Giving her a ride

July 21st, 2008

A guy parts with his girlfriend but to his luck quickly finds another pussy, he gives her a ride home and she thanks him for it…

It happened in summer after I’d parted with my girlfriend. I hadn’t had sex for a couple of months by then. That day, as I remember, my friend had a birthday. We were celebrating it rather well in a small grove nearby.

My friend called and invited me to the park where he was together with some girls. I made up my mind very quickly and went there. We walked and drank beer in the park. When it got dark everybody was leaving home.

I’d drunk several beers and in that condition offered to take home one of the girls. She agreed. I liked Julia a lot; I’d known her for a long time, even before I separated with my girlfriend. On the way to her home we were talking. I started to increase the speed until the car was going on 120 mph. Julia was frightened and began pressing to me. I slowed down and approached to her house.

When we reached her door she said “Bye”. But I didn’t want to let her go and convinced to stay with me for some more time. Julia had a very beautiful figure and she was wearing a short skirt and a light blouse. We were already drunk when I began to think about making love with her.

She turned me on with her look. While talking she put her hands on my shoulders, then she was slowly lowering them over my chest, stroking my belly, coming nearer to my penis – I was really aroused. My stiff prick bulged under the jeans.

She touched my cock, felt how firm it was and pressed to me. Her lips were so close to mine; she raised her arms and put them on my shoulders.

I embraced her and took her in my arms, her legs were around my back. Here we kissed. It was long and sweet. Standing like this we were kissing for over 40 minutes. I unbuttoned her blouse. Her breast was so big, it rested on my chest. I began slowly kissing her bosom, suck the nipples – they became hard immediately.

Julia’s eyes were closed, she was enjoying my kisses. Her arousal made her press the legs more tightly. I couldn’t hold her any more, so I put her onto the engine jacket of my car. I started lifting her skirt and taking off her panties. Suddenly she pushed me at my shoulder and said that neighbors could see that. I told her it was 3 a.m. and everybody was sleeping. She relaxed again and let me take off her panties.

She looked really wonderful. I kissed her pubis and looked into her eyes asking if she wanted that. Julia nodded, closed her eyes and lay again. She was moaning.

Having tortured her a little I touched her moist lips with my tongue. It began stroking her pussy inside. She stuck her nails into my neck and began scratching it. I was sucking he clitoris, licking the crotch. My phallus wanted to get out of the pants. I was licking her pussy when she bent and came…

She was moaning loudly, calling me endearing words. I was swallowing her juices. When I finished we kissed again. We enjoyed our lips, bit the tongues. Then Julia took my jeans off, pulled the penis out which was very big out of arousal. She kissed it, sucked it wildly. Very unexpectedly I found myself on my car. She was sucking the head, licking the full length of the stem. I was ecstatic and came quickly. However she continued arousing me again and again. She couldn’t stop giving me pleasure.

She pushed me on the back, spread her legs and lowered herself down on to my erection. Her beautiful breasts were in my hands. I was caressing them, licking the nipples. Julia started a wild ride, up and down, again and again… Her shaved pussy clenched my prick tightly. I felt her ardour. Soon she began acting like a snake and I realized she was on the verge of coming. She was scratching my chest, neck and then … she came. Julia couldn’t come to herself from the orgasm for a few minutes. We made love till morning.

I don’t remember how many orgasms we had. I remembered that moment of my life. I had to pay for that sex 100 dollars – for repainting the car, it looked awful. For a week I couldn’t sit in the car and wear outer clothing – my back had deep scratches. Her neighbors hit the roof after that night…

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