July 11th, 2007

Rachel was a tame housemaid. Her duties included not only cleaning the house, but also serving her body to her masters and guests…

Rachel got a job as a housemaid in a very rich family. The head of the family, Kevin was a successful businessman, his wife Lauren spent most of her time working at a major bank. It turned out they had a lot of money, but little time so they decided to hire a housemaid. They had a son and a daughter: Katherine and Madison, the guy was about 19 years old and Katherine was 20. Rachel was very happy working for them, she had a nice pay and the job required only a few things: keeping the house clean and cooking. So there was much of free time left for Rachel.

The guy who was at the age of his hypersexual maturing was thinking about sex only, he would embarrass Rachel by walking around the house half nude, very often when parents were at work he would sit in the hall watching porn on purpose. Once, Rachel found him masturbating vigorously while watching it.

After that Madison used every opportunity to demonstrate his penis to Rachel, at table, during breakfast, in the lobby, wherever he could. Quite often he would enter the room where Rachel was and showed her his penis, he would unzip his pants and stand before her with his erected dick. Rachel tried to make him ashamed but she couldn’t that is why, she thought the best thing for her to do would be to just ignore him.

His sister Katherine treated Rachel as if she was a slave for her. It was very offending for Rachel but her parents paid her enough so she had to bear with their daughter’s whims. She would fulfill all Katherine’s requirements and that was it.

Once, when the parents were away, Katherine was having a party with her friends, they were as spoiled as she, as their parents pandered to their every whim. Rachel had to wait on their noisy company as a waitress. From the very beginning the guys were treating her as inferior, and when alcohol took control of their carefree minds their high and mighty manners were totally exposed.
Hey, get us more beer – one of the guys was sitting in the armchair and ordering her. “And make it fast”, another guys added. Rachel was pissed off, she had enough satisfying the wishes of one spoiled girl, it was too much to serve all the others. Go and get it yourself, she said with an intention to leave the room.

Rachel, fetch the beer, Katherine addressed her in a commanding manner. This is your duty, that’s what we pay you for. Rachel felt like snapping back at her but she fought her desire and went to the kitchen.

In a minute she brought the beer bottle and placed them on the table, she was going to leave the room when she heard, “who’s gonna open them?” It was more than she could bear so she snapped back “may be you want me to go to the toilet for you?”. The guys calmed down a bit seeing that she was very angry. Though one of them wasn’t going to let it off so he said, “it’s a good idea to use your mouth as a toilet”. Get on your knees and open your mouth wide! His hands slid down to his sipper.

Rachel literally rushed out of the room. She stayed in her room at the second floor until all the guys left.

In the evening when all the guest had already left the house, Katherine called Rachel to her room. “You were scared, weren’t you?” , Katherine asked her taking her by the hand, “sit, don’t be afraid”. Rachel sat in her bed. Katherine was looking into her eyes, Rachel looked down and kept silence. “They can do it”, Katherine said. , but you are my servant and nothing is going to happen to you until I want it”. Katherine patted her shoulder in a friendly way. Rachel kept looking on the floor saying nothing. “So, be a good girl and everything is going to be fine”, Katherine added. Katherine sat up in bed and Rachel saw that she was lying in bed baked. “will you be a good girl?” Katherine asked. “I will”. Good, then lick my pussy, with these words Katherine threw off the blanket, Rachel glanced at her body. She was lying in bed absolutely naked with her legs lustfully opened. Come on lick me – Katherine opened her vulva lips with her hands exposing the pink line of her pussy. Rachel was still sitting in bed not moving. Suck it, bitch! Katherine grabbed Rachel by her hair and pulled her down. Rachel cried out with pain and that moment was pressed down against Katherine’s pussy. Lick it, or I will pull out your hair, bitch, Katherine’s hand was not letting Rachel move.

It would be wrong to say that Rachel never licked girl’s pussies, she tried it in the university and there with her woman’s friends she would often engage in lesbian sex. One thing that was hurting Rachel is that she was older than Katherine, she was an educated woman and it hurt her when a young, spoiled girl was ordering her. Katherine kept pulling her by the hair and Rachel wanting to ease the pain ran her tongue along her vulva lips. Katherine moaned silently and feeling that Rachel was submitted let her hair free, lying back on the pillow letting Rachel do her work. Rachel skillfully started licking the girl’s pussy giving her divine pleasure. After that incident Katherine started treating Rachel differently, but Katherine posed herself as her master. After that Rachel satisfied Katherine several times in this way, she was taking it now as one of her duties.

