A friend

August 24th, 2007

Something you always dream of, to fuck a woman while she is half sleeping and doesn’t even know who you are, a husband lets his friend enjoy his wife and watches it…

The first sex experience with my wife occurred long ago but whenever I recall this my memory brings back the feelings which I had experienced that time. I told my wife about it and she took absolutely no offence and said that it was normal. At that time we lived in a luxury house near the sea shore with a forest near by, that was really a paradise on earth and the atmosphere was so much favorable for love, sex and erotic games. My wife is a rather beautiful and sexy lady, she has nice breasts, slim body, wide hips and long, slender legs. Many of my friends were losing their heads when she flirted with them. Once in the summer an old friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen for a long time came to visit me in my house. He is a rather handsome young man, he can sing well and he plays the guitar.

When I introduced my wife to my friend I could see a sparkle of interest burn in his eyes thought that time I just ignored that. We made ourselves comfortable in the kitchen, we talked about our lives, sang songs and drank home-made wine, which my wife prepared using the wild assortments of grapes. My dear wife who was wearing a light home dress through which we could see her hard nipples and her panties, she was always with us, waiting on us, giving us wine to drink and food to eat. I was looking at my wife moving like a butterfly and at my friend who always used a chance to take a closer look at her breasts whenever she bent down. For several times, as if inadvertently he touched my wife’s body and I could see and feel that she sort of liked it. Long after midnight my wife left us for a minute and then came back wearing a light, transparent night gown which revealed all the beauty in her body. She was wearing no panties and the thin fabric clearly showed her neatly shaved pussy. Of course she knew that we were going to see this and she wanted to make the impression on me and on my friend.

I noticed that my friend’s face got red and a fire of passion was ignited in his eyes. He was even more excited when my wife passed by him and he smelled the sweet aroma of a young, fresh female’s body. My wife said that she was going to take a bath and then go to bed, she left us in the dining room and we continued our talk. We talked about things that males usually discuss, women, love and sex. We didn’t hear my wife closing the door in the bathroom so we knew it was open and we were imagining her naked, diving into a warm tub with her eyes closed, enjoying the warm water. Those thoughts made us hot. While I was making coffee my friend got out of the kitchen. In a minute I followed him as the coffee was ready, I saw him near the bathroom door, standing and looking at my wife. I didn’t have a slightest feeling of jealousy, moreover I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I silently called my friend to have coffee and now we were discussing my wife only. We were discussing all of her beauty, her personality attitude to sex and lots of other things. My wife had already taken a bath and went to the bedroom to have a rest. We spent one more hour at table and went to sleep too.

Passing by my wife’s bedroom we stopped petrified with excitement, we just couldn’t hold ourselves. My wife was lying in bed naked in the room lit by the moon light.

This light was moving over her silky skin, revealing the most beautiful parts of her body, her legs were wide spread and we could see her neat love triangle which was neatly shaven. Her body was as if calling us in to make love with her. She was probably sleeping and that pushed us to action. Not understanding what we were doing we started taking off our clothes until we were absolutely naked with our dicks standing at attention. My friend was the first to approach her bed, he got down on his knees and fell to my wife’s breasts, he started kissing and licking her nipple that grew bigger in size and changed its color. I was so excited at that moment that I nearly ejaculated, but taking myself in hand I kept watching. My friend’s caresses made my wife’s body shiver and her mouth opened slightly. He placed his left hand on her pussy and started fondling her clit. In a second after this her body arched and her legs were spread wider, I was seeing my friend widening her vulva lips and fondling her clit. In a while he lay on her and pushed his dick into her vagina which was as wet as it could be. He was penetrating her as deep as possible, she hugged him with her hands, scratching his back with her nails. I couldn’t watch it anymore so I made a step forward and started fondling my wife’s breasts. Soon my friend lay on his back and I saw him driving his dick deep into her vagina bringing her to the top of pleasure making her moaning loudly. I came closer and pushed my dick into my wife’s wet vagina which already had my friend’s dick inside. Moving inside her, our both dicks quickly brought her to orgasm and she fell on my friend’s breast, exhausted and happy. We put our dicks out and lay side by side and she was in the middle. In a while I was almost sleeping when I heard my friend breathing hard. I opened my eyes and saw my wife standing on her fours with my friend’s dick in her mouth while her hand was caressing his balls.

I stood on my fours and penetrated my wife from behind, it made her scream and shiver. She came again and fell on her flank side falling asleep quickly. We were lying close to her, it was getting brighter outside. My friend rose and went to his room, I embraced my wife and we fell asleep. In the morning, having tea in the kitchen we saw my wife again in a light summer dress wearing no panties. I noticed that her eyes were happy.

We didn’t talk about the night and only later did I realize that my wife never knew that she’d had sex with me and my friend that night.

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