Wedding celebration

February 24th, 2009

The wedding is in full swing and suddenly the bride disappears, can a bridegroom guess that while he is looking for her, she’s sucking on another man’s cock!

I had no desire to attend this event. I had plenty of work to do and wasn’t interested in the occasion as the couple was really strange: he was 60 and she was 30. She – is my wife’s ex-neighbor, Samantha. My spouse, Rebecca had seen her last when she was still at the university and once came to visit her parents on vacation. Then the girls parted. Samantha married and left for New York. A bit later she divorced. But her parents moved away and Rebecca lost contacts with the girl.

And two weeks ago in one of the boutiques a tall, slim and rather pretty woman exclaimed
“Rebecca!!!” and started embracing my wife: “Do you recognize me?! Do you remember..?!”

Rebecca introduced her friend to me. We exchanged a couple of meaningless phrases and I left feeling really vexed by the fact we had to put off the buying of a present for my wife. Two women decided to celebrate their meeting in a café.

Rebecca returned home late at night, red from the wine they had drunk and very happy:

- Did you see how beautiful she is? And her husband is a real bastard! – My wife was delighted.

I was angry by the fact dinner wasn’t prepared and replied curtly that I hadn’t noticed how beautiful she was. But Rebecca was full of emotions and it was hard to stop her. She was cooking dinner and talking.

- She is lucky and such a beauty! She arrived only yesterday! Can you imagine, she’s met a nice man on her vacation, he lives near here, and he proposed to her! They’ll marry in 9 days! So, we’ll be neighbors! By the way, we’re invited, and I’m going to be a bridesmaid! She was lucky to meet us here as she knows no one in the city!

The news didn’t make me happy at all. I had plenty of work to do and we were lack of finances… And now she told me she was going to be a bridesmaid… It meant I had to buy her a new dress which had to be very good as she was not an ordinary guest! And the present had to be expensive as well. Very nice!..

And here we were at the wedding. A “nice” man was a bald-headed but rather hunky 60-year-old fogy, very happy about his young bride. However, he liked looking at other women, especially my wife.

Rebecca looked wonderful in a dark-blue dress with a long slit on the thigh. At the end of the slit there was a brooch in a shape of a leaf. She had just stockings under the gown, and this fact made me extremely excited. (I like her wearing garments with no lingerie on. Her figure is fantastic!) When Rebecca made a big step the band of her stocking was seen in the slit.

I admired my wife greatly. Actually she was the only one to admire here. All the guests were like the bridegroom – rather old people with their old wives. I wondered why they hadn’t taken their lovers with them. My wife was with the bride and her husband-to-be, while I had to sit between two old ladies who commented everything and everybody.

By the way, those comments were very flattering about my spouse and, on the contrary, rather unpleasant about the bride and the bridegroom. Something like:
“He’s and old dolt… Where has he picked this bitch up? She will use him, then bury and take all his money! Look what she’s wearing! She’s nearly naked! (bare shoulders, bare back covered with just a lacing of the corset, breast exposed almost up to the nipples and transparent insets on the sides of the dress – I think Sam looked very tempting in this attire, but ladies had their own opinion of course!)… The bridesmaid looks very modest. Look her gown is very nice, the slit is long of course but it’s Ok… (by the way, both of the ladies sitting near me had deep décolletés and long slits despite the huge amount of cellulite on their legs. If they knew that Rebecca had no panties on I don’t even know what they would say! ).”

Women didn’t know who I was and kept on discussing the newlyweds and my wife. And I had to listen to all that nonsense having no opportunity even to drink without being noticed. I didn’t want to be discussed by the women sitting on both sides from me.

I had driven my wife to the ceremony much earlier and left for work. I even missed the marriage registration. When I arrived at the restaurant the celebration had already begun and I wasn’t introduced to anyone. Even the bridegroom didn’t know me, we had had no time to meet. I knew no one here, though some of the faces were familiar to me, we used to meet at conferences and presentations, but I didn’t know their names. No one even to talk to!

All I could do was to serve the women, pour wine and give them snacks. I couldn’t wait until this celebration was over. Nothing interesting! What if my wife, the bride and I hid somewhere to make the evening more interesting for both the guests and us? Mmm, the idea was good. I decided to act.

At that moment the toastmaster invited everyone to the dance floor. I knew the restaurant very well. There was a small room where the cleaner changed her clothes. The first small room was filled with mops and other cleaning stuff and a bit further in the corner was a door that was very unnoticeable. The door led to that very room I’ve told you already. You can hardly see it in the light but if someone unscrewed the bulb… You understand me I think…

I winked at my wife and pointed at the dancing newlyweds with my eyes. She understood me. We’ve practiced this a few times before and the result was always good – everyone rushed to search for the bride and the evening got more interesting at once!

So, I went to the dancing floor and waited until the couple was close to the exit to the back rooms. My wife was dancing with the best man near the couple of the day. I approached to the newlyweds:

- May I?! – And I took the bride from the bridegroom easily.

The man was puff and pant from the dance and didn’t even notice who had asked his partner for a dance. At this moment Rebecca left her partner as well and pulled the bride to the back room having whispered something into her ear.

I was standing with my arms apart as if wondering what had just happened but in reality I was doing my best to delay the bridegroom and other guests for a couple of seconds. Usually four or five second were enough to hide the bride but this time if we took into account the age of the most of the guests about ten seconds passed when everybody understood that the bride had disappeared. You really cannot imagine what was going on!!!!

