Dating Melanie. Part 1

July 19th, 2008

This guy has a lover and he dates her whenever he wants some fun for his cock, why not read about one of their dates?

At last, the date with Melanie took place and it promised to be sweet. Events leading up to it were ordinary and frequently occurred.

David is a successful manager. He often works on various projects and goes on business trips.
Melanie is also a valuable worker in her company. She is 29 and single. She is very attractive, moreover she was married for 2 years but then she divorced due to her husband’s unfaithfulness. After the divorce Melanie went with many guys and couldn’t stop for long. It was this way that she met David, slept with him several times. For some time they didn’t date, when it happened she never refused to go to bed with him. David liked her this way – their rare dating. However everybody would like her, a short brunette with shapely legs, pretty face; her little breast was indemnified for the ideal, a bit bulging bottom. David could say she had some drawbacks, too: a small mouth and thin lips. But these “drawbacks” didn’t prevent from good fuck and David invited her home each time he was in Moscow and filled her cunt with a big amount of semen.

Melanie didn’t oppose sex in the car. She liked fucking. However she didn’t like anal and oral sex. To be precise she always refused but breaking down her resistance was real. David collected additional “elements” from one of his married colleagues ramming her mouth regularly in the office toilet and at home he used her thin but always hospitable butt, that was strange but she never allowed her husband to do it (I will never understand woman’s logic).

Once his business trip was a real failure, he couldn’t finish the project and said goodbye to his temporary lover, so he had to complete his work absolutely alone feeling lack of woman’s attention. A week later he was really horny; two weeks later he was ready to hit the ceiling.

Very unexpectedly Melanie sent him an e-mail, she had never done that before (actually she was a quiet “bitch”, she never offered herself but never rejected the “invitation”). She asked how the was doing. David hadn’t had gang bang for weeks, therefore he started attacking her with “I miss you a lot”, “You’re so cool”, etc. As a result of 5-days mailing she promised him an “interview with his phallus” (she called mouth-fucking this way) as a birthday present and she agreed for anal sex, too (she called it “integrated approach”).

Generally it wasn’t peculiar for Melanie; and David was looking forward to the date. There was a problem though. She wasn’t married and she wasn’t young, therefore she wanted steady serious relationship and tried to convince him to live with her at least a week after arrival. Of course David agreed for serious relationship – when you long to drilling you can promise a lot! But when he suggested her living at his place she was even eager to learn to swallow after performing fellatio. The desire to marry made her crazy. Having received the last promise David in three days found a substitute among the local ladies and rushed home.

He did as they had agreed: arrived at her apartment, had a shower and was going to a restaurant with Melanie as it had been planned, all that had to be finished with “before-wedding” sex.

The bell rang, she looked wonderful wearing a short evening dress. He could see her legs and a nice smile. They kissed, embraced – his penis was erected enough, he didn’t want to visit a restaurant, the best for him was to stay at home and fuck her. The dilemma with the restaurant was not difficult to solve for an experienced cunt-chaser. He came up to Melanie while she was cleaning the already immaculate table, embraced her, pressed her to himself, one hand was stroking her crotch, another one was caressing her breast. He lowered his head a bit and kissed her neck, ear and began whispering about how beautiful and sexy she was, then he kissed her again, hugged tightly, his towel fell down from his thighs and his hard phallus found itself under her dress and touched her bottom. He tried weakly to break away saying they were going to the restaurant and they could do it later but David wasn’t able to think about that. His testicles contained two-week stock of semen and he clearly wanted Melanie to conduct the promised “interview”. Nevertheless she understood his intentions and turned her face to him, slowly kneeled down kissing his chest, belly, hips until her lips reached his hot dick. Here she stopped. She’d never liked ‘French style’ sex. Starting from the first penis in her life, a really big cock, which belonged to her neighbor, and finishing with two middle-sized shafts her company clients were poking into her mouth in the sauna she could hardly work with that using both her tongue and lips simultaneously.

