July 13th, 2007

His sluttish wife had some nasty horrible sex adventures. Of course she got punished properly…

When I woke up in the morning my body responded with a sweet languor, the thoughts of the mad night ran through my head, I arched sweetly like a cat. I turned my head and saw my husband sitting in the armchair across the bed. He was looking at me. I shuddered at a thought that he might find out what happened here. He had a small piece of paper in his hand, the money lay close to me on the bed-side table.
- What have you been doing, honey, He asked.
- I missed you, then my female friends called on me, we had a drink, – I started talking. My voice was trembling and I understood that I wasn’t good at lying.
- Did you get paid by the girls who called on you? He pointed at the money. And they left a note saying “thank you, you are the best slut, Alex”.
I kept silence not knowing what to say, he came up to me and tore the blanket away. I was lying in bed scared to move.
- Tell me. His voice was harsh.
- I haven’t been with anyone, – I started to justify myself, my husband slapped me on the face, I stopped talking in fear, I shrank myself, he spread my legs apart rudely and grinned.
- She didn’t miss me, did she?
I looked down my body, my pussy was swollen and wet, it could be clearly seen that it had been fucked more than once.
- Tell me, you slut, he sat in the armchair and lit a cigarette.
I had nothing to do but to tell him everything.
After I told him what had happened I was waiting for his reaction. He was smoking not saying a word. When he finished the cigarette he came up to the bed.
- I didn’t know you were such a slut! He was looking at me in a strange way. So, you didn’t get fucked in the ass?
I said no.
- Did you want it? His voice was calm and cold.
I looked down and nodded. He came up to the bar and filled the glass with brandy,then he approached me.
- Drink it!
I drank it. My head got dizzy at once. I was sitting in bed half naked, afraid to move. He undressed slowly and I saw his big, erected dick, I started leaking again with excitement.
- If you are a slut, you gotta be treated like a slut!
I was silent.
- I can’t hear you! Are you a slut or not?
- Yes I am! I said in a low voice.
- Louder!
- Yes!!! I am a slut!!! The alcohol and excitement took control over me.
He grabbed me by my hair and slapped me on the face with his other hand. Then he pulled my head to his dick and drove it in my mouth rudely. He was holding my head with one hand and fucking me in my mouth like a real slut. With his other hand he grabbed me by the nipples, clenching them hard. I started moaning. He stopped then took the belt from my robe and tied my hands to bed with it. Then he put me on my belly and placed a couple of pillows under my buttocks, in such a position my butt went up high facing him. He spread my legs wide. What a beautiful picture, a woman with her ass and her wet pussy facing the man. Then I saw him getting the belt from his jeans and fold it in half. The first strike on my butt made me scream with pain. Second, third, fourth. I was shivering and arching, tears were running down my face. The belt was hitting my butt again and again. It all hurt and ached; in a few moments I felt that pain was changing itself with a strange kind of excitement. It felt like something was filling me inside, something I never felt before. When he stopped I couldn’t feel that it was real, the only thing I felt was my burning butt and my leaking pussy. I could feel his fingers on my pussy, when they penetrated me I came at once. That was a mad orgasm, the one that I never experienced before. He didn’t stop, he penetrated me with all his palm and started fucking me, I came twice, the reality was escaping me. I could feel the fingers on his other hand penetrating my anus, when he stuck two fingers in there his hands started moving simultaneously. When he stopped tearing me apart he untied my mouth.
- Do you want me to fuck you in the ass? – He asked.
- Yes!!! Yes!!! Please!!! Fuck me, I want it so much! I am begging you, I wasn’t saying, I was shouting and arching.
He pressed his dick against my asshole and penetrated me quickly. He was fucking me so furiously and madly that I was losing my mind. His hard balls were beating against my vulva lips and clit, he was slapping me, gripping my nipples, calling me bad names. I was enjoying myself so much that I felt and realized who I really was: I was a slut, a bitch! This is what I was living for! When he took his dick out of my ass and started coming on my buttocks and on my back I got the most intense orgasm in my whole life, I lost consciousness. When I came to, he was sitting in the armchair opposite me, my hands were untied. My body was covered in blanket, I felt so light and fresh.
- Do you like being a slut? He asked. Will you cheat on me again?
- No, no honey, I won’t!!! I said hardly able to move my lips.
- Wrong answer. You will because you are cut out for this. I will bring men into the house myself and watch them fucking you. And I am going to fuck you wherever and whenever I want. Do you agree? Though you don’t have to answer. He was smiling as he already knew the answer. You need to have a rest as you are going to have a hard night…

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