The Arabian nights

January 26th, 2008

A vacation in Egypt could leave you with long-lasting memories, the only condition is – you gotta be open-minded and take it all easy…

Last year I and my wife went to Egypt for the first time. The tour operator advised us the five-star hotel in the city called Charm el Sheikh. For the first few days we did nothing but enjoyed the beautiful waters of the Red sea.

It was incredible how my wife looked like one of the Egyptian TV stars. She was singing and dancing on the TV screen 24/7. Well, my wife is a pretty woman. She’s 6 foot tall burning brunette with deep green eyes. She’s got D-cup size boobs, thin waist and a delicious ass.

Her name turned out to be symbolical to the Egyptians. Natasha- just like in Turkey they call all the Russian girls… so I tried not to call her by her name. I called her darling, honey and all that.

After we got enough of sunbathing, swimming and making love we decided to go down to the Old City for shopping. There is a huge market to buy all kinds of spices, souvenirs and clothes of course. That day, my wife was wearing a long skirt with a huge cut on the side, kind of conservative but actually calling, to be honest. And on top she had a long-sleeve see-through blouse…

Down at the market Natasha created a furor…Those bold and annoying sales-men were smiling to us, telling me I had a beautiful wife and was a lucky man. They were telling her a bunch of compliments, even in Russian, offering us to go in to the every shop that was there.

I took a camera like any other tourist and using the opportunity of my “popular” wife we took lots of fun pictures. I would dress as a bedouin, than Natasha would try on some local dress. Those locals would also ask to take a picture with my wife on their cameras, saying she really did look like that celebrity.

When I was taking pictures of those guys with my wife I noticed they put their dirty hands on her. As if they were joking they would sneak in their nasty hands on her ass or her tits. At first, my wife was getting pissed off, but we both understood that this was how the local guys were. They don’t know how to behave themselves around women like my Natasha. They were hungry and horny.

In one of the shops Nat liked one Arabian dress, which reminded the fairy tale “The thousand and One nights”. Such a caring sales man pulled the dress on my wife above her clothes. Oh, he was so nice, he didn’t forget to check out my wife and put his dirty lil hands on her.

The dress looked weird on top of her clothes. It bristled and we weren’t sure if it fitted her or not. As soon as Nat said she would probably prefer to take off her clothes to make sure it fits her, the sales-man closed down his counter so that no one embarrasses her.

In a minute his assistant came out from the backdoor and offered me to follow him in the waiting room. He brought me cold tea and hookah. It tasted nice and soon I felt chilled in the desert atmosphere… I didn’t notice, but when I looked on my watch, I realized, it had been 15-20 minutes since Nat was changing.

My head started spinning around and I felt a bit high. Natasha came out… in a shamelessly tight belly dancer’s dress. It was at least two sizes smaller than she needed. The sales-man bewailed to give her a different size. My wife was pissed off…

- “I’m fuckin sick of ‘em! I put on like fifty different dresses! I don’t like any of them! I didn’t even want to try them on!”

Those guys understood we were getting really annoyed and asked me to take a picture of them with my wife. They promised to give her a really nice present afterwards.

To finish up their stupidity I took like three photos of them with my wife. They put their arms around my Natasha like she was the only woman they’ve ever seen in their lives. On one of the photos the guy even put Nat sitting on his lap and his hands were on her hips…

After the “photo-session” she put on her blouse and was about to put on her skirt but the sales-man came out with bunch of jeans-shorts.

- “And here is your present, mam, as I promised…”

And this is when her eyes lit up…

- “Are you sure, you want this present, or do you prefer a carpet?”

- “No, no I’ll take the shorts! …We should have started with those!”

My wife started rummaging in the pile of shorts. She said they were really cool.

- “Ok, mam, take all the ones you like and follow me… follow me to the corner, there’s a mirror…”

The sales-man and my wife disappeared behind the curtain. I could see her legs…she was bringing them up and down. The rest was done by the sales-man… he put the shorts on, and took them off; he zipped them up and held the mirror.

