Pamella’s sudden fuck!

February 24th, 2009

This guy is an ordinary worker employed by a nasty, rich bitch, she is really arrogant, but things will change when she sees his huge cock…

Oscar, a young well built and well hung stud had been working all day outdoors and the heat really was getting to him, so he went inside to grab a glass of water or something to drink. He was hired to do gardening work into the house of some divorced rich bitch, she didn’t work, but lived on the revenue of her big estate in Miami rent. She paid him really good, so he had no reasons to be disappointed about this new job.

When he got inside he could hear moaning, he immediately knew what it was and he crept closer to the door. There he could hear a gentle buzzing and Pamella saying something… it was a stiffened voice, so eh could swear there was something happening! This was getting him hot just behind the door and he leaned in closer …He was getting hard! It was time to make his move.

Pamella had been teasing herself with the huge red plastic vibrator when she heard a noise, but she was so far to even care who that was, she closed her eyes and kept up her rhythm fucking that fake cock in and out. When suddenly a man was stood in the door way watching her, Pamella topped and pulled the bed sheet over her self with embarrassment:

“What are you doing?” she cried: “Get the fuck out!”

Oscar looked at her red face and walked over to the bed, Pamella looked at him and told him to get out for the second time, but he knew that Pamella needed more than what she had just been giving herself recently! Oscar approached the bed where Pamella was lying and pulled away the bed sheet that she had covered herself with! Pamella lay there wanting to pull the bed sheet back over her, but couldn’t. She knew she wanted him, so she lay there naked Oscar kneeled down at the side of the bed Pamella’s breathing got heavier when he crawled onto the bed. He then opened Pamella’s legs and threw that vibrator onto the floor, saying:

“You don’t need that now!”

Oscar was now between Pamella’s legs, he ran his hands up towards her now wet pussy and started gently stroking her clit! Pamella gripped the bed sheet and told him to stop…

…But wanting him in her mind to carry on, and Oscar knew that! Well, he knew all the nasty features of these rich lonely cock craved sluts! Their rich and powerful hubbies were always busy at work, making much money, and leaving their sex obsessed wives wanting more cocks! Then Oscar eased his finger into her wet tight pussy, Pamella let out a moan! Oscar had a slight smile on his face when he pulled his finger out of her and then pushed it back inside! He could feel his cock throbbing; he turned to Pamella and asked her to tell him how her pussy felt. She replied it was all wet hot and aching. Oscar turned to her and said:

“You see, isn’t this much better than doing it yourself?” Pamella replied:

“Oh, God! Give it to me! yes!”

Oscar then leaned his head between her legs Pamella stopped him and said:

“What the hell are you going to do, what are you doing, Oscar?” he just said:

“Don’t worry, you will enjoy this, just relax!”

Pamella moved her hand away and allowed him to carry on, suddenly she felt something warm and wet on her pussy: it was Oscar’s tong licking and teasing her clit! Pamella was in ecstasy, she could feel her body tensing. Oscar knew what was going to happen and said to Pamella that he really did want to drink all of her juices, that made Pamella moan lifting her back up from the bed. With that this 30 year old slut let it go, Oscar inserted his tongue into her wet pussy and she came. He was drinking her. Oscar then lifted up his head from between Pamella’s legs and undid his panties from her legs. His cock was hard and throbbing, all he could think about was putting it inside her. Pamella looked at the King’s size of his manhood and felt a bit scared, because this cock was much bigger and pulsating than her vibrator! She had never seen anything so big before, Oscar looked at her and knew she was feeling a bit intimidated by his dick! So he said:

“Don’t worry. I will put it in a bit, so that you can feel it gradually!”

Pamella just gulped when she felt the tip going in. Oscar lifted her legs up and spread them apart as far as they would go then eased his hard cock into her tight wet pussy Pamella moaned with each push then Oscar said to her to take a deep breath, Pamella looked at him slightly confused and then he pushed the rest of his cock inside her! Pamella let out a loud moan! Oscar watched as his big cock went in and out of her, getting more turned on. The gardener put her legs down and moved his hand onto her pussy, rubbing her clit with his finger! Pamella was riding all over the bed, her pussy was dripping wet, and she was going to cum.

Oscar could feel it also. He could feel his balls building up a big load of hot cum! So he kept on thrusting faster and faster! Pamella let out one final moan and she gripped the bed covers, and then released her juices all over his cock! Oscar felt it warming over his cock just as he came! He slowed down his finger working up on her clit and then moved his hand away! Pamella lay there on the bed when he pulled out of her and splashed his messy white cum all over her! Sperm was loading all over her snatch, belly, breast and even her chin! But before he got off the bed he put his head between her legs and kissed her throbbing pussy! Pamella twitched with every kiss, still overwhelmed by her orgasm, and then Oscar got dressed and headed back out to finish his gardening! Pamella just lay there not believing what she had just done with her gardener!

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4 Responses to “Pamella’s sudden fuck!”

  1. BIGVAN17 Says:

    I dated a couple of cute gals in High School many years ago named ‘Pamela’ – neither was close to being a HOTT & SEXY as your ‘Pamella’! Please Write us many more Lusty Stories!!!

  2. cougar 307 Says:

    eeven the high society needs it more

  3. Tommy Says:

    Pamela please can you help and connect me with a lonely and sex-starved house wife. My email is [email protected]

  4. chris Says:

    pamela if you like young guys fuck me hard and harder and ill come all over you

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