Cheating on my boyfriend!

March 30th, 2009

This babe has a minor quarrel with her boyfriend and decides to play a bit of revenge on him, she gives in to another cock and can’t feel any happier…

I had been dating my boyfriend for about three years, and all this time he was being such an ass hole. To be honest, our relationship was really going to no where but we got used to each other very much and didn’t think any way to break up. Well, it was just a time to work all the things out, he didn’t even seem to change and I was trying to make the best of it. It was a Friday night and he decided to have another boys’ night out with his friends when we had already made plans to see a movie together with our friends that night. You can only imagine how angry I was. I was angry when he left, but in some way, I felt a bit relieved. I knew I would have a better night without him anyway.

I called Sarah and told her that she and Mathew would have to go to the movies without us. She tried to get me to come with them, but I hate being the third in the company. Instead, I ended up calling my best friend of five years, Alexander. Being of approximately 6”5 feet, he had long black hair, rich brown eyes and an adorable smile. He was a bit of aggressive, looked like a wild beast, but he had a tough sense of humor and was eternally sweet. I couldn’t imagine having this good guy as a friend. I was excited to hear he was free and on his way to find a girl friend. I thought about calling other people over, but for some reason something stopped me.

I checked out what we had to drink and picked up some beer with me. Well, I ordered some pizza and prepared it everything on the small table. I had drinks and appetizer ready by the time Alexander got here. I didn’t feel like getting into a horny state, we just drank, talked and played cards. In the beginning, the fortune was on my side and I was winning, but after the third drink my game took a turn for the worst. I can’t recall who suggested watching a video, but I do know, that the only DVD player in my house was in the bedroom. We put in a movie and sat close together on the bed. I still remember his arm draped around me, he stretched and started softly massaging my tit. After no protest from me, (how else I could protest to such a handsome guy, especially if I was drunk) his other hand came up to play with my melon sized tits. I loved the attention and I could feel my pussy grow moist.

“Take off your shirt, Barbara” he commanded in my ear.

If I wasn’t so drunk I would have been surprised by his advances and such a confident voice. Alexander was usually the nice guy who was not so shy, and be sure he was not as that asshole as my boyfriend. I really felt as if I wanted him badly, I wanted his cock. I wanted to feel him pounding me, shooting his hot load all over me, tasting that sweet fat cock of his. I complied and stripped for him.

“Suck my cock slut!” he said.

I was not surprised to hear that! Actually, if it was somebody else, I would never let the stranger treat me like that! But there was something in this guy! I ran my hand over his bulge and slowly unzipped his jeans. I was in a fog from the beer but I can still remember savoring my first taste of pre cum. His hand grabbed the back of my head, harshly sliding my head up and down his 8 inch hard organ of pleasure! I was surprised by his size. I had never been with someone so big. My boyfriend’s penis was just 5” or so. It made me so horny – thinking about riding his huge cock! I was virtually engulfing that fat cock of his, devouring it with excitement and hunger! I kept his pace for a while, but I couldn’t wait any longer, I wanted to feel him inside my cunt.

I moved up sliding his big cock into my tight wet pussy. I slowly bounced up and down on his cock, trying to take the full length of his hard tool.

“That’s right bitch, take it all” Alexander said, leaning back enjoying watching my tits move and a road him. Then he grabbed my breaths and began kneading my nipples between his fingers. That always makes me so horny. A loud moan escaped my lips. He began sucking my nipples. “Oh, yeas, I am so close” I whispered.

“That’s right, I want you to cum slut!”

I loved feeling dirty, I really loved feeling a dirty fallen slut for him, I was letting him to treat me like my boyfriend never did and that feeling was utmost and incredible! I pulled him to the spot where my boyfriend and I had slept the night before. His hands grabbed my hips edging me to move faster up and down his hard cock. Hell, when my orgasm hit me, I felt his hot cum. I felt shaky and drunk. I was lying on him, with his cock inside me and just passed out.

When I came over to my sense, I never thought I would have fucked Alexander. I was not a single babe, I had a boyfriend, and however I didn’t feel any bad. My hot naked body was passed out on top of him. His cock was still inside me, and he couldn’t help it, it was turning him on. Within minutes he was hard again and wanted more. I slowly rolled off him and lied on the bed. I never realized how hot I could ever get. My whole body was sweated and red with passion and lust. My every inch was demanding more pleasure and I wanted him so much! His hand touched my face and then slid down to my big warm tits. He moved over my body, sliding his huge cock into my slutty cunt and began fucking my pussy. I didn’t wake but he kept cumming again and again into my throbbing wet cunt. He couldn’t get enough of my hot passed out body. Finally he passed out beside me, too exhausted to leave.

I woke sticky with Alexander’s cum, but Alexander was no where to be found. Well, I think he must have left sometime in the early morning. I couldn’t believe what happened. I took a shower and changed the sheets. My mind started to wander. I should have been thinking about what I would say to the boyfriend, but all I could think about is when I could get fucked by Alexander’s thick 8 inch cock once again.

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  1. navid Says:

    hi i want to have sex mail me if som1 is interested ill pay

  2. hotnhorny Says:

    omg! this made me so fucking horny! i loved it, my pussy is wet and hot after reading. fucking amazing!

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