The Teacher’s Pet. Part 1

February 10th, 2009

Our author THOMAS HUGH has sent us a story, which I am sure you are going to love! The horny teacher needs male’s attention, since her husband is on his official mission away from his home country, the teacher’s pussy is leaking and she decides to try her luck with one of her cocky student….

We extend our thanks to the author THOMAS HUGH.

- Is everything clear? Any more questions?

- No, miss. Your explanations made me understand the lesson very well.

- Good. Remember to do the homework.Test your knowledge by doing Exercises 3,5 and Come here next time on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. sharp.

- Yes, miss. Do you have any household chores that need my help?

- No, thanks.Not for today. You can go now.

- See you on Saturday, miss. Good-bye.

Laura is a teacher of physics. She graduated long ago and is now in her late thirties – a buxomy, sexy woman with fine deportment. Tony is her pet high school student, not owing to his school results since he is a repeater and is now 19 years old, the tallest and oldest boy in her class. But probably because he looks like a young sportsman rather handsome with broad shoulders and large pectorals. He is mild-mannered,friendly and helpful and is loved by all his classmates. To help him upgrade his school results, Laura regularly tutors him in maths and physics once or twice a week. As a token of gratitude, Tony often helps her doing occasional, small domestic repairs.

Laura had a bad night on that day. Her pupil’s athletic body harassingly appeared in her mind It evokes a sexual vigour very attractive to her. Several months ago, she couldn’t have sex with her husband because he was working in an embassy abroad. He regularly sent her money to buy everything she liked: jewellery, tonics and fashionable clothes but… what’s the good of luxury articles when life was devoid of sexual pleasure? This led her to planning a risky adventure when Tony came to a tutorial lesson next Saturday.

There was a knock at the door. It was Tony who was always punctual. She told him to come in and, still lying in bed,she ordered him to hang a sign in the outside and bolt the door after him.The sign read: ” No disturbance during siesta.” Tony was a bit surprised to see his woman teacher in silk pyjamas without a bra in her wooden bed.

- What’s the matter with you, miss? Are you unwell? Do you need me to buy some meds?

- No, Tony. I just want to have a relaxing time because I’ve got an acute pain in the back.

- Oh, my gym teacher has taught me some simple techniques of Shiatsu to exert pressure on the sacrum vital points and the buttocks. I think this could give relief to your back pain. Would you like to experiment it?

- Yes, of course. Do it for me, Tony.

- But… would you mind remove your pants and let me ride on both sides of your hips?
No problem, but give me that blanket first!

- Laura used it to cover the lower part of her body while she was stripping her pyjamas bottoms. Then she lay on her belly, removed the blanket and allowed her pet student to massage her.

The sight of his teacher’s large and ivory-white buttocks turned Tony on,hard as a rock. He obediently rode on her fleshy thighs to apply Shiatsu therapy, avoiding to rub his genitals against the deep cleft between his teacher’s buttocks but it was in vain. The bulge inside his pants was growing harder and bigger due to his first contact with the real flesh of a nude woman, the scent of Laura’s passionate perfume, the undescribable smell emanating from her vulva and mainly because of his forceful Shiatsu pressing and kneading Laura’s butt.

Still mad with sexual arousal, he asked:

- Are you feeling better, miss?

- O yes, yes. Keep on massaging.

In fact, Laura got herself extremely horny during the Shiatsu acupressure. The erotic touch and pressure of a virgin young man on her sacrum and her ass, particularly the contact with Tony’s long and erect baton inside his pants put her excessively on heat. Her large lips began to swell and her cunt was soon wet with love juice. Quite instinctively, she bounced her bottom up and down, in complete concord with Tony’s pinching her moon.

That’ll do, she told him to stop. Throw me the blanket, my dear boy.
At this, she sat up, using the sheet to cover her stretchd legs and nude groin. Then, leaning her back against the bedstead, she told him:

Your skillful massaging technique shows that you are a well trained young sportsman. Could you show me your muscular body?

- Yes, miss. It’s nothing easier.

So saying, Tony instantly stripped off his clothes to expose his athletic figure except his stubborn bazooka that was standing straight out like a mast in his briefs. He felt a little ashamed of it, yet his teacher conversely exclaimed in admiration:

Oh! You’re truly a bodybuilder, quite handsome. By the way, in your opinion, am I losing my looks?

Not in the least, miss! You look much younger than your age with beautiful woman’s curves. All the female teachers in our school envy your gorgeous boobs.

- Really? Do you want to see them?

Instantly, Laura unclothed her topless pyjama jacket and provokingly showed her bouncers to her pupil while she was sitting in bed.

Ooh! Fantastic! The student cried out with joy. Guessing his teacher’s lustful desire, he threw himself into her bosom, frantically stammering:

- Oh,miss! Let me admire your charms, I implore you!

As a reply, Laura stroked his hair affectionately and, voluptuously and vigorously she pressed his head close to her ample cleavage. Cock-happy with this, Tony set to stimulate his mature teacher’s big breasts. Cupping his left hand on her left breast, he fondled her right breast amorously in a circular motion while moaning gently in a dreamy voice :

- My goodness! How sweet is rolling my face over your titties, miss.

He sniffed all over her perfumed breasts,licked her hardened and swollen tips and sucked them deliciously with a noisy sound like a baby. Tony’s boyish sexual behaviour put Laura’s lascive feelings on edge. She gently raised his head, drew him near her face and stuck her lips on his to give him a French kiss. While their tongues intertwined, Tony kept on caressing and kneading her ninny-jugs with a growing intensity. Mistress and pupil were now locked in a prolonged sexual embrace.
Suddenly, she pushed him away and asked jokingly:

What’s bulging in your briefs, Tony? Come nearer to my bed. Can you show it to me?

The high school student was more than happy to obey. He briskily exposed his swinging and dangling erect cock.

Shamelessly, Laura grabbed it, cuddled it with her rammy hand while incessantly praising its length, and size, and hardness and thick pubic hair. Holding his scrotum in the palm of one hand, she maliciously tickled his balls, stroked the shaft of his dick and even stooped down to give a quick peck on Tony’s glans penis. (to be continued)

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