his hard fat cock in my wet cunt. He got down to pounding my pussy. His one hand was grabbing my hips, another one was holding my breast. I reached back and started plying with his balls. “Oh, God! Alex, fuck me harder.” I moaned loudly. I took my top off, then my bra and started playing with my nipples, pinching them, and squeezing my tits as he rammed his cock in my wet cunt. His balls were slapping my pussy. I could feel my tits bouncing back and forth with his thrusts. He grabbed me by the hips and started fucking me harder and faster.

“Oh, Alex give me your cock, I want it so bad,”

“You like this cock?”

“Oh, damn, fuck yes I do.” I squeeze my pussy tighter around his cock.

“I’m gonna cum.” He said.

“Cum in my mouth! I wanna feel your hot load shot deep in my mouth! Give me some!”

He pulled my hair back and gave me some hard thrusts! After that he pulled out, made me get down on my knees and began to stroke his hard cock on my face. A second after, his white shots flew out and filled my mouth! I could taste his cum! Feeling his hot cum made me cum as well. When he was done, I told him:

“Alex, I want more of your cock. Let’s go to my place.” He agreed to me. So I went back in the bar and told my girlfriends I was leaving for the night and I would see them next morning. So I got in my car, and the whole my way back home I was playing with my wet cunt. I never stopped thinking of how badly I wanted his cock back in my wet pussy. We got to my house and didn’t cease making out while taking our cloths off. I led him to my room and pushed him on my bed. I opened the top drawer of my night stand and pulled out my pink dildo. I sat at the bottom of my bed and spread my legs. I made him watch me while I fucked myself. I looked at him stroking his hard cock. He sat up and took my toy out of my hand and took up fucking me with it. He was sliding it in and out of me while he licked my clit. I was moaning so loud. I made him stop and pushed him back on my bed. I stood up over him and slid my wet tight cunt slowly down his hard cock. I rid him slow and hard at first while he sucked on my nipples.

I started riding him faster and faster. Moving my hips in a circular motion. I started impaling myself up and down his cock while he was rubbing my clit with his thumb. He grabbed my hips and bounced me harder and faster. My moans turned into screams. He rolled over and put me on my back, putting my legs over his shoulders so that he could fuck me deep and hard. I spread my pussy lips with my fingers as he slid in and out of my wet cunt. He pulled out and then rubbed his bell end on my pussy. I screamed: “Put your cock back in my cunt!” He rammed his cock back in my cunt, fucking me harder then I’d ever been fucked before. I reached out, took my dildo and started rubbing it against my clit. It was swollen and red. “Oh, Jesus Maria, I’m gonna cum!” I screamed. Alex drilled me harder and faster, my pussy tightened when I came and graced him with a push of squirt. Alex pulled his cock out and made me suck my cum off his cock. “Oh babe, keep sucking, I’m gonna cum.” I started sucking and stroking his cock while I licked it and with my other hand I played with his balls. I felt his cock jerk, he started coming, I shoved his cock deep down my throat and let his cum just shoot down to my throat.

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  1. titan Says:

    that was so fucking hot, wish you’re my gal..

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