Disco club!

September 22nd, 2007

This babe is having fun in the disco club, she is dancing around with a guy who suggests they should find a private place in one of the rooms, she agrees and there they get down to satisfying their lust.

One evening, when I was away, Nati decided to have some fun with a girlfriend of hers in one night disco club. Having had much, both girls joined the dancing people, no sooner had they managed what happened as turned in hugs of a couple of males who invited them to dance. It was very dark on the pool, and when partner’s hands placed on Nati’s ass, she pretended it was Ok and none would notice it. But when this palm set to rubbing her buttocks and rode her skirt up she got nervous about his advances. However, despite Nati was ashamed she didn’t mind the guys doing it, as it was a bit pleasing. The drinks besot her mind totally; by the way this guy was rather handsome.

Having guessed quickly that she wouldn’t have any resistance this guy increased pressure, and Nati sensed her belly rested against his growing bulge.

He was cuddling up to her tight, shoving his hand under her skirt at the same time, she asked: “What’s your name?” it took her breath away, she learnt that stranger’s name was Vlad. He didn’t ask any permission, without further ado Vlad put his hand on her naked thigh. Nati felt her excitement grew with every stroke of this guy, dancing in rhythm she was waggling her hips pressing to him tight, one dance turned into another soon, with a corner of her eye Nati noticed her girlfriend kept moving this way with her partner, then, burring her face in his chest, she was accepting his courting. Her excitement rose, and when Vlad commanded she obeyed without a murmur, Nati just unzipped his pants, put her hand down there and took his erect fat cock. In response she licked a drop of pre-cum. It was thick and sticky. His hands stuck in her thighs and got down to rubbing them shamelessly, what Nati was doing was just as shameless as he did, a feme covert was fondling with some stranger while her husband was away, but she couldn’t do anything on this. When her fingers touched the flesh of another man was a just an infidelity, and no matter whether she had sex with him or not, anyway. She understood that the brink differing loyal woman from a whore had already been passed, and there was no way back. Curiously enough, Nati felt very good, she wanted some more of this fun, and she didn’t want to stop him, her anxiety and nervousness had gone, Nati smiled giving herself up to the sweet languor, she squeezed Vlad’s cock and set to masturbating it very tight, examining it’s form….

His reaction was expected, Vlad, having recoiled, did his pants back, took Nati by hand and led her out of the circle of dancing crowd, making his towards the dark corridor, until he took her to some door. When it opened they entered inside. Before they came in, Nati had a chance to flee, but as they did, this opportunity was missed.

Nati had never been in whorehouses, but the furniture and an atmosphere itself gave her an in idea that this place might have been used for love affairs. There was a big bed in the middle of the room, dresser, 2 nightstands and TV set. Light, flowing from 2 half closed and curtained windows tinctured the whole room with some enticing and mysterious color scheme. Vlad turned the music on, Nati approached the wash basin to wash hands, then, she heard Vlad remove his pants, next, Nati heard his steps approaching from behind. They sat on the couch and chatted for some minutes. Before long, she realized she had gone through 2 bottles of wine and they both had a nice, warm buzz feeling in their heads. Nati stretched on the bed, trying to reposition herself and her hand accidentally against his breast. Without meaning to, Vlad let out a small moan of pleasure. She had brushed right up against his nipple which immediately turned hard and wanted to be sucked. She was a bit embarrassed and she was scared to look in his eyes. When she finally looked at him, Vlad realized that Nati had been pleasantly surprised by his reaction. Her eyes were sparkling and she had a grin on her face. Without saying a word, she began to slowly stroke Vlad’s left leg. Up and down his smooth thigh. He was so happy that he couldn’t even move. He just sat there and waited to see what was going to happen. He was scared that if he moved, then she would stop. She never took her eyes away from him the whole time that she was stroking him. When he didn’t object, she moved her hand higher and higher. He thought for sure, that she was going to rip off his trunks and begin to finger fuck him right there, but she didn’t. Nati moved her hand from his thigh, up over his waist, until it rested on his left breast. Vlad was now panting and filled with so much desire that he thought he was going to burst. He couldn’t believe this fucking married babe was ready to have fun with him! He finally snapped out of this dream-like trance. Vlad wanted to get his lips and hands on her and feel her hot body under him. Vlad leaned in and began to lick her neck slowly. He started behind her left ear and licked down her neck until he came to her shoulder. He licked and sucked his way over the other side, pushing her jacket out. He slowly made his way up to her neck until he reached her mouth. Their eyes met before their lips did. He put my mouth on hers and she hungrily put her tongue in his mouth. Nati didn’t want to stop, she has almost forgotten about her husband etc. They had several hard, passionate kisses before they slowed down to drink each other.

Their hands kept exploring each others’ bodies. Her nipples wanted to be squeezed, her pussy wanted to be licked and fucked and Vlad desperately wanted to taste Nati’s pussy. She just pulled back from him and pulled off her shirt. She was wearing a sexy, black bra and her tits looked amazing. He immediately reached around and unhooked her bra, spilling her breasts free. He leaned forward and buried his face in her. He was kissing and sucking all over her tits. He just couldn’t get enough; she couldn’t believe that she was actually letting Vlad do this. He flicked my tongue over her nipple while he was squeezing her soft breasts and slowly traced a line with his tongue over to her other nipple. She was moaning.

