Fuck in sauna

March 3rd, 2008

A guy arrives in Moscow on a business trip and there meets his old friend, they both go to the sauna and find out that there is nothing better than man-on-man action…

Hi! My name is Mark. And here’s my story. It happened in Moscow, Russia. I was on a business trip there, but actually I was planning to stay in Russia for ever. I loved the country and the city! As you know, Russian people love such places like Russian baths which they call “banya” and saunas. They love to go there and spend time bathing and … drinking. They often invite girls over there to make guys company, you know what I mean. But that wasn’t the case that time. By the way, it wasn’t my first time I visited sauna, so I knew what to do. Guys, if you ever visit Russia I strongly recommend that you visit “banya”, it’s something very-very special. Anyway, onwards with my story.

There were three young girls and two guys of about 30 standing by the sauna door. A woman some 10 years older than they opened the door. She smiled sweetly and let them in showing where to go. My friend decided to celebrate her birthday in a healthy way and invited all of us in sauna. It was great fun to swim in the pool, to go to shower and to the steam room.

I must say I didn’t know the rest of the girls well. So, we were a bit shy at first. First we all were wrapped up in big towels sitting by the table and drinking to the birthday girl. Cold beer in a hot sauna… well you gotta try to understand my feelings that moment. I was petty tipsy but really relaxed. I remember I thought I was gonna get wasted that day. I went to the steam room.

I gotta say my best Russian friend Ivan and I often spend time together and even watch porn movies together. We feel at easy jerking off watching films. It’s OK if he or me watching. He’s always really envious when I suck myself and he always asks me to such him off too. But no way, buddy. It’s OK with me if he jerks off when I’m a round but nothing more. You know, it’s like you cross the line when doing such things with your friends. I always thought we would no longer be friends as soon as we fucked each other. But actually I love sucking his dick off…

Back to my story. I went out of the shower naked, I left my swimming trunks inside the shower. So I didn’t care someone could see me so I came inside the steam room. I didn’t close the door I didn’t want it to be very hot. I took the dick in my hand and started stroking it exposing the dickhead. It was a really cool sensation. I didn’t know four people were watching me, fidgeting on their seats. I realized they were watching but didn’t show it. I made everything possible to give them the best perspective to watch my shaft in detail. My hand was caressing my asshole, while the other hand was jerking off the cock. I was rubbing the dickhead against the stomach till I saw the first drops of lubrication on the head. I used them in my butt.

I started spreading the lubrication over my hole, I was fucking my butthole with my finger raising the pelvis, sort of impaling myself on my finger. I didn’t know being watched was so arousing. I really felt like cumming so I stopped fondling myself and went out of the steam room. My dickhead was red and ready for some action. I was standing nude before the guys. It was silent in the room. I felt uncomfortable. So I asked them if they minded my being naked. No one answered. So I took my seat by their side and proposed a toast. We drank to the girls and to the fun we would have together. Then I suggested all of us getting naked. The girls said they wouldn’t do it, so I got I wasn’t gonna fuck that day, at least with those girls. All right…

There was another room with some couch there. I went inside and lay on my belly (my cock was still hard) and started fidgeting on the couch, swaying my ass from side to side. Then I heard my friend Ivan call me to drink with them. I said I would be right there soon. I implied I would be there after some jacking off. The girls left in about five minutes. Ivan was apparently angry as he also hoped to fuck that night. But the girls left us alone.

Meanwhile, I bent over and started sucking my dick off. I knew the girls were gone, and Ivan didn’t mind me doing it. I was a bit drunk and my blowjob was even better than before. I was sucking the whole stem in my mouth. It usually made me cum soon. I really felt sorry Ivan didn’t know about my love of anal games, and stuff. When my boner gets flaccid but I still haven’t come I love to get on my side and enter my butt with the dickhead. My dickhead gets inside, it makes me moan, arch my back and impale myself more on my pecker.

I was doing it there on the couch too. I completely forgot Ivan was there in the sauna too, and that woman-manager… I looked at the door and saw both of them standing in the doorway looking at me in surprise. Then Ivan said quietly he thought he knew everything about my sex whims.

He didn’t care about the woman he just threw off his trunks and was about to pounce on me and fuck my ass. But he asked me if I minded him doing that. I said I was afraid it would ruin out friendship. He said it wouldn’t. Then I said I was longing to feel his dick in my butt. I must confess every time I gave him head I imagined him fucking me. His cock was some 7-8 inches long with a big round dickhead. I loved the size.

We were talking about our friendship playing no attention to the manager. Ivan put a cushion under my butt and got on his knees in front if me. He was holding his cock in his hand. My dick was still in my butt. I gestured Ivan to enter. He asked if I wanted to let him fuck my ass though my own cock was already inside. I said I wanted to try. I asked him to be slow and careful. Then I added it would be better if he just poked at my ass and let me do the rest. I felt his wet and hot dickhead at my anus. It was thrusting in pulling my own prick inside. It hurt a bit.

I knew what to do. I impaled myself on his dick. He was leaning on me and entered me at the full length of his dick. He was screwing me like he usually screwed girls’ cunts. I was impaling myself on both of our dicks. Then I felt a hot wave of pleasure spreading all over my stomach. I was moaning and crying cumming, feeling two hard-ons in my ass. He got out of me.

It was soooo special. Ivan was lying by my side. We both were silent. Then we went to shower. We dank some more vodka and invited manager Ludmila to drink with us. Ivan was a bit angry, he asked me why I’d never let him fuck me before. I said blowjob was enough. He added he really wanted to get ass-fucked but didn’t know how to do it. I said he didn’t have to worry, we still had time to “exchange experience”.

He bent over and sucked on my cock. He wanted to thank me for the drill. I leaned back on the chair and raised my leg on the chair back letting both of them see my still stretched asshole. I told Ludmila she could do whatever she wanted to do with me. At first, she was really confused and shy. Then she undid her blouse and let us see really cool firm boobs. She sat on my face. Her pussy was well trimmed and I could see the swollen clit between the lips. She was rubbing her clit against my nose and tongue. She was moving faster and faster. In a couple of minutes I felt her juices in my mouth. She was moaning, stopping now and then. She got off my face only when it was all covered by her cum.

Then I felt Ivan fucking me again. I didn’t even know when he entered me. I remembered my teenage days when I was so insatiable for fuck, my friend and I could fuck each other several times in the row, non-stop… it was so great! The cum was spread over my hips, thighs, and stomach. Ludmila sat on my face from time to time. I was caressing her twat and her ass with my fingers. We both fucked her in the morning.

We promised her we would come over to her some other time soon. Ivan was very curious about anal sex, and I was never tired of sharing my knowledge with him. Man I can’t believe, I’d been looking for the right partner for so long, and he was there all that time. Of course I liked to fuck myself but I wanted to feel new sensations sometimes. Once my girlfriend caught us ramming each other…

Well, I’ll tell you about some other time. By the way, I’m going on another business trip to Moscow next week…

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  1. Rob Says:

    poorly written, very confusing.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    sum one text me (707) 391 3647

  3. poo Says:

    text me 707 3913647

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