Once, in the evening Katherine invited Rachel to her room. “Rachel, this is my boyfriend, John and she pointed at a guy sitting in bed. We love each other and today he is going to stay over at my place. Rachel shrugged, she didn’t really care if that guy was going to stay over. So, Rachel continued, I’ve got monthlies today, and John really wants to fuck, so he’s going to fuck you. Rachel was petrified. What happened later seemed like a dream of Rachel. Rachel took off her panties and pulled up her skirt. Katherine and John were caressing and undressing each other. Then Rachel lay in bed and spread her legs. Katherine sat on her face, John came up to them and kept kissing and caressing Katherine, Rachel was lying in bed feeling the guy’s dick touching her thighs, it made her excited. She didn’t even notice that she started leaking and when John’s dick aimed for penetration it was quite easy for him. A slight push and John started moving inside her, he kept looking Katherine while using another’s woman’s vagina. Rachel understood that she was literally being used like a doll from a sex shop, like something to put the dick in. She kept looking at them caressing and kissing each other, saying whispering gentle words into each other’s ears, she was just lying with John’s dick going in and out her pussy. When John came with a hot stream of sperm that filled her vagina he just fell in bed with Katherine, leaving Rachel alone. They continued caressing each other, talking about something. Understanding that she is not needed anymore, and feeling that they got what they wanted from her she wiped off the sperm going out of her pussy, took on the panties, pulled up her skirt and left the room, feeling the remains of sperm squelching inside of her. She wanted an orgasm so much that she was ready to give anything for it. She was standing in the lobby thinking and then headed to Madison’s bedroom. The guy was still awake, he was lying in bed watching a porn movie and masturbating. When Rachel entered the room he kept masturbating looking at her. Not thinking about the consequences and only seeing an erect penis before her Rachel headed straight to his bed, unbuttoning her blouse as she was walking. Madison couldn’t believe his eyes, Rachel took off her blouse and then her bra exposing the big breasts with hard nipples. She came up to his bed and took her skirt and panties off, in a moment she was sitting herself on a dick that was literally exploding with excitement. When she was on his dick she started moving her buttocks slightly jumping on Madison. He was lying, watching at her breasts swaying in the rhythm. She bent down to him and her breasts started tickling the guy’s face. In a few minutes Madison came to himself and his hands were now exploring Rachel’s body, his lips started kissing and fondling the swaying nipples. Rachel gave herself to passion and kept galloping the young dick at full speed. Feeling the orgasm was close she pressed herself against his body and started coming moaning loudly. In a second she felt her vagina fill up with Madison’s sperm who came right after her. Rachel was still on his dick, she could feel it pulsating inside of her as it got smaller and smaller, she could feel the sperm coming out of her vagina and run down her legs. She was looking at Madison’s happy face, he was still surprised and couldn’t believe what had happened.

Don’t say anything – Rachel whispered as she got up and picked up her clothes. She kissed him on the lips and headed for the door, at the door she stopped and blew him a kiss, Good night, and sleep well. She headed for the bathroom wearing nothing, those who were in the house all saw her naked so she didn’t care. In a few days after this Kevin and Lauren had a VIP party, there were a lot of rich people, mainly very successful businessmen.

Rachel was waiting on them. In an hour when the guests were relaxed with alcohol one of them said that the housemaid had a nice body and it was frustrating that she was hiding it under the clothes. The guests encouraged him, even the women were nodding in agreement. Rachel understood that men wanted to look at her and for the women it was one more opportunity to put her down showing their superiority.

Lauren, the hostess called Rachel and said, “Let’s go, I’ll help you change your clothes”. Rachel first tried to resist but Lauren seeing her reluctance said, “first you are going to get extra pay for this, second you will keep the job, I don’t need servants who disobey me!” They really paid a lot, it was hard to find a job like this, that is why Rachel nodded in agreement and followed the hostess.