He sat up for a second to rip his shirt and an undershirt off. She wanted to feel their naked breasts against each other. He leaned in and they embraced tightly. Nati reached down and ran her hand up his thigh, she reached up and tugged at the top of his trunks and ripped it down. She was already gasping for breath when she felt his fingers enter her. It was slow and gentle at first but then I went faster and harder until she was screaming and moaning. Nati never wanted this to stop. It felt so damn good. Then he stopped and settled back looking at her.

His hand took a hold of her chin as he forced her to look at him in the eye, what she saw in those eyes staggered her because in those beautiful grey eyes she saw passion and understanding with a well hidden trace of lust. Mesmerized by her, he just kissed her again; the vehement pressure of his soft lips ignited something she never knew was there, her passion for this stranger. Suddenly her body was flooded with the need for him as her lips pressed down harder and her tongue snaked its way into his soft warm mouth. Where did all those desires come from, she didn’t know, maybe it was hidden deep in her lustful soul! To her surprise, he pushed back with a passion that matched hers. Forcing Nati on his back, Vlad pinned her arms down roughly and savagely squeeze her breast as his hips started grinding up against his hard on cock… She threw her head back with a breathy moan as she arched her back, offering myself to his loving yet brutal touch. Hasty he just squeezed her tits, and started sucking on her nipples. A moment or two passed with him astonished with the sight of her full firm breasts wrapped in black silk that looked like a puff of wind. Nati needed him now, right now. Bliss raced freely through her veins as he latched onto her left nipple. With one hand clutched in his hair urging him on, another hand of hers sought out Vlad’s balls. Then she wrapped her fingers around his big thick cock and begun to stroke him slowly. For a moment, he lay on top of her, just panting as his hips started to thrust inward with her strokes. While he looked like he was going to pass out from her hand job, she grabbed his now lifeless hand and rubbed it on her soaked pussy, so he could know Nati was ready for more. When he realized what she wanted, he whispered hoarsely: “Oh babe, are you sure you want this?” the naked fervor in his eyes told me he would never force or trick Nati into doing anything she didn’t want to and only God knew how badly she needed this. Looking straight into his eyes, she uttered: “Yeahh” with his cock in hand, Nati’s consent leaded to the opening of her hot wet aching cunt that had been waiting for too long. She teasingly rubbed the tip of his dick up and down her pink puffy lips, tempting him to get over what ever was holding him back and just fuck her. His cock soon got slippery in her hands as it gets wet from all the juices leaking out of her yearning pussy. So enraged by his hesitation, Nati placed him right in front of her cunt and just thrust up using her hips and legs to pull him deeply into her.

The world stopped for a second as she laid there with her legs wrapped around his back, arching her back to take in more of him, eyes locked, nothing else mattered. Nothing mattered but the sensation of him being inside of her. Feeling her hot wet pussy around his cock was too much for him because whatever was on his mind before had gone away, and all she saw in his eyes, – was a hunger that mirrored her own. He shoved her down and with one hand on her right breast; he pounded everything out of her exhilarated cunt. Her hips flew upwards to meet every one of his thrusts, as she screamed his name between her moaning and panting. Her nails dug into his shoulder as she felt a climax arousing inside of her, doubling her effects to reach the ecstasy awaited her. Her wild attempts drove Vlad crazy with uncontrollable lust, as he was reaching his own climax soon. Their crazed movement caused them to fall off the couch, but it didn’t bother them at all, if the world ended at that moment it wouldn’t have mattered, because they were already in heaven. After that, somehow (Nati couldn’t realize what the hell she was doing as she was completely absorbed in this) she was now on her knees with her ass poking out, as he never ceased intensely ramming that sweet fucking pussy of hers. Nati’s pussy tense with the need to cum squeezed tightly down on him, as he fucked her harder and harder, pushing her closer and closer to her orgasm. Nati’s world was done and as she screamed her climax, he leaned down and caught her mouth with his one, and he covered her screams with kisses of pure pleasure. Nati was still reacting to her cum, when Vlad shot his hot thick cum up her mouth, his sperm poured down her lips on the chin and dropped down the bed, and it gave her another orgasm. They both tumbled down on the carpet, slick with sweat and smelling wonderful aroma of sex. Laying there in each other arms, they slowly returned to reality as Nati realized what she had just done, but it didn’t matter any longer.

It was about 3 am, when they decided to move home. When they came out Nati learnt that another couple had the same fun too, guys settled their tired ladies to the taxi, and they exchanged phone numbers and went away. On the way back home both women didn’t talk, apparently they were apprehensive of being ashamed. On arrival, each of them found 300 bucks in their fancy bags.

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  1. Andrew Says:

    Nice story! I’d love to fuck in a disco-club’s VIP room. That sounds like a lot of fun

  2. Azamat hardcore element Says:

    we always have lots of fun and fucking gorgeous time when go to the night clubs! I love club chicks, they are so free and horny!

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