It started all over again and I took out a cigarette. By chance, I noticed the big mirror in front of my wife. In the reflection I saw clearly the sales-man. He moved my wife’s panties… he stuck his finger inside her puss and started finger-fucking her… and Nat didn’t even resist…instead…she slowly moved her ass in time with his finger. She put her hands on her knees and bent over.

I felt lost and lit up a second cigarette. I couldn’t handle that anymore and yelled:

- “Are you coming out?”

- “Yeah, just a sec!”

She pushed him away, fixed her panties, put on her clothes and came out with those fuckin shorts in her hands.

Natasha didn’t say anything, and I decided to wait and see if she had enough balls to tell me. I was tired and didn’t want to get in a fight with her.

We went to some tiny restaurant, had some food, got booze and smocked apple hookah…I don’t know why, but in Egypt I always feel kinda high…that everlasting smell of hookah, the lounge settings give me the feeling of intoxication and fancifulness.

In the restaurant I started getting turned on. I was thinking over and over again about the shit that happened in that shop…some cheap shop. That dirty sales-man was grabbing my wife and in fact finger-fucked her right on my eyes…

I would never expect such a thing from my wife. She is very well mannered and sophisticated woman…she would never do such a thing back in Russia, nor in the US. But here, in Egypt everything felt different…

It was getting dark and I thought we were done with shopping, but it turned out the market worked until midnight! Although, both of us got pretty tired, Nat convinced me to go by two or three more shops so she finishes up with the souvenirs for our friends.

The first shop we went to was closed, but the lights were on. As soon as we started walking away the guy, the owner of the shop called us back and offered to go in for the evening sale. We went in…

We understood why the shop was closed…There were four guys sitting on the sofa and one girl…A very young girl; I presume she was about 19. She was naked and got really embarrassed when we came in. Her eyes looked drunk…she said:

- “Ok, I gotta go. You took enough pictures of me. Give me back my clothes…”

- “Shut up. Stay where you are!” said one of the arabs.

They were grabbing the girl and kissing her body parts. We got freaked out and started leaving. I turned my head for the last time and she was forced to stand on her fours. The guy locked the door after us.

I was shocked by what I saw! But my wife had that lustful smile…she said:

- “Well, well, well… this city is the city of contrasts!”

The next entrance to the market was leading to three different directions. I went to the right for the souvenir shops and Natasha went to the left to the spice market. She wanted to buy that famous saffron.

I bought the stuff that I liked and went looking for my wife. I saw her in one of the shops flirting with the sales-man. Again! What happened to her? It was a tall black guy who was showing her the spices and taking his fingers to her nose for her to smell them.

I decided it would be better if she didn’t know I was watching. I wanted to get her caught! The African whispered something in her ear and they disappeared inside the counter. As I found out later on they sat down on the pillows and smoked opium.

I came closer but she didn’t pay attention at me…she was totally into the conversation with the guy. He got her tea and sweets. I heard her telling him she was waiting for me-her husband. He said, he would love to meet the lucky man and that made her flattered.

Whilst, he was feeding my wife fruits and sweets. He was putting the delight on her lips with his fingers. She seemed to like it a lot. One more time and he put his finger inside her mouth…

She started licking and sucking his fingers. One by one. She said they tasted nice. Bitch! The guy told her to hold on, he closed the door and turned the doorplate from “open” to “closed”…

Oh, I didn’t know what to feel! I took out the video camera and started filming them through the glass window.

I don’t know why but for the first time in my life I felt that crazy turn on. I desired to see my wife getting screwed by that African! In a minute or two I quit filming and decided to go back to the first shop, where we saw the young girl.

I wanted to get revenge, the sweet revenge and picked up that drunken girl when she was walking out from the shop. I took her to our hotel room and took advantage of her…all I wanted was my wife to come in and see me with that girl…

I and my wife are going to Egypt again for the summer vacation. We fell in love with those Arabian nights…

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