A guy feels that deep inside of him he is gay and he is dreaming of feeling a cock in his virgin asshole. He’ll do everything to make that dream cum true…

Here we are! Here comes my story and it’s just what none of people shares with others. My name is Andrew, and I’m 27 years old. This is something that I keep very private and have never told anyone about. I do have a girlfriend, and have always had success with women. I and my girlfriend live together, and we plan getting married in a few years. So, she is my wife, but just common law. But growing up I knew I wanted something more. The development of internet made being more variable. Lots of interesting things surrounded me all around and they were all so exciting. Like every boy growing up, I masturbated, and did everything to get off. Not sure when, but once in a broad daylight I realized that I liked to have something shoved in my ass. So, as a normal user, I went through web resources, surfing through porn sites and chat rooms. Then I tried to log in favorite sites. Actually, looking at guys’ pics doesn’t turn me on, but thinking of my ass being filled by something – is a big turn on! So one night it happened! I was in a bi chat room and found someone who lived close to me. At the same time he we didn’t know each other. Like most people think and do, this was something that I didn’t want anyone to know about. So we started chatting, it turned out that he had his own place, he was free that night, and moreover, he kept urging me to meet him. I really wanted to, but like always, I would never do it, in fear of someone finding out. However, I was full of courage, why not just do it? So we set up a few basic rules while we where chatting. I told him that I didn’t want to know him; I didn’t want to be friends! No kissing, no touchy feelings, no tears or warm words! I just wanted to meet him at his place with all the lights off, strip down, get on all my fours and get fucked by his cock. He agreed to it. I wanted some good fuck in my ass, he wanted to fuck some ass, so we made a good deal! Any of us would get what he really wanted. And no troubles. That’s all that we both cared for. We agreed that I would meet him at the gas station, where I would follow him to his place.

It was on Friday! I was a bit nervous, and anxious about what would happen. I took a shower, cleaned my ass and rubbed some oil to make it weak. …I met him. It was a tall, good looking guy, with brown eyes and good figure. It seemed he was going to the gym class. When he saw me, he just nodded his head greeting me. I followed him in, neither of us saying a word. His house appeared to be very nice and comfortable. All lights in the house were off…I followed him to the bed room, where he started taking off his clothes. When he revealed his body, I could see strong muscles running under his skin. I did really wanted to know what it felt like. Still nervous, I took my clothes off. I think he had done this before, so he told me to lay down on the bed on my back and just play with myself some to get in the mood. When I settled onto his bed, willing to put up my courage, he grabbed my cock and started stroking me. Within a second I shot my cum everywhere! He just kept stroking me, thereby keeping me cum and cum again! To be honest, never had I come so much!

Next thing I know: he was sucking my cock, his blow job made me come even harder. After he sucked on ever last drop of cum out of my cock, he told me to lay on my side. So I obeyed him and lay on my side. He applied some lube onto my asshole, next, without warning; he shoved a finger in my tight hungry ass! It hurt as first, but as he pulled his finger out and in, it felt great, and then he thrust two fingers in there! He made sure filling my ass with lube. It was very dark in the room, so I had no idea how big his cock was! In pitch darkness I could hear him open up a condom and put it on. Next thing I felt was the heat from his large cock’s head against my tight ass. He tried pushing his hard on organ into me, but he just couldn’t penetrate. I was laying there thinking of his cock, of his useless efforts to fuck and me what the hell I was doing there! I will die if anyone ever knew! Then he gave up for a minute, and took up stroking his manhood to get it as hard as rock!

After a while I felt his hard cock again on my butt hole again, and he just placed it at my tight ass and thrust in! God! He sank all the way into me, causing me moan in pain and pleasure. He just held it there for a second and moaned saying what a good thing my ass was! With that he just began to move his hips in rhythm, shoving his organ deeper in my ass. He was really fucking me hard. His cock was big, as big as mine, may be around 8 inches and thick. Soon he was really fucking me hard and fast, now I realized what gays and shemales feel when they are getting fucked. The pain would subside down and soon I felt pleasure of his rod pumping me hard. As he was pounding me, his cock slid in and out of my swollen ass, his balls slapped against my own balls, and that felt so great! I knew this was really turning me on, feeling a cock sliding in and out of my ass! All this time I was lying on my side, but then he set me in doggy style, and began to fuck me! I was standing on all my fours, and his cock was ramming my ass. Apparently he was ready to cum, coz his cock began to throb in my ass and he grabbed my but cheeks. It hurt, but felt better than anything I had ever done before, his cock got even bigger as he fucked me hard! Then he buried his cock deep in my ass, and blew a big load of cum deep in me! Pulling out, he just layed there, totally exhausted, so was I.

I was ashamed of what I did. I just wanted to get out of there, so I grabbed my clothes, got dressed and said:

“May be we’ll chat again on the internet” and left away.

Truly, I never did chat or see him again, but after that I realized that I wouldn’t stop by that. I wanted some more, not with that guy, may be with some others. Now I wanted not only lying and getting fucked, I wanted it in my mouth and taste some cum! No, I was not a gay, I just wanted to get something new. Something that would drive me crazy. Who knows…

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  1. Bilesca Says:

    Loved the story, just like my first experiance!

  2. mboy Says:

    oh my virgin ass is screaming 4 it but my finger will hav 2 do 4 now

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