Dirty talking

August 6th, 2007

Do you like it when your lover talks dirty to you during sex? It makes some people hot as hell! Have you tried it with your partner? Check this out and see the dirty talking of this couple!

One night my friend Sean called me. He just said that he wanted to see me. We weren’t real friends; we just fucked couple of times. And we hadn’t seen each other for a long time. So his call was quite a surprise for me, and I couldn’t understand who was calling me. We decided to meet in 15 minutes near my house.

Sean was 33. He was married for a second time, and his wife was 19 (like me). He slept with her every day, and I couldn’t understand why he was looking for new girl-friends and hookers. I guess he was just a chaser. I’ve seen lots of chaser, but Sean was special. After a small talk we went to a peaceful place not far from my house. Sean got himself comfortable on the sit and put me on top. I could see desire for sex in his eyes. He reached for my lips and kissed me. Even though Sean was a rough lover, he kissed me tenderly and nicely. He hugged me with one of his arms, and used the other to unzip his pants and get his hard cock out.

-Leah, please blow me! – he was begging me as if he would die if I didn’t do it.

I took his dick head in my mouth and began moving up and down, gradually swallowing his dick deeper.

-Leah, please deeper, more, more! – Sean began loosing control. He put his hands on the back of my head and pulled my head towards himself. I almost choked and pushed him away. Than I continued blowing him, this time helping myself with my hand. Sean wasn’t just sitting, he was moving towards me. Screaming “I’m cumming” he splashed inside my mouth. I opened the door and spitted everything outside. Sean was laughing.

-I like girls who let fuck them at all the holes, – he said.
-Oh, you’re mistaken, I won’t let you fuck my ass!
-I love it when I’m drunk! – Sean grabbed my boobs and sat me back on his knees.
-You’re fucking whore! – he said. I got upset.
-Have you seen real whores?
-Oh yeah…I fuck them often, when she starts sucking on my dick I ask her how much should I add to fuck her ass.
-What is so good about fucking whores?
-I like the girls, who give you everything. I like gang-bangs, I like perverted girls, -he squeezed my boobs harder.
-You’re a bitch, stupid whore, you’re cunt!

It was getting me excited.

-Your family is nice, isn’t in? – Sean asked.
-Yeah, my mom was a virgin before the marriage.
-You’re not like her. Your nurture is fighting your nature.

He turned me around and put me on my knees. Sean pulled my pants down and got ready. I was scared.

-Sean, don’t…
-Shut the fuck up, bitch! I’ll fuck you wherever I want! Naughty whore!
-Stop, Sean!
-You’re slut! You can be fucked anywhere! Be quiet, bitch!

Damn it was exciting! Those words didn’t hurt me, they just made me horny. Sean pushed his dick inside my ass. I felt pain and tried to break free, but he was holding me tight.

-It hurts!
-Shut up, bitch!

He got deeper. I was hurt, because Sean’s dick was big. But when Sean was cursing me, I forgot about pain and screamed:

-Sean, don’t! Oh no, don’t stop!

And he continued. Soon I felt not only pain, but pleasure, too.

-Oh it feels good, Sean, go ahead!
-Shut the fuck up, whore! You’re dirty cunt! – Sean was unstoppable.

We came at the same time. We lay on the seat not being able to move. Sean hugged me.

-You’re wonderful, you’re just amazing, I admire you!
-What’s wrong with you? Five minutes ago you said different things!
-But you liked it, didn’t you?
-Yeah, I liked it, you stupid disgusting fucker, sluttish fag!!!

We laughed and decided to meet again.

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22 Responses to “Dirty talking”

  1. Pùssy lurver Says:

    I am so horny g will gíve you a bath with my tongue then fuck you for all that you are worth

  2. the snake Says:

    I love boobs!!!!

  3. cuteboy18 Says:

    thats!! ugly.. no pleasure :-(

  4. Anonymous Says:

    oh fuck i am getting horny is somebody there to fuck me and talk to me dirty

  5. Aniket Says:

    Oh fuck ! Thats a good fuck, I also like to talk dirty and more dirty sex.

  6. :) dirrrty bitch! Says:

    i wana get fuckd in my ass too!!! My boyfrnd just doesnt like it…
    Anyone out there???

  7. Boy fucker Says:

    I love cumming in nice ass!

  8. j_boy Says:

    Wow gr8 fuck,dirrrty beach am ready 2 fuck ur ass,if ur bf is nt ready

  9. mom boobs suckar Says:

    fuckin wild… i love dirty talks with my mom…

  10. fuckmaster Says:

    i am looking for some one to fuck in kimberley

  11. Cutey Beauty Says:

    I’m lookin for people to talk dirty to! I’m 18 and want to talk dirty! My email is [email protected]
    Email me for the hottest blondie EVA!!!!!!!

  12. Sexy bitch Says:

    Oh god I’m fucking myself right now! It makes me sooooooo horny

  13. Realpeople Says:

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    I’m a guy looking for a girl whoes up for trying new things. Can accomidate.

  14. satkaji Says:

    I love to talk dirty during sex.I had to jerk off while reading this one.

  15. arun Says:


  16. drip’drop Says:


  17. BBSAHOO Says:

    boobs – small or big – give me highest pleasure.

  18. lilly Says:

    i am getting horny,i want sombody to fuck me right now ..is somebody there!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    this was rather confusing and boring. next time more dirty talking less sweet talking

  20. faisal Says:

    Hi this is faisal 26 years slim and smooth body looking for a good sex partner but must sincere for long term relation ship like a life partner [email protected]

  21. emolove Says:

    I love gettin fucked in the ass

  22. :) dirrrty bitch! Says:

    oh gosh darn…pretty please big boy :O …;)

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