Wild night!

December 25th, 2007

When you are married to a military general your sexual life is a bit boring, cause all he’s thinking about is his regalia, what to do?

I got married when I just turned 18 and it was quite unexpected for me and my mom! I broke up with my boyfriend, but to be honest he left me indeed, we had been dating for 2 years and he gone when I was pregnant. He soon married another girl. I was in despair at first, thinking of suicide, but soon I met one wonderful man, he was military, and 10 years my elder. He talked me out of having an abortion, and we soon got married. He was a very good person; he knew how to support a family, a smart and loyal guy of 32, he turned out to be a good farther for my son. He loved me and kept saying I was the most beautiful woman all over. Now he is a general, he’s got 2 stars but I am in a dark about all these honors and sorts of military regalia. We had never had any rows and quarrels, for he was a good listener and I had no reason to be angry. However, despite all his positive qualities he had no that passion fascination that my ex, Alex used to have!

I always wanted to be expectant mother for the second time, I never used birth control devices but in vain, I didn’t know why but couldn’t become pregnant with my husband. May be because we had rare sex due to his service, and it was like a pleasant duty we had to fulfill, though without passion and flame! All my time I spent on doing my house and breeding my son Russell. My mom always helped about this, and lived with us.

When Russell grew up my husband put him to a West Point Academy, there he was supposed to be a stanch defender of Motherland to serve his country. My husband was very critical and over scrupulous about patriotism and points of honor. He hoped Russell would be making a very good and promising officer. At first time I missed him very much, I was walking down our empty house and every sound resembled me my Russell. I couldn’t find a place to stay and what to do, and I was out of my mind with worry for weeks.

But once walking down the street I dropped at in a jewelry shop, I noticed some man watching me closely; he was devouring me with his eyes. I though he might be a maniac, or a kind of that! He might think I was a woman of easy chastity, the type of these who always visit galleries, exhibitions or jewelry shops waiting to pick some rich tycoon up… standing at the glass case he asked me something, I replied, so we got into a conversation. His name was Andrew, he worked in a publish house. He suggested giving me a ride home and have a nice time together somewhere: it’s been a long time since I was invited for a cup of coffee. Or if I wouldn’t mind he could invite me home…

My sister always kept warning me against sudden and chance meetings, the town was itching with maniacs, brutes and a whole variety of inveterate rogues, but I gave all my trusts to this guy. Andrew persuaded me so much; he said I was safe with him etc… so, in the long run I agreed.

Andrew lived not far from the airport. It was green and nice place, but it was not quiet because sounds of planes, taking off and landing all the time resounded very well. However it was not trouble for moving out of this place. There was a garden over there with fruit trees. When we arrived there appeared one middle aged man, he was Andrew’s friend, and, as Andrew explained, he had just recently quarreled with his wife and now he stayed at Andrew’s for some time. At first I remained nervous and alerted, my guarded look observed the house expecting for somebody else… but soon, their kind and warm words, their friendly attitude and easy going nature relieved the tension and gradually I was laughing on some of Alexander’s jokes. I plunged into warm, easy and pleasant atmosphere of ease and freedom. Of course there was soft music, drinks, and I allowed myself drinking more cognac tan I could expect.

When Andrew asked me to follow him upstairs I didn’t have doubts or reservations. Nobody told me so many kind and sweet words ever, he was admiring me like an ancient poet…. And in the end of this verbal storm, no sooner had I realized a shock, he started kissing me vehemently, his deft fingers removed me cloth one by one.

Then, it was like a tale, like a dream. It seemed Andrew covered whole my body, all my cells with kisses. And when he nursed to the most precious piece of my body caressing it with his tongue and deepening it inside of me, I just lost my mind and backed out for some seconds. I was diving into waves of pleasure, swimming in the sea of bliss until streaming storm, sweet and strong as a thunderbolt flitted across her body. I couldn’t keep of crying out loudly!

But this was juts the beginning. Having owned me, Andrew changed positions often: missionary, dog style 69 or cow, his words and passionate exclaims resounded in my ears like some magic music. I was dying under this brilliant firework of caress and after a while I received so mighty orgasm that I just fell down on the bed breathing heavily and stretching my arms and legs. Andrew started kissing me thankfully. When his friend, Alexander joined us it didn’t confuse me at all. They both turned into one huge many armed, many legged creature, tireless and ubiquitous. This feeling grew up stronger when they called by phone of their friends, Marko. We paused, ate and drank some to fortify ourselves, and then got back to the bed. Now we are foursome and even in my dirtiest dreams I couldn’t dare dreaming of having sex with 3 men! This gangbang was new experience in my life and you would never imagine what a woman might feel in hugs f 3 horny studs. Marko settled onto me so that he fat cock appeared on my face level. He didn’t rush, just rubbing his cock against my cheeks and lips; soon he started pushing it in my mouth. To be honest I had never had oral sex with my husband and never gave him blowjob because I thought it was dirty though he asked me about it for several times. But now I couldn’t refuse this guy. Men kept turning me this way and that, making me come over and over again. We stopped only 3 times for whole night: to have rest, have a shower and toss off a glass, then getting back to the bed again. I was moaning, crying, and uttering scalds… in the end they covered me with loads of cum; I gathered it all and swallowed.

We fell asleep in 5 am in the morning. When we woke up Andrew took me back home. They gave me their phone numbers and made me give a promise I would visit them often. It took me very log to get over what happened last night.

Perhaps I am a lascivious woman, because to tell the truth it was one my sweetest night ever. It was like a sing from above because the month after I found out I was pregnant. Miracle, I had been waiting for so long, had occurred. I was gonna be a mom and always pondered of which of them was his father. I thought it was Marko, he fucked me very hard….

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9 Responses to “Wild night!”

  1. Good story Says:

    Gud story

  2. Mathias Says:

    These military wives are so cheating sluts! They cheat on their husbands while they serve in Iraq and Afghanistan! as for my neighbor, when he found out his wife was fucking with his friend, it was like a shock for poor chap!

  3. said macho Says:

    Rocky woman! i love sluts!!!! they are so rocky and hard, it doesn’t take you much time to make them suck on you….

  4. Rajesh Says:

    gr8.. hope u hv some more of it.. m sure u will some more people happy ..

  5. Dayrren Says:

    This motherfucking slut’s got to be punished in a good way! She should be banged in all her fucking holes! She cheated on her husband while he was brining home the beacon! Fucking sluts, you’ll regret I promise you!

  6. Kyle Says:

    This story is very, very discraceful. Your poor husband.

  7. chris Says:

    a two star at 32 this would never happen

  8. cesy Says:

    I think its a kool story I can wait 2 have one just like u

  9. Rush Says:

    I cant wait to fuck ur pussy

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