Her mouth was really small and her lips were very thin. It was difficult for her to put the head into without brushing against her teeth and at the same time caress his penis with the tongue, move her lips over the stem. It was too hard and she was so inexperienced in it for no one tried to teach her the principles of mouth-fucking.

More often having looked for several minutes at her attempts to cope with that the man took her over her hair and began fucking her mouth rhythmically, it caused involuntary outburst of tears and vomiting reflex. So having no desire to spread the mascara and spoil the hair-do Melanie told David she was going to do everything herself. David liked that a lot. Saying that she started kissing the stem along the full length, licked the moisture coming out of his head off, then she began kissing and licking his shaved balls and she was brave enough to get her nice head on David’s prick.

He couldn’t stand because he liked what she was doing, he sat on the chair, his legs didn’t obey him. It is really nice when after a two-week continence your penis is being sucked gently, and it’s a double pleasure when that is being done by a pretty girl wearing evening make-up and a chic hair-do kneeling in front of you. Having come round a little David realized she was doing that satisfactorily but not well actually. Although she was trying so hard – he could see it, therefore he wasn’t much captious.

Melanie was sucking his phallus wishing to give him a lot of pleasure. She liked him because he was handsome, tall, slender and had a very easily erected 7 inch prick which had never given her any pain only pleasure. Moreover he was financially secure, had a small but modern apartment and a car. He was a super chance for her taking into consideration the fact that her previous partner escaped immediately after they returned from Turkey where in fact she learned how to swallow the semen waking him every morning with a blow job.

So she was kneeling before David looking into his eyes and trying to understand what exactly he liked best. His hard meat was pulsing in her mouth; the head was swollen and took up all the room in the mouth. There was no place for maneuvering, that’s why her tongue was basically caressing his foreskin or trying to penetrate into the hole in his head. The penis shuddered from time to time and at these moments she usually stopped expecting the flow of semen. She did that not for nothing because David was on the verge of coming.

And even Melanie’s poor skills in performing blow job couldn’t prevent what was going to happen in three minutes while David was trying to enjoy the process both physically and esthetically, watching Melanie’s pretty face going on his prick, her cheeks puffing up when the head was pushing them. The show was really sexy. When there was no way back David told he was coming. With the pulsing head in her mouth she kept jerking the stem with her hand looking into his eyes. His cock twitched and the first big jet burst deep into her mouth, she moved sharply and tried to swallow it. The first current was followed by the second, then again and again. Melanie’s cheeks swelled, there was more semen that she could swallow, it began flowing down out of her mouth and dripping on her dress and stockings. However she didn’t notice that at that moment trying to be able to swallow everything in time. One more jet and her mouth is overfilled. Melanie let the head out, the semen went to her dress passing the chin and streaming down the décolleté.

The last shot was directed onto her face and she hurried to swallow the head again. That was all in vain cause they couldn’t go to the restaurant as she looked as an elite whore – the semen covered her mouth, lips, neck, dress and even stockings. A thick stripe of the semen was across her face – from the hair to the ear. The most annoying thing for her was that she had really tried to swallow all that but she just couldn’t. Though she had no time to get upset – having spent two weeks absolutely alone David’s penis wasn’t going to make any pauses. Melanie was cleaning his head with her mouth and swallowing the remains of the semen when she suddenly realized that the dick wasn’t even going to go down and her humiliating state of kneeling down with semen on the face started to arouse her – she was already wet and wanted that fucking prick into her pussy.

David raised her resolutely, took her into his arms and carried to the bedroom. Her dress covered with the semen was taken off quickly as well as her panties and a bra; soon she was on her bed lying on the back with legs moved widely apart and David between them. Now she was enjoying the moment. His tongue was touching her lips, clitoris giving her a lot of unforgettable impressions. She was still embarrassed with the fact her face was in the semen which started to dry and tighten the skin, but David couldn’t be stopped by this, so she decided to stay and enjoy his able tongue. Just a few minutes she needed to fly to heaven and cum the way she hadn’t done for a couple of months.

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