September 30th, 2007

They are two male students living in the same dormitory, they like each other but to shy of sharing their feelings, once, they chanced to be stuck in an elevator and their they opened up…

I lived in a small room on campus. That guy who reminded me of an ancient Greek god was my neighbor. He was very good at athletics. He was tall, some 6.7 ft. He had a gorgeous body with lots of muscles. He was a blonde with blue eyes and an amazing smile. Besides, he had a great ass and a rather huge cock (I saw him in shower several times, so I know what I’m talking about). He was always busy: busy with soccer, busy with girls living in our dormitory. He called on me from time to time. He came for chatting or to ask me help with math. I don’t know if he could think I was gay, but it wasn’t once that he was watching a poster with a naked guy (the pic was really well done and really beautiful). Sometimes he even commented on his butt.

Besides, every time we met in shower he was looking at me with a smile that meant something like: “It’s time for action, bud, why are you still wasting your time…” He knew I had a girlfriend, and maybe that was the main reason why he didn’t try to force our relationship to evolve. I don’t really think he wanted to ruin his reputation of a playboy among his teammates either.

Once I got back to my room in early ours of the morning. He was sitting in the hall. He seemed to be a bit drunk. When he saw me he asked if I could let him sleep in my room. He claimed that his roommate left and took his key too. I replied my bed was too small for both of us, and he could sleep on the floor (I was lying saying that, I desperately wanted him to sleep in my bed with me).

We got in the elevator. I pressed the button (we were living on the seventh story). Suddenly the elevator stopped, I felt uneasy. The elevator had been often out of order recently. I was nervous and a bit sweat. Just thinking about the situation made me really hot. The guy I had so often been fantasizing about while taking shower and playing with my cock was locked in the elevator with me! It was driving me crazy.

He saw I was very excited and tried to calm me down by saying that it would be set right in several minutes. We sat down on the floor, chatting about different stuff. We weren’t looking at each other. I was shivering. It was rather cold and he offered me to take his warm jacket. I refused to accept the offer, but he was insistent and I had to give up. I covered my knees with the jacket. Actually I was hiding the bulge that was getting bigger in my pants.

He crept up closer to me, saying he really appreciated my help in math and wanted to know what he could do for me. His right hand lay on my left knee, his fingers were caressing my leg. I tried to move aside, but his other hand clutched at my right leg. He said he had noticed me watching him when we were in the shower. His face was some 10 inches away from mine. He leaned close. He kissed me on the chin. His tongue slipped in my mouth. We were French kissing. It was so hot!

He was sitting between my legs, kissing me, and licking my neck. He undid my shirt, kissing and biting my nipples. I was massaging his buttocks, our cocks felt each other though our pants. He said his dick would need some time and asked me if it was OK with me. I said it was OK, if he were nice to me too. He confessed he had never done IT before, and he wasn’t sure if he would be able to do IT at all, but he would definitely try.

He stood up. I unzipped his fly and took out his stem. It was very huge. I had only seen it flaccid before, but now it was hard. I began kissing and licking his balls. It was fantastic! I was kissing his blonde hair under the navel but never touched the shaft itself. I wanted to tease him a bit. He pulled off his pants and took off the shirt. It was impossible not to notice his muscle chest. I began exploring it with my tongue, getting up. When I reached the nipples they were already hard.

I was biting and pinching them for rather long time. He was moaning and pressing my face to his chest. He caught my tongue and kissed me deeply. His tongue was very tasty, I just couldn’t stop sucking it. He put me on the floor and got his hand under my jeans. He was caressing my butt, while I was fondling his nipples again, they were terrific. He got on his knees and unzipped my fly. He was rubbing his face against my pants, sucking the dick through them. In a while he looked at me and said something like:
-I don’t expect anyone else to do anything like this to me, but I hope you will.

I felt his lips on my prick. My prick is not very large but it’s more that of average size. I was floating in the waves of his caress. We got undressed. He got on his knees again. I felt my balls in his mouth. He used my own lubrication to massage my hole. It was so great that I asked him not to stop. He began entering my butt with his finger. However, I had no intentions to lose virginity in the elevator, I wanted it to happen in more romantic circumstances: I wanted to feel the guy inside me, but not here.

So, I asked him to stop. He looked at me in surprise, but then asked me to turn round and bend down. I expected him to get on his feet and start ramming my ass with his huge pecker, but instead, I felt some warm fondling round my virgin hole. I bent down lower and saw what he was doing. His face was hidden between my buttocks. His tongue was something special! His hands were caressing my buttocks, his tongue never stopped exploring my hole.

He lay on the back and asked me to sit on his face. His tongue was fondling my hole. I decided it was high time I made him feel good too. I bent down and … I was trying to make him feel good. I was caressing his testicles when the wave of orgasm made me cum right on his chest. I said I was sorry about that, he smiled at me and came too.

Then he spread his jacket on the floor and asked me to lie down on it and move my legs apart. He said it could hurt but if I relaxed it would be sheer bliss (and he was right!). He placed his huge stem at my hole (I was rather relaxed by that time). He began penetrating me. First, it really hurt, he gave me his t-shirt for me to muffle my cries and moaning, if necessary. He raised my legs and put them on his shoulders. His hands were still busy with my butt, stretching it. When he entered my hole he stopped all the frictions and kissed me. He was licking my neck, whispering how good it was inside me. He also said he wanted to suck my dick every time we were in shower, but he wasn’t sure if I was gay or straight. He also said he had a hard-on every time he saw my butt even if his girlfriend was with him. He said he wanted to take me, he had been jerking off every night, thinking about me.
Suddenly all his 8 inches rushed into me. I was trying to cry but his tongue didn’t let me do it. I wanted him to stop, but instead I seized his butt and pushed it for IT to get deeper inside me. I was still trying to cry out. In a couple of minutes I was no longer resistant, I enjoyed his every thrust, asking him not to stop. He said he’d noticed my looking at him and he wanted to fuck me since the first time he saw me. It was the last drop. I spurted cum on my chest. He took his shaft out of my hole and lubricated it with my juices. He entered me again. He said he loved drilling me and wasn’t even a bit tired. He was moving to and fro.
The elevator set into move, but he wasn’t going to stop. He was moving faster and faster. Suddenly I felt a hot stream erupting from his phallus. He fell down on me. The door opened. There was nobody in the hall. We grasped our clothes and ran out of the elevator. He asked me if he could stay in my room for the night. All I could say was: “SURE!!!”

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    hrell fuckin yes u can coe imto m room gv head u ain`t ever had

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