Rachel knew she was going to be dressed like a real bitch but there was nothing she could do. “I wear this to make my husband happy” – with these words Lauren gave Rachel a handful of clothes.

When Rachel looked at herself in the mirror she blushed. She couldn’t let herself be seen in this. She was wearing a black transparent bra, which was of small size, Lauren had breasts of smaller size so it could hardly held Rachel’s bigger breasts, the nipples could be clearly seen through a thin fabric. Apart from panties she was wearing black stockings and a thong, that was barely covering her love triangle.

If you shaved this, Lauren touched Rachel between her legs, showing her the hair seen from the panties, it would be much better. Rachel blushed even more. Well, well, you have nothing to be shy of, you are beautiful, Lauren said and playfully snapped Rachel on her butt. Rachel was greeted by the guests with great encouragement. First Rachel was walking between the guests handing them the drinks, she was rather reserved, she was trying not to look at them. She just listened to them make orders, go to the bar and bring what they wanted. In a few minutes her buttocks were red with slaps, touches and pinches men were awarding her with. First Rachel tried to walk away the moment she got the order, but them she was patiently standing by waiting for a next guest finish exploring her body.

She felt that her breasts were exposed as someone’s hand let them out of it, the men behaved as if they were without their women, they would touch and fondle her breasts, put their hands on her pussy trying to touch the vulva lips.

Rachel didn’t care, she was waiting for the damned party to finish, her body was longing for a rest. Meanwhile the men kept feeling her up, one thing that was comforting Rachel was that the people didn’t know her and she would never meet them again.

When she was handing the drink to one of the guests he embraced by the waist and said “I would like to help you in the kitchen”. Rachel blushed she knew what kind of help he meant. “So, my beauty, shall we?” his hand was on her but touching and stroking it. No thank you. I am fine by myself, she turned back. I don’t think so, he said in a said voice. In a few minutes she ran into her hostess. “Why do you snap at guests?” She asked strictly. “What do you mean?”, “the one over there” and Lauren pointed at the man who was offering her something indecent. “I didn’t snap at him, I just refused to fuck with him, Rachel answered looking into Lauren’s eyes. “I am a housemaid, not a slut, if your guests need to fuck get some hookers, it’s not really expensive for you” Rachel was furious. “You bitch”, Lauren slapped her on the face, “ how dare you talk to me like this!” She slapped her again. “How dare you argue with me, Lauren was flying off the handle, “You bitch, slut, a fucking whore” Lauren grabbed Rachel by the hair, she fell on her knees and Lauren continued insulting Rachel.

“Now, take her and put her on the table!”

Two men raised Rachel and put her on the table. Lauren came up Rachel lying on the table, spread her legs and grabbed her thing tearing if off from her. The thing thong was torn easily in Lauren’s hands. “Now everyone can fuck this bitch” , Lauren said addressing the guests. She spread the vulva lips apart opening the pink depths of Rachel’s pussy.

Rachel tried to raise from the table but two men standing on both sides from her didn’t let her move, they were pressing her against the table. The other two men grabbed her legs holding them spread. Being held by four men Rachel was lying on the table unable to resist.

“So, who is the first”, Lauren addressed the guests. “That’ll be me”, the man who got it all started said. Very quickly he pulled off his pants and without any embarrassment he put himself on Rachel and started shagging her. The offence, the humiliation, the unpleasant feeling made Rachel cry. Being shaken by the man’s pushes Racel kept crying with her eyes closes slowly biting her trembling lips. Seeing that she wasn’t resisting the men let her legs go and now the man grabbed her thighs and was thrusting her onto his weapon.

Right between her ear Rachel heard the sound of zipper coming undone, in a second she could feel the dickhead pressed against her face. She opened her eyes and saw that one of the men took the penis out of his pants and was pushing it in her face. She had nothing to do but to open her mouth, let the dick in and start sucking it. The second man standing nearby followed the example, he took his dick out and she could feel it pressing against her chick, Rachel was taking turns in sucking their dicks. The men stopped holding her, instead they started stroking and feeling her up. They were stretching her nipples, someone was biting them. When the man who was fucking her sent a stream of sperm into her cunt, his vacant place was instantly filled by another one. While the second man was working on her, the two men she was sucking already came right in her mouth. Swallowing their sperm and wiping the remains off her face she kept lying being shaken by the pushes of the man fucking her.