- The bride’s disappeared!!!

- Where is my wife??? Has anyone seen my wife???

Fortunately no one decided that the girl had escaped or something. They understood it was just a joke when the toastmaster, who I’d warned before, explained that the idea was to find the bride and then get the reward from the bridegroom. It was so unusual and interesting that everyone rushed to search for Samantha.

In all this fuss no one paid attention to me. I took an opened bottle of champagne, three glasses and an orange and went out of the restaurant. I knew there was another entrance to the back rooms.

Rebecca had already turned off the light inside (good girl!) but, just in case, I unscrewed the bulb and entered the small room. The girls were sitting in silence and darkness.

By the time the first man looked inside the room with cleaning stuff (we heard that because I put a mop before the door to let us know when someone approached) my girls had drunk a glass of champagne each. When they heard the noise of the mop falling down they started laughing quietly and I was afraid they could spoil everything.

There was an armchair in the room where Samantha was sitting and a chair which was old enough and squeaking each time Rebecca was moving (she was sitting on it). I decided to sit down on the armrest of the armchair to prevent myself from spotting the women’s dresses with the orange. Standing was not comfortable as well.

- You’re so good! – Sam was a bit tipsy and clearly glad about the little adventure. – I thought I would die from boredom there!

- Sure, all you want now is to go to bed with your new hubby! The wedding night!!! – Rebecca was drunk too and both of the girls were laughing.

I poured them some more champagne and started thinking about something while they were exchanging the reminiscences. My reflection was stopped by my wife’s question:

- Does he have an erection?

- Well, Becca, how to say… – The tipsy girls didn’t feel embarrassed of my presence, – He needs sex just once a week and likes it more when I jerk him off.

- Then, why do you need him?! Don’t you want to fuck?

- He’s ready to do everything for me. He said I don’t have to work as he‘s got enough money for both of us. Have you seen my dress? He’s ordered it from France. It costs a fortune! I’d like to live a normal life! As for sex… Of course I want sex, I love it. But nowadays there are so many sex toys and I can use my hands very well! – The friend started laughing again. – haven’t you tried satisfying yourself?

- I have, but sex with a man is much better! – Rebecca’s hand lay on my fly in the darkness. She was obviously getting excited by these conversations.

- It depends on the man!

- With such a hubby you’ll die from boredom and dissatisfaction. Visit us sometimes… – Rebecca’s offer sounded more than ambiguous but Samantha accepted the game:

- With my toys?! – And they laughed again.

My cock was in Rebecca’s hand. She was squeezing my hard stem. She was excited and her laughter was a bit hoarse. I was sitting still being afraid Sam could understand that something was going on in the darkness. The situation was fascinating. My wife was kneading my cock in a half meter from Samantha’s face. I could feel the warmth of Sam’s shoulder and breast through the fabric of my pants and this was making me even more aroused. Rebecca bent her head and I felt the wetness of her mouth on my shaft.

She sucked me for some time in silence swallowing the stem deeper and deeper. Samantha seemed to slowly realize what was going on and why her friend wasn’t talking anymore and was breathing so fast. Besides, she could feel my thigh twitching rhythmically.

She put the glass on the floor, we all heard the clinking sound it made, and stretched her hand over me wishing to check her guess. She was doing that carefully trying to be unnoticed by us but I knew what she was up to as her shoulder moved a bit away from me but her breast pressed more. Rebecca also felt her friend’s motion and as soon as her hand was close to my wife Rebecca took it and pressed to my shaft. She squeezed the hand and kept on jacking off my phallus rhythmically. For some time they did that together. Samantha’s breathing became faster.

My wife released her hand but Sam’s hand was still on me jerking the cock. Rebecca was too much excited and it was difficult to stop her at that moment. She pressed her friend’s head to my dick saying:

- Suck him, bitch! – And suddenly I felt the bride’s hot breathing on my head.

She sucked quite differently if compared to my wife. Her lips embraced my cock tightly taking all the length of my cock inside her mouth until her nose pressed to my pubis, then she moved back. Rebecca was assisting her working on the phallus when Sam removed her head occasionally.

I put my hand under the corset of the wedding dress and squeezed Samantha’s boob. It was a sweet torture for me. They changed each other. When Rebecca felt I was on the verge of cumming she allowed her friend to gulp my first spurt. But when she realized Sam wanted to drink everything, she took my cock away from her and licked it. Then Rebecca kissed her friend’s lips and said hoarsely:

- Is there any champagne left? I want to drink brotherhood with you!

I poured the remains of champagne into the glasses. We crossed our hands in the darkness and I kissed both of the women embracing their thighs. They smelled of champagne and semen. Then they wiped their gowns giggling as some of the sperm spotted the gowns. Sam suddenly uttered:

- Don’t tell anybody!

And we all together said in one voice:

- We didn’t see anything! – And the women started laughing again.
Their loud laughter attracted attention of those who wanted to get the reward promised for finding the bride.

- They are here! – We heard the sound of the door next to ours opening.

Rebecca touched me in the darkness and I understood it was better to hide. I sat behind the armchair. When someone screwed the bulb in, the bridegroom entered the room.

- Here you are, my dear! Tell me what you’ve been doing here?! – He kissed his wife (didn’t he feel the smell of semen???) and embracing Sam and Rebecca went out of the small room leaving me there alone…

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  1. cougar 307 Says:

    what a wedding,I,m next

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    Should of pissed her g-string and her hairy pussy

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