A real story!

December 23rd, 2008

The girl meets a guy at a party and he takes her home, there he shows her all the dirty things he can do with her and she definitely loves all of them…

January 7th 2007, evening. Doing nothing. Lying near the computer, browsing through the web. About me: 23 year old girl, not tall, slim.

Checked my email, opened the ICQ and read an invitation message from my old girl friend asking me to join them on party. I went out of doors and made my way in hope of new adventures. I was met and welcomed by her boyfriend, Andrew, who was going to lead me over the place. He appeared to be very good guy, easy going and talkative, and I liked this guy from the very beginning. He was tall, a well-built good looking guy stylish and very charming… when we got there the party was in full swing, some of the guests were already drunk, and my girlfriend introduced me to all of them. Drank some beer, a conversation began, talked various things, then she suddenly asked me:

“By the way, did you like Andrew?”

“Well, actually I did”

Then Andrew joined us and suggested having some drink at the bar. I got stupefied, looked at my girlfriend, she just nodded her approval and I followed him. We drank a whisky and then he kissed my lips. His lips were so tender and his tongue was so soft that I got flabby in his jugs. I had been getting into this guy more and more. But I was no in a mood to do anything like that now, so I just moved out of the kitchen and joined others. Finally his girlfriend fell asleep tired and we took her to the bed. Then we came in the kitchen and drank some more wine. It was evidently getting boring with every minute as the guests have all left. Then I remembered that there was a Sony PlayStation upstairs and asked Andrew whether he could show me how to play. He agreed and we got there.

I enjoyed playing the game and when I was on the last level of an arcade, Andrew unexpectedly hinted me at a massage as I seemed rather strained. I gave my consent; he got to the bathroom and fetched some cream, I lay on the bed and he began. He was well versed in massage, he did it very well and I enjoyed having the massage from his tender palms. When he finished I turned around and lay on the back, there suddenly our faces happened to face. We kissed and it was unforgettable, I thought I would never forget his kisses. So sweet and hot as well as passionate and lovely… he passed his hand over my hips sliding it upper. Then his fingers touched my bra and unclasped it. He took up fondling my tits first with hands, then with the tongue. He sucked my nipples passing the tongue round it, and biting it slightly. I undid Andrew’s T short, his body was as perfect as his kisses. I threw my hands over his neck; meantime he lowered down, and groped a piercing on my navel: most guys adored this piercing very much, so did Andrew without exception. He fondled it softly, I was on the clouds, then he rose, undid his jeans with a jerk, undid mine one and removed my panties. He bent down and started licking my pussy. He clasped my vulvar lips with his own, fondled my clit what drove me a lot. I was ecstatic. It started with one finger in my pussy, and then he gradually slid two, and the three fingers in, sliding them in and out with an effort. I was moaning with excitement. Andrew was cock-stand, his cock was big with thick veins along, he lent over me, put my legs onto his shoulder sand put his dick in my cunt. He moved in an average rhythm, leaning towards me from time to time, to lick my tits or kiss me.

Then he changed the position – spread my legs wide aside putting one on his hip and gripping another one. He took my left foot and sucked every toe: that was cool! I felt like flying away on the clouds, soon he held still for a second, started and came on my belly. I enjoyed his sperm falling onto my body. Finally I went out to have a shower. Andrew was smoking while I was away. We returned to the kitchen and we spent some time on lazy talking, then we got to sleep. I expected the game was over but as I lied down on the bed, he put me on his belly like a rider. When I obeyed with my back to him, he began caressing my back and shoulders as well, and then he put his hand on my pussy and got down to flicking my clit. I gradually got excited and asked him to fuck me in a doggy style. It was wonderful! He gripped my waist while his cock was ramming me from behind, I shoved my hand down there and groped his balls staking against my pussy, and soon I couldn’t contain myself and bit his hand. He liked that and said that he was eager to come in my mouth. When he was on the verge and rose, turned to him on my knees, he started jacking off violently and then he finally came in my mouth: his sperm flew on my protruded tongue; some of it fell down on the bed. In a few jiffs I swallowed it all; we kissed and fell asleep satisfied.

The next morning my girlfriend told me that they had been talking this for a long time; in the long run they agreed and decided to give me it to me as a present.

That’s a real story!

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    I like it so much

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