In a while the man made her get off the table and turn her back on him. Rachel set her hands against the table and spread her legs. The man settled himself to her from behind and kept shagging her. He didn’t come into her, encouraged by others, the moment he was coming he took his dick out and came on her thighs and on her back getting a round of applause for this. No sooner could Rachel regain her breath than someone else took his turn. He slapped Rachel on her thighs and penetrated into the depths of her cunt. As time was passing by, the guests started losing their interest in her, one by one they were getting back to what they were doing before, someone was drinking again, someone was discussing something, flirting, playing cards etc. Close to Rachel were only those who hadn’t the time to fuck her yet, or those who had just fucked her were leaving immediately.

Rachel couldn’t count how many men used her, they were all like on never stopping dick. All her back and thighs were covered in sperm, many men enjoyed coming on her face, breasts and thighs.

When there was not a left a man willing to fuck her they all left her and she was sitting on the floor alone. Wiping her face with her palms, that was totally covered in sperm, Rachel tried to raise, she couldn’t do it, the vagina was too much exhausted, the legs were failing her. She managed to stand on her fours and decided to rest in this position a little letting her body recover.
“You bitch, working hard” , Rachel felt a push on her butt. Raising her head she saw a happy face of Lauren who was drunk. “Next time you will know how to behave well”, Lauren was standing beside her with a haughty look, happy about what had happened. Rachel was standing on her fours, humiliated and depressed she swore to herself that this would never happen again and that it was the last day in the house. “Ok, crawl away, you can take a bath and sleep in the guest’s room, if you want to leave, do it tomorrow, it’s late now”. Rachel wanted to say something but she couldn’t so she just crawled out of the room. “Tomorrow morning, clean everything up here!” , Lauren said as she Rachel was crawling out of the room. Rachel nodded and kept moving.

Next day in the morning Rachel cleaned up the lobby and the rooms and was waiting for the hostess to wake up, she wanted to get paid and leave immediately.

The first person to wake up was Kevin, he looked really messy and it could be clearly seen he had more alcohol than enough yesterday. “You did a pretty god job yesterday” , he said to Rachel. “The guests were happy” he added setting himself in the armchair. “Fetch me some mineral water and aspirin”, Rachel went to the kitchen and brought what he wanted. “Now go and get the batch ready, I need to sober up”, Rachel went to the bathroom without saying a word.

In a few minutes he entered the bathroom, “is it ready” he asked and started taking off his robe, he hung it up and added, “don’t worry, I’m not gonna fuck you, I am not in the right mood, and my penis is not gonna raise, I am hungover”, with these words he took off his underpants showing her his hanging dick. “go now, If I need you, I will call you”, said he and Rachel went to the living room.

There in the living room she could see Rachel sitting in the armchair yawning. She was hungover, with remote in her hand she was changing channel after channel not knowing where to stop.

“Sit”, she said seeing Rachel enter the room. Rachel sat close to her. “You did a good job this month, plus yesterday you worked overtime, on the table take the envelope with your salary, plus the bonus for your good work”. Rachel took the envelope in her hands, she could feel it was thicker than usual. She looked inside and started counting the money with her hands shaking a little. The envelope had her salary together with the bonus which was 2000 thousand dollars. Seeing her confusion, Lauren said with a smile “this is a reward for what happened yesterday”. With money in her hands Rachel kept looking at Lauren, her recent thought to leave the house didn’t seem sensible for her now. “It’s up to you”, Lauren said, “I know what you are thinking about now” and she looked at Rachel. In a few seconds, Rachel put the money back into the envelope and asked raising from the chair: “What are further chores I have to do today?” Lauren gave Rachel a slight slap on her thigh, “Good, I am sure you made the right choice”.

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  1. Azamat Says:

    Nice story. goes fine with that bitch…hehe

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Nice story, Goes fine with that bitch!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    =your mum

  4. kyla Says:

    its an okay story but realy boring and a lame end!

  5. bitchfromhell Says:

    it wuz creul!!

  6. dymy Says:

    who carez she got the money ^^

  7. unknown Says:

    Bad story.

  8. Sam Says:

    the best story read! I do wish to have such a maid just for sex

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