My best friend!

April 22nd, 2010

The best friend might turn into someone you first try gay love with, those guys need no girls now as they can totally and completely satisfy themselves…

Now read this short story which happened to me and my best friend. This is just a simple occasion of my first m + m experience with my best friend George. I was 28, he was 26, we’d known each other for recent 8 years, but up to now all sex contacts of ours boiled down to just mutual onanism acts, when he jerked on my penis while I was working on his own. Our attempts always failed, at that time we could have no more than that, firstly because we were ignorant of many things, and secondly either my or his parents were always interrupting.

Once, we had a nice opportunity to have fun when our parents were gone on a whole week, so we could spend our time the way we could wanted. This guy was very handsome and smart; I’d often catch a glimpse of him as he walked around. Just thinking about it sometimes gave me a hard on. I wanted him, but didn’t know how to start advancing. I was afraid he wouldn’t understand me at all. After that we started wrestling jokingly around the room, catching one another, once, after a short combination, he appeared under me, I grasped his balls and began to remove his pants. He stopped resisting, I think he soon realized what was going to happen then, and then, as I was removing his cloth, he remained silent and didn’t even move. At this time, having got carried away, I lost my vigilance and after a strong struggle he pressed me down to the floor and began to pinion my arms. Then he gripped my balls and did the same to me, took up removing my pants. While he was undoing me my thoughts passed like a speed light.

“Aaaaa, here you are! Let’s see what you can do now!” he uttered.

At this time I could feel my cock starting to firm up. My dick was pressing against my briefs and I didn’t care if this situation might seem stupid. He pulled me around the sofa’s edge and pushed me against it. His lips met mine and I could feel his tongue forcing its way down my throat. His thigh began rubbing against my hot crotch and I could feel my cock flush full and hard. One of his hands moved down and he began rubbing me through my pants as he nibbled on my neck. He reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me close up against him. I could feel that he was stiff as a steel rod too. He seemed to have a huge dick. My hands slid to his firm butt and I grabbed to hold on. He got down on his knees in front of me and pulled out my cock, which rose to its full length. The head was bright purple and it was feeling so hot. When he put it in his mouth and swirled his tongue along the underside of the head, I let out a moan. He looked up at me with a grin on his face and began tonguing my balls. This buddy knew what he wanted. I had to slow him down or I was going to cum, and I wanted this to prolong. George stood up in front of me and as he pulled his sweater up over his head, I could see his chest muscles I’d been thinking about. He was like one of those Ancient Roman statues brought to life. Then, he unzipped his pants and out popped his penis. It was bigger than I thought. He turned his back to me, I think to pose a bit, and bent over to slide his pants and underwear. My eyes fixed on his sweet but. His ass was as hard as the rest of his body and it was all mine to take and fuck! I finished undressing myself and we embraced again, our tongues lashing each other like whips. Feeling his cock, hot against my naked skin, I just had to have him. I just lifted him up onto the sofa’s edge. He wrapped his legs around my back and squeezed so hard I almost gasped. I worked his body down with my tongue, stopping to tease his nipples. When I got to his cock, I wasn’t sure if I could take it all, whether it was the right thing to do, but I knew I was going to try like hell. I let my tongue run lightly around the head. I worked the rest of his dick into my mouth. I could feel it slap against the back of my throat as he started to pulse his body. I played with his balls a bit, squeezing them a couple of times. This made him shiver and I knew he was about to shoot. In a few minutes he came with a moan and his hot cum fell down the veil of the sofa.

After that I told him to get down. He did as I told him and his ass was put open for me. I licked his asshole, running my tongue around it very slightly and tenderly. This made me come as well. After that we went to the shower and had a quick wash up. Then we returned back to the hall. I now knew what I wanted. I slipped a couple of fingers up his tight butthole and worked them inside until he arched his back. He began jerking off in rhythm to my strokes. His ass was tight and I was worried he couldn’t take my meat. I grabbed him tight around the middle and pulled him into position on the edge of the sofa. I could barely slide in my shaft; it was so fucking hot and tight. It really was incredible. I knew that the friction was truly enough to make me cum quick, so I entered very slowly.

We were both sweating all over, but we didn’t care, him pumping and jacking his penis off and me slapping my thighs against his round buttocks. His sweet smell excited me more; I plunged harder and harder into his hole until I could feel my balls beginning to boil. I was in position to pull out and shot a load on his but, my balls were about to explode. It shot all over his ass and back and spilled onto his back also. Next, without missing a second I took his cock in my mouth and set to giving a nice blowjob to this guy. His cock was so massive and strong, it trembled in my throat, one more second and it shot a load in my mouth which filled with his sweet cum. We fell down. Then he put me on the sofa, covered me with a veil, and after that laid by my side. Embracing each other and cuddled up we soon fell asleep to wake up next morning and continue this bliss.

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  1. robin48 Says:

    nice me hard

  2. lickme Says:

    i wish i could lick and jack off a hard cock. makin it cum in my deep throat. send me pictures of ur hard cocks! i wanna picture my self fuckin it

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