A secretary!

August 20th, 2007

Sex affairs at work! It makes your job so much more desirable! A sexy secretary is fucked by her boss and a colleague of her, dirty and nasty sex, you should certainly check it out!

I used to be a co-owner of one company, having double jobbing of a director. My secretary was a woman of thirtish, she was married but managed to have a very nice appearance at her age, slim, fit, sexy, nice ass and rather big boobs. The most attractive type of women for me…

Once in a summer time I left my office, my secretary, Vanessa, was typing something on a computer, approaching close to her I noticed her open breast in the slit of the blouse: she had no bra and her rosy nipples as though resembled 2 fresh succulent strawberries.

Unable to explain my reaction, involuntary, I shoved both palms in her blouse and squeezed the tits; they were so soft and elastic at the same time!

Vanessa stopped typing, but went on sitting still, there was no reaction at all, and even hands remained left on a keyboard. Her nipples seemed to poke my palms; I removed my hands, made Vanessa get up, turned her around, rode up the blouse and took up kissing her tits. She remained silent, just said: “Good…” I stretched my hands to her skirt, but there suddenly was some noise at the door and she recoiled, adjusted her blouse and carried on with typing as if nothing had happened.

The day passed slowly, though I felt the taste of her nipples all this time, having her tits on my mind….

As the day wore on, Vanessa came to me with my executive appointments diary:

- There is no appointment for tomorrow at yours, do you have any instructions?

- Fine! I could give you a day off for tomorrow, I added unexpectedly: would you like to go somewhere with me have a good time?

- Well, it is good, but we’d rather aske somebody else top join us… she answered staring at me

- What do you suggest?

- How abut asking your friend Alan to join us tomorrow?

I got stupefied! That’s not actually a big deal for me to ask Alan to join us, but I expected to have fun with this woman… alone!

- All right! I said after a pause: I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning

I went home in a low spirit: my vague hopes broke with no start…

The next day I bought some drink and went to pick Vanessa and Alan up.

Alan’s apartment was vast and light, Vanessa looked around the house, looked in all the rooms: she was most attracted by the bed-room, where the most room was occupied by a big bed, then she said:

- Guys, I should have a shower as I had no time in the morning: you woke me up, remember?

- So, what would we do? Alan asked when she locked up in the bath room

- Fuck knows! Don’t know!

While she was splashing around the bath room Alan went to the kitchen to lay the table. It was heard as the bath door opened and I saw Alan’s eyes opened with great surprise. When I looked around I was astonished as well to see Vanessa in opened blouse with wet breast, lowering my eyes I noticed that there…. There was a wet beaver down there; she turned to undo her underwear in the bath room. I felt a hard-on, as hard as a rock, she removed her blouse and remained nude grinning and proud.

- Follow me, she said: we don’t have much time!

- A whole day ahead, I uttered in a hoarse voice

- It is… so, guys, take your cloth off and come to me! She entered the bed room

I and Alan exchanged glances and, messing in the cloth, undid it entirely and rushed in the room. Vanessa was already lying on the bed: she took the both cocks easily with hands, brought them to her face, looked the cocks attentively and licked slightly, then put them both in the mouth. 2 cocks! I had no idea how she managed to handle that but she seemed well versed in this job. She sucked both cocks at the same time and I sensed her tongue passing so gently along my dick as though there was no second one! But it was beside and ran, squeezed tight to mine. I’d say that my cock erected so hard that seemed to tear the skin, Alan might feel the same! She was blowing us so deep and skillfully that it left no room for doubt that was used to having fun that way. Her lips and tongue were working our cocks out both gently and roughly, soon I felt a close cum, at this time Alan’s cock began pulsing hard, a wild bliss waved all over my body and a stream of sperm flew in her mouth! We came simultaneously, filling her mouth with this precious liquid while she swallowed and swallowed it convulsively. Then she took our flabby cocks out, stretched herself and said that she had to rinse her mouth. We came in the kitchen and drank some light beer and settled on the sofa tired, but she was inexorable:

- Guys, my pussy and ass are longing for fun, that’s enough to waste the time!

That bed again was the only witness of what happened to us then. Our cocks found themselves in her mouth again. This time she did the blow another way, as our cocks strained at the verge she took them out and lay on the edge of the bed, changed the position. Now she lay on her back with legs lifted up. I saw both of her holes: rosy and enticing, Vanessa took approached Alan’s dick to her anus and he put it inside without a word. She arched her back and moaned helping him penetrate as deep as possible. As for me, she directed my penis right to her pussy, as it touched it the cunt opened and welcomed my dick in there as if absorbing it entirely. The vulva lips contracted rhythmically, as though swallowed my cock, working hard like fucking my cock tightly. I had experience with different types of women: hot and frigid, energetic and innocent, but this was something unusual! Vanessa’s hole smothered my cock, likely caressing it totally, it seemed like a wave of heat ran all over me. We came at the same time again whereas she gripped our hips impaling herself on both cocks trembling and seeping the whole loads of our sperm. Then she spread over the bed relaxed, we stood with flabby cocks and watched her. I believed that the best view for a man was to observe a woman completely satisfied. After a short rest Vanessa rose:

- Well, guys, satisfied? Let’s have some drink and then the second act will begin!

At this time I took over Alan and rammed her ass while he was fucking her pussy. She was between 2 cocks and this wild race continued till the evening. Even cold shower couldn’t rid me of those feelings. Driving home tired and exhausted I was in a drained spirit. I drove the car up hill and down dale, and had no idea how I got home. The lord seemed to save not only drunks but also those who had too much fuck!

- Well, she said when getting off the car: if you don’t mind we could repeat it again later! And made her steps to the home, proud and decent business lady.

I thought I would never forget those feelings because I had never had the same before.

How did you like this story? That’s a true story with women from my office involved. Of course I changed all names, but the whole topic is true!

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4 Responses to “A secretary!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    tro top

  2. Kaden Says:

    I experienced similar when my sexy secretary blew me in the bathroom. Of the mortuary that is. Best i’ve ever had too!

  3. babe Magnet Says:

    I’d love to fuck that bitch. She’s a slut!

  4. Jo Says:

    very good although i have done it on a dining table wit 3 guys /up ma ass,pussy n in ma mouth it was the best eva

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