October 1st, 2007

Do you have any idea what is happening at the gynecologist’s room? These guys get to see babe’s pussies and you think they don’t get excited? Read and learn!

My friend told me about a good doctor. She was telling me about him with such excitement and delight that I decided to make an appointment with him too. That’s what actually happened.

I had an appointment in a week. I came into the room. After talking to me and asking about my health and bla-bla-bla he told me he wanted to examine me and pointed at the gynecologist’s chair. I sat on it and spread my legs. My pussy was well shaven and I put my hubby’s favorite scent on it. The doc was under 50. He was still attractive and rather impressive. He turned on a bright lamp and directed the light right into my snatch. He put on gloves and caressed my vulva lips spreading them.

-I love young bodies, they are like rose buds, – he said touching the clit and entering my vagina with two fingers.

His fingers faced no resistance on the way inside me, as I was pretty aroused by that moment. He was moving his fingers inside my flesh, pretending to be examining something, when actually he was fucking me with the fingers and fondling the love button with his other hand. My pussy began contracting.

Then he asked me if I liked what he was doing. I nodded and then he bent his head and began licking my snatch with his tongue while never stopping to ram me with the fingers. After that he asked me to finger myself for him to watch it. I suddenly saw lots of different dildos of all possible sizes and forms. He asked me to take the largest one and impale myself on it. I was glad to do it for him. He took out a camera and began shooting my pussy with a dildo in it.

Then he came up closer and began fondling my anus with his fingers. He asked me if anybody had ever owned my ass and I answered no. He took a thin glass stick, lubricated it with some cream and entered my butt. Very soon I felt nice burning in my asshole and I told him about it. He took out the stick and began caressing me with his finger again. It wasn’t painful, it was pretty nice.

Then the doc took the thinnest dildo and entered my ass with it, swirling it inside the hole in order to stretch it. It was terrific! A dildo in the pussy and a dildo in the ass, plus clit stimulating. Everything was more that just arousing. Then he took a big dildo and entered my butt with it, it got in smoothly, though being rather large in diameter.

After these procedures, the doc suggested me to put my own finger in my asshole and stretch it a bit. I did what he wanted me to. Meanwhile, he was ramming my cunt and caressing my love button with a finger.

Even a larger dildo. It was knobby with a palpable dickhead. The doc penetrated my butt with it. It was a bit painful, but then my anus got adjusted to this size too. I felt like cumming and told the doc about it. Hearing my words, he unzipped his fly and took out his shaft. Wow! It was some 10 inches long and some 2 inched thick!

I finally got why he had been working on my asshole that hard. If he hadn’t, his cock would have never got inside it. He lubricated his pecker with the cream pointing the red dickhead at my butt. Oh, it was so wonderful! His stem touched the dildo in my snatch, there was absolutely no space left. I felt like I was all filled with the dicks. But when he began drilling me, pressing his scrotum against my ass, I realized what it felt to be really FILLED.

There was a big mirror beside the chair and he turned it at us the way for me to see his prick in my opened hole. What I saw made me even hotter. He was moving faster now. I began to fuck myself with the dildo and rub the clit. I was on the verge of cumming!

He came spurting a hot stream of semen in my butt. It was flowing down my legs. My orgasm could be compared with a fit; my own reaction frightened me, actually. He took his cock out of my asshole and began ramming me with his tongue, then with his fingers, putting three fingers at once and spreading them as wide as he could.

The sensations were incredible! I came another time. When the orgasm wave ebbed I could breathe in. My ass hurt as his cock was sort of too large for me, especially if we take into account that it was my first butt-fuck ever. But I’ve never regretted losing my second virginity that way.

The doc helped me get up from the chair. Then he began making some notes. In some minutes he said I had to come again, as it was very harmful to live with such a narrow anus like mine and “not to use it the most appropriate way”. It’s easy to guess that I agreed to his proposal. Since that time I love to have gynecological examinations, though I used to hate them before.

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4 Responses to “Gynecologist”

  1. da Says:

    It is very intersting story. I am a man just the doctor. I am sure I am a good exprt on making love. But I am not handsome. Girls are not willing to be my partner.My chance, if one like me I will do it very well. And those girls who have passed their time with me have got a nice fuck. They say to me thanks. Great

  2. Beto Says:

    I’ve got a friend who lives in Atlanta and works as a gynecologist…he said once he had fucked one girl right on her check up she was so horny bitch!

  3. slipperycunt Says:

    This made my pussy so wet! I wish he paid more attention to the vagina.

  4. hornyslut Says:

    i wish i was that girl

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