First coaching.

October 8th, 2007

If you want to exercise in a sports school you are welcome, the coaches are willing to train you, but have you ever heard that sportsmen are willing to fuck twice as much as regular people? Here we go….

Kate was happy. It was her first coaching. Her dream to play tennis became true. Her coach was a mature woman about 30. Having greeted each other they entered the sports complex. The coach showed Kate the way to the locker room.

- Here it is your locker – she said pointing to the one of them. – And please call me Angela. Agree?

- Ok, – Kate replied. She reached out for Angela more and more. It seemed that she was her old friend but not a coach.

- I’m very glad that we found a common language. Well, change the cloths and let’s start the training.

Having said that Angela began to undress. With a swift gesture she pulled off her jeans and then the sports jersey. For a second Kate looked at her and noticed that Angela’s underwear made by “Triumph Underwear” was of a very quality. In a minute the coach took off everything and having seen that Kate was not ready yet said:

- You are a dawdler, honey! Sport prefers speed, especially tennis.

Kate turned to the coach to make excuses to her and stood stock-still. There was the curvaceous naked woman. She was perfect: beautiful face, big plump breasts, and athletic belly, round thighs, toned up buttocks.

- Yaw… such a beautiful body of yours! – Kate said with admiration and kept looking at Angela.

- Do you think so? – Angela reacted as if she had never heard that before. – And do you want me to show you my pussy?

Kate didn’t expect such question. She was unable even to find her tongue. However Angela didn’t wait for her answer. She set to the bench and moved her legs apart widely. There was a fantastical sight. Clean – shaven pussy was divided into two by the voluptuous slit. There was a pink lower lips’ fringe between the big open lobules and turgid clit. The pubis was decorated with very thing hair line. Kate’s hand automatically reached her wet vagina under the panties. She forgot about the coaching, she didn’t want to play tennis; she was ready only to masturbate, masturbate keeping her eyes at Angela. It was a signal to act for the coach. At last she found the like – minded person, the partner for pleasure – here she was standing in front of her. Having dipped her hand into her panties the young girl toyed with the clit.

“Stop trying my patience. Come to me, I want you.” Angela was exited and didn’t want to wait any longer. She reclined. Her hands were fondling her body, breasts, sometimes she squeezed them and lifted up to lick the hard nipples. Sliding down the stomach her palms appeared in the place of the most outstanding fantasy. At this moment Kate pulled away her panties and came closer to the coach. Their lips planted a passionate kiss. Being a true coach Angela took the lead. She had already had a lesbian experience and she knew what a woman needed. She began to fondle Kate’s buttocks, it were so smooth that Angela couldn’t stop caressing it. However she decided not to hurry and start in the classic way. In a second her lips touched Kate’s pubis, then lowered to her clit and started sucking it. Kate moaned and sighed with pleasure. The coach tenderly slid her finger into the girl’s pussy, it added more zest to her fondle. In several minutes the duet changed the pose. Kate turned her ass toward the coach. Having stood on her four she pushed her cunt forward Angela. Kate moved the lower lips apart and showed the most succulent depths of her tunnel. Angela didn’t need to be begged. She immediately placed her face on the wet slit of her trainee. Angela licked the pussy furiously and in five minutes the wave of orgasm overflowed Kate. She could hardly prevent herself from crying in ecstasy. All her body was trembling.

After that they had a rest a little and then changed their roles. Now it was Kate’s turn to be a caring lover and bring a lot of pleasure to her coach. They took a 69 posture and Kate saw two Angela’s holes in front of her face. Her big and flashy pussy lips surrounded the wet enter into the slit that poured with thick whitish juice. Kate’s tongue reached this treasure. She furiously licked the cunt but in a few minutes she understood that Angela needed something else. The decision came immediately. She licked her forefinger and slowly pulled it into her coach asshole. Angela arched her back pushing the luxurious ass toward Kate’s caressing. Such exotic play pleased not only the girls but Alex too. He was a field and track athletics coach. He forgot the stopwatch and backed to take it. Having heard the moans in the women’s locker room he set the door ajar and watched the women’s lesbian hot passion. His dig cock was erect and it was difficult to hide it in the pants. He didn’t want to lose this chance and be only an onlooker, that’s why he quickly took the cloths off and stepped inside. Kate didn’t pay attention to the outside noise and kept licking Angela’s holes. The last turned her head and saw Alex.

- You are opportunely here. We are badly needing such dick as yours. – said Angela.

After that unambiguous invitation he set to work. He stood behind his college and tried to pull his pecker inside her. Kate saw his impatience and took her finger out of Angela’s anus making the way to the rocky dick. It appeared to be as close to her as her own nose. Alex spat upon his palm in order to moisten the dickhead and started to push it between Angela’s breeches. Kate kept sucking and licking her coach clit. At the same time she watched Alex’s pecker to force the way into the chocolate hole. Very smoothly man’s cock penetrated the tennis player’s ass stretching her sphincter.

- What are you waiting for? Push your dick in me and fuck my hole. Fuck, fuck me, don’t stop, I’m gonna come!!!

With one abrupt movement he pushed the pecker inside up to the very scrotum. Angela groaned with pleasure. Alex skillfully worked with his pelvis. With every friction his clean shaven testicles slapped Angela’s slit and swayed back and forth in front of Kate’s eyes. That sight arose more excitement and passion. Kate sped up sucking Angela. Squelching sounds were heard more frequently. Alex took his dick out of his college’s asshole and then thrust it inside again with all his might. The pace of orgy was increasing and their tension was at its climax. Angela was the first:

“A – a- a- a, yeah – yeah, that’s all, yeah, I can’t any more, I’ll die now, yeah – yeah, I, I, Alex fuck me, fuck, fuck, yeah-yeah, don’t take it out, I’m coming, thrust it deeper, cum in me!!!” – Angela didn’t control her any longer. Her body was trembling. Anus and clit orgasm merged into one and as an avalanche was rushing through the whole body making it wriggle and shake. Her groans were louder and louder and finally they turned into screams. Alex’s growls joined Angela’s yell. He was stormy coming, pouring the hot streams of sperm into his college ass. He made some more quick and brusque movements and took the dick out. The semen was flowing out of the stretched and pulsating anus. With every sphincter secretion there appeared a new portion of his sperm that fell onto Kate’s face. The trainee licked her lips and lips of her coach with great satisfaction.

- Well, Kate, I think that’s enough for the first day. What do you think? We’ll continue next time, – said Angela.

- Yeah, of course, I’ll wait eagerly for the next time.

- Well, ladies, I have to leave you. My “studs” are waiting for me to train them. By the way, Kate if you want to train with me I’m at your disposal. – Said Alex and went out of the locker room.

- I don’t mind to practice with his cock, – reacted Kate turning to her coach.

- Yeah, Alex is super, and his trainees are also professionals. Once five of them fucked me so hard that I was near to loose my consciousness, they flood me with their semen from top to toe.

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2 Responses to “First coaching.”

  1. DAIRen Says:

    Well, well, well, so nice! I go in for shaping too and my instructor is a really sexy, young babe, she is so hot! When she moves her body I get a hard on right away, I am thinking of inviting her out someday, I wanna get her drunk and then fuck the shit out of her! That’s what I call shaping!

  2. Jenya Stud Says:

    Sport girls who go in for fitness are really hot! !They are awesome! I love this fit cutties! Nice story!

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