For those who turned 20!

August 31st, 2007

This babe placed her info at the dating site, she found him really easily, he came and he fucked her with all the might that he had, her mouth, her pussy and her right butt got all of his dick and then he came right into her ……

He is a young guy, about 24-23. They are so different in this age! Some of them are real lovesick virgins, some – GIB guys! But this one was put to the test of mine with some informative chat in ISQ and clarifying some details etc.

We met early morning, I came to him at 7 am, his parents were away, so that’s the way we met.
A very narrow tough sofa, and creeping. I had not had sex in such Spartan conditions for long! This time I was just from the shower, so my cloth could allow me to relax. Undoing my cloth slowly so he could enjoy my tits, big and sexy, I sat on the sofa next to him and set to removing his clothing. He remained nude, I suggested playing role game, with him, being a doc while I was supposed to be his patient, and he mist have prepared his “Medicine” to treat me.

Ha, what a funny guy! I kneeled before him and took his erect cock in my mouth. What a pleasant surprise! A big cock with fat veins, brown and so strong. I wanted it, but first I was willing to give him head. He touched my ass immediately and his fingers slightly slid in my butthole. Hey, you are perverted guy! Soon this fat cock made my lips and mouth tired, I just started licking it tenderly, jacking off. Hi was whispering me: “Come on, suck me, suck me more!” and we went on our fun until he came! But that was just the beginning.

He made his step to the bathroom! Ha-ha, so funny! I let him take rest for some time, though I was on the verge. He fondled my clit, licking it, it was all OK, but I wish I had had more of his fancy and wild desires. I was ready to scream, but he was asking me to stay silent: neighbors! Al right, I bit my lips keeping from uttering some scream, my one hand set to caressing his back while another one began fondling his cock. Oh, yeahh, that’s what I wanted! Yeahh, do it!

That was nature’s miracle running inside me. “mmmmmmmm, feels so good!” it was moving rather slow, lazy! This slowness seemed to please me a lot! At this time I loved it most. Sliding easily up and down it made me feel wild delight! Like catching all the nuances, and the phone called me… What the fuck, I answered it in one breath! They seemed to miss my tone!

I got back to my position, we returned to my ass. I was begging him of lubricating it so hot, my asshole was longing for him. Aaaaaaaaaahhhh, added some lubricant again, this guy was gonna fuck me with only fingers…. Damn, that was so good! My head was on the sofa, asshole – impaled on his cock, one hand on the clit… his rhythm caught me hard, so exciting… yeahh!

I had not had such a sweet cum for ages! Oh, my, what the sweet feeling it was! Something incredible was going on to my ass. My mouth again, if he liked it most I could gave him head too. Closed eyes, sweat drops, half bit lips, and sucking, more and more… stopped swallowing and juts got down to jerking it off. Splashed onto me, drained his precious cum over my face! Gone to wash up, well it was about time to go work. Left him dreaming, his cock in sperm, nice view. Here’s the morning and excellent mood for all day!

I got more than 60 messages on my profile here, and I don’t have enough time, a weekend comes soon. It is time to delete my profile? We shall see what we shall see.

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4 Responses to “For those who turned 20!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    not very good use of grammer. half of it doesn’t make sense

  2. idafarida Says:

    f u n t a s t i c e

  3. chiku Says:

    sweet chut u hv

  4. pyara Says:

    goood but very biggg brest

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