Guy in a wedding dress

March 9th, 2008

Three guys meet and hang out together, they find the wedding dress that belongs to a sister of one of them and suggest one of the guys trying it on. He turns into a sexy bride and they can no longer resist him…

This story happened 5 years ago. I stayed over at my friend Scott, his parents were out and we decided to drink some beer ad watch football all night long. There was another guy with us there, Michael. We were 18 that time. First we were drinking beer and watching TV. Then we got bored and decided to play poker. The loser had to do what the winner told him. First we were just fooling round, thinking up really stupid but funny tasks to do. Then Michael suggested the loser getting dressed up in Scott’s elder sister’s wedding dress and putting on make-up.

I lost. First I said I wouldn’t do what they wanted me to. But the guys insisted and said the rules were the rules, and I had to do it. I went to shower, then went out wrapped up in a towel. We went to Scott’s sister’s room (she was married and didn’t live with her parents but anyway her room was always waiting for her, funny). Guys had already got the dress out of the wardrobe. They also took out panties and white stockings (his sister had a lot of panties of all colors and types!). We drank some more beer, and I felt at ease trying all that stuff on. I put on white stockings, white panties, and a white bra. Guys helped me get on the dress. It almost fit me perfectly, but was a bit too big for me anyway. Scott brought me shoes. Then I got my make-up on.

I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. There was a pretty girl staring back at me. Scott and Michael liked the way I looked. I couldn’t even imagine what would happen next! We were drinking beer, dancing. Then there was some slow music on the radio and Michael asked me to dance with him. I decided to play his game. The song was pretty long. Michael pretended to be dancing with a girl, so he tried to squeeze my butt. It seemed to be funny for all of us. Scott came up to us too and started feeling up my body. We were drunk. But anyway I noticed I had a hard-on (it was so strange!!!); when the song was over, guys threw me on the couch, sort of sexually harassing me, paying me stupid compliments and stuff. I liked it a lot.

Then they turned on a table lamp making the light dimmer. Scott was the first to kiss me. It was just a joke. Michael was caressing my knees getting up to my hard cock. I tried to thrust his hand away but he never stopped. He was fondling my groin, my ass through the panties, he was squeezing my rocky hard dick with his hand. Meantime, Scott was kissing my face, my neck, my ears. W just couldn’t fight the temptation any more. We started kissing. Those were real deep French kisses.

Michael got under my skirt and started kissing my legs getting lower to my knees, then ankles, then he took off my shoes and started licking my feet thru stockings. I tried to stop him, but he grasped my feet and started sucking my toes. It was so damn pleasant! Then he took off my panties and sucked on my dick, licking it gently. We stopped kissing. I was standing on my fours, and the guys were slapping across my ass cheeks, licking my butt, thrusting their tongues inside my asshole. Scott entered my ass with his finger. It wasn’t a nice sensation and I pushed him away. Since guys were licking me so vehemently I realized I had no other way out, so when they trust a finger in my ass again I didn’t resist anymore, I tried to focus my attention on the sensations in my butt. I liked the sensation. Michael was standing before my face poking his big dick at my mouth. I sucked on it. Scott lubricated my butthole. His small dick got inside my ass smoothly. It was getting deeper and deeper. It hurt at first, but then it got much better. Scott was jerking off my dick at the same time, too.

Michael came first. His sperm was on my lips, my tongue, my cheeks. I’d never tried sperm before, so the taste was new for me, it was tart. The Scott moaned and ejaculated in my ass. His dick was still inside my butt while he was jerking me off till I came on the couch. I felt so ashamed after that.

We’ve never discussed that night afterwards. We’ve never tried to repeat it again. I have a girlfriend now, but lately I’ve been thinking of trying something of that kind again…

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5 Responses to “Guy in a wedding dress”

  1. John Says:

    I had an experience like that myself when I was 19 with some guys. It was hot

  2. justin Says:

    one time me and a couple of my friends got drunk and decided to play strip poker. when we all were finally naked we decided that the loser of the last hand would have to dress up like a girl. my friend lost and when he came back in the room he looked like the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. he droped to his knees and stated to suck our cocks. then he took off his panties and we started fucking his ass in turn. weended by cumming in each others mouths. it was the best night of my life!

  3. jugboy Says:

    I had some similar story with a friend of mine, Brian. One night I was at his place drinking and joking when I started to try on some of his girlfriend’s clothes. One thing led to an other and I found myself on my knees in front of him, licking his cock. Then I firmly sucked on his cock and never stopped til he came in my mouth. I swallowed all his cum but at that very moment it turned out to be very awkward. Next evening we discussed it and I let him fuck my ass too. He was fucking me hard, wasn’t paying attention to all my moans and screams. It was so humiliating feeling his hard dick sliding in and out in my tight asshole and in the end he sticked his cock deep in my tiny girlie ass and filled it with his hot cum.
    We had one additional assfuck later on when I dressed like Britney Spears, act like Britney and moaned like Britney while he was buttfucking me.

  4. sexyass Says:

    that was hot.

  5. panty boy 77 Says:

    great story made me cum in my panties

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