January 11th, 2008

Just imagine, a girl ties you to bed and plays with you for some time, she doesn’t let you cum and tells you to leave, what would you do? Take her by force? But what will turn out in the long run?

Rick, owner of an insurance company was going home on Friday evening. He was turning to his lane when he saw another car going backwards. He didn’t react in time and hit the car. The other car’s door flung open and he saw a woman going out of it. He opened his door intending to go and talk to her, ask her if she was ok. All of a sudden somebody pressed a wet piece of cloth against his face and he lost consciousness. When he opened his eyes he realized he could move neither of his limbs. His hands and legs were tied to a large bed. A young beautiful girl was standing in the door way, she was smiling.

- What is going on? Am I kidnapped? – Rick asked her.
- I thought you were gonna sleep all week long. – The girl replied and taped his mouth. – That’s much better, – she added. – I love when men are quiet.

She knelt between his legs and started unzipping his fly very slowly. She pulled off the pants and looked in his briefs.

- Don’t be scared! – She said looking at his flaccid dick. – I guess it needs some air to breathe. – She tore the briefs apart.

The dick was hanging between Rick’s hips.

- Don’t worry babe, I’m not gonna hurt you, – the girl whispered almost touching the cock with her lips.

Rick felt her warm breathing at his groin. The frisky girl took his dick in her small palm and raised it vertically.

- Don’t worry babe, – she kissed the dickhead and licked it then. – Good morning! Rise and shine! – She whispered singing seeing the dick trembling and getting larger in size.

The girl tickled his balls with her nails, her fingers were roaming over the cock. She kissed the head again, but she didn’t jerk her lips off like the last time, instead she was kissing it, licking the head, lubricating it with her saliva. She sucked on the dickhead, squeezing it with her lips, her tongue was circling around the stem. She was moving up the stem. When her lips were really close to the head she sucked on the cock at its full length. She heard Rick moaning and looked at him. He was more aroused than scared. She liked what she saw, as it seemed, so she started fucking his dick with her mouth, while her hands were playing with his balls and the rest of the stem.

Rick was unable to think the situation over, he was wildly excited and aroused, he wanted to fuck that girl. Most of all he wanted to cum in her mouth. He started raising his pelvis impaling her mouth on his dick. He felt like cumming.

- Don’t be so quick, babe, – the girl said turning her face away.

She pressed his balls with her fingers and then kicked them with her knee. Rick didn’t expect it, his dick became more flaccid. Rick was bucking trying to make the pain duller. Meanwhile, the girl straightened her back and stood up from the bed. She looked at her knees attentively. She started swaying her butt, raising her black skirt, humming something quietly. Rick overcame the first shock and pain, he was enchanted by her show, he was looking at her tanned slender legs. He saw her white panties. Her panties were wet, that meant she was leaking while giving him head.

-Does my pussy want a dick? – She said, touching her soaked panties with her finger.

She pulled the strings on her hips and her panties fell on the floor. Rick saw a well trimmed triangle of her curly bush and pink wet lips. He girl crept up to his dick and touched his balls with her vulva lips. She pressed the cock against his stomach and started fidgeting. Her clit touched his dick. Then she moved her pussy all the way down the stem. Her loud moaning meant she liked what she was doing. The girl tickled his dickhead with her clit and lubricated it with her juices. She was moaning louder and more lustfully, sort of rolling down his stem. She was speeding up, but didn’t let it get in her wet cave. She cried out and jerked, lying still on Rick’s chest.

She was lying motionless for a couple of minutes. Then she got on her knees and licked her own juices off his dick. Rick was looking at her in surprise, watching her pulling on her panties, untying his legs and hands. She was standing at the window when he heard her say:

- You’re free, you can go now.

He was lying still for several minutes. Then he zipped up his pants and went to the door. He looked at the bulge in his pants and thought: “What’s the hell….” He turned to the window. The girl was looking at him indifferently. He looked in her eyes and made a step to the window. He saw fear in her eyes, it was clear she finally realized what he was gonna do.

- What are you gonna do? Don’t come closer!
- I’m gonna fuck you bitch! – Rick said gritting his teeth.
- No, don’t come closer! I don’t like it! I’m scared! – The girl was trying to sneak out of the room.
- Don’t leave too soon, babe! – He grasped her by the hand.

He started kissing her. The girl murmured something and bit his lip. Rick groaned and slapped her across the face. The girl fell on the bed, she sobbed and tried to escape from the room. Rick caught her by the collar and pulled it backwards. He tore the fabric. The girl didn’t give up hope to escape, she turned round and he saw her firm boob falling from under the torn blouse. It turned him on, he pounced on her. He mounted her and squeezed her legs by his. He pulled the blouse down to expose the second boob as well. He was holding her tits in his hands, his lips were sucking and biting the nipples. The girl groaned and bent her knee to kick his balls.

- Oh, you bitch! – Rick hissed.

He leaned back and pressed his knee between her hips making her spread them. His free hand tore off her panties and unzipped his fly.

- Go girl, – he said entering her cave.

He was kissing her breasts, his hands were pressing hers against the bed, not letting her move. His cock felt the warmth and heat of her slit. Rick came in a couple of frictions. It was surprising to find out the cock was still hard after cumming. The girl was sobbing, biting her lips. Rick got out of her pussy and petted her boobs.

- I’ll teach you a good lesson, – he said holding her legs and turning her round to lie on her stomach.

He sat down on her legs and raised her skirt. He took some semen flowing out of the pussy and lubricated her anus with it. In less than a second he entered her virgin asshole. The girl shrieked and started moving her butt from side to side trying to set it free of his cock. Rick’d never had anal sex before, so that’s why he rushed in her rectum, feeling brand new sensations, paying no attention to her crying and moaning. When he came he took the dick out of her butt and kissed her buttocks. The girl was lying on the bed. She was shivering and sobbing.

- Thank you, babe, – he said and shut the door behind.

He didn’t see the girl smiling.

He received a mail in several days. There was a tape in the envelope. The note read: “I liked it too, babe. Here’s the tape with you raping me. I want you to remit 10 000 dollars to this account and you’ll never see me again.”

Rick read the letter over and over again. He smiled bitterly and asked his assistant to call his accountant.

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