My wife’s personal diary!

April 9th, 2009

Imagine you find your wife’s diary, you can read about her experiences and secret desires, you can read about the things that she kept sacred and only to herself, but what if you find the stories of her sexual adventures? Can you read and imagine that someone is fucking your wife?

One evening, my wife Fabianna left me to go out to the night club with her girlfriends. It was a loud always noisy company of slut-looking babes, some were married, others – single. I had always considered her girlfriends as real whores, because they seemed to me vulgar and frivolous. Anyway, I was home alone for a few hours, I watched some late TV, and then I went upstairs to wash up. I entered the bath room and shut the door. Looking for some soap, I bent down to rummage in the cupboard. What I found in there really surprised me. It was a diary book. I picked it up – it was my wife’s diary from when she was in high school up to the present. I was so excited and shocked to find such a nice proof of my wife’s privacy that got to reading it immediately.

I started to read it, it talked about the first time having sex with her boyfriend when she was 18. Hmm, well, she started her sexual life just in time with law. It says that my wife was a law-abiding citizen at that time. I grinned. It talked about the first time she had sex when she was 19, and I was 21 at that time. Then it went on with some insignificant details of her life, then the subject continued a few years further, and each page was opening a new step of her adult life. Finally I got what I had been looking forward to! The diary talked about a man named Phillip who was her teacher in college. It talked about her going to his house and having a long dinner, and how he unbuttoned her blouse and felt her breasts! Damn, my wife’s breast was large now and it was big at the time we started to date, so no wonder that this teacher was in for nursing her tits! She described very graphically that she unzipped his pants and started to suck his large uncut cock. Uncut – this word wouldn’t leave my mind. They then moved to his bedroom, where he climbed on top of her and fucked her missionary (actually, it was not the most favorite of my wife’s positions, she mostly preferred some doggie). Then she described how good it felt in comparison to me! Fucking bitch!

We were dating at this time and I was fucking her quite often, and she used t tell me how horny she got to be fucked by me! I was getting hard as I continued reading this diary. She described how she had her first G-spot orgasm. Well, to me it was something really new. I had no idea that my fucking wife would be getting G orgasms. But to be honest, I had never been keen about this most sensual spots of female’s body. Anyway, he then pulled his cock out of her pussy and spewed a huge load all over her tits, with spurts of cum hitting her face! She described how she the licked his cock, sucking it clean, and how she and him French kissed with his hot cum still on her face! She described almost every single detail of this short episode. She said that Phillip’s cum tasted really good and she would die for getting another doze of his “sweet nectar”.

As I continued to read, she would describe how she missed fucking Phillip! About a year later the same scene repeated again. She got his address, and 3 pages consecutive described in detail every step and move of my wife. She dropped in at his place and he opened the door. It said how they started French kiss. They went back to his bedroom, where they undressed. She described how she sucked his cock while he licked her pussy, and how wet she was. Well, she always loved 69 position, and was hot about getting her pussy licked. She then rode his cock very fast. She then described her pulling his cock out of her pussy and jerking it off all over her face. Again she described how great it felt to have a man cum so much on her face and mouth. She narrated that what a great pleasure it was to feel his own cum on her lips, that he was so sexually versed and experienced. I was not sure if I should be mad or horny.
I continued to read, and she continued to fill her diary with how badly she wanted to fuck him! That was getting so interesting, I couldn’t stop. About a year later she had another diary paragraph. I definitely remember that at this period of time we were engaged. She again got back to his house, and this time she said she was aggressive with him, taking his clothes off and telling him to suck her tits while she stroked his cock. She then proceeded with dropping one hr knees and sucking that fat cock off until it was ready to blow. Only then she got to fucking it with all her worth! She then jumped on his cock, she described how huge he felt. She then came of his cock and jerked him off until he came all over her tits. Again, she sucked his cock clean, not missing a single drop of his “tasty cum”.
It was now 3 am when I finished reading the diary and my wife came home. I immediately grabbed her and started to strip her clothes off. Then I grabbed her by hair, got her on her knees and started mouth fucking her. I would go deep throat, with sticky traces of her saliva on my cock. Then I put my cock in her pussy. I was thrusting very hard as she started to cum. We often talk dirty when we fuck, and I asked her if she had ever fucked another man! Not to my surprise, she said she had, that she fucked a man named Phillip! I asked her what he did to her, and she said that he fucked her hard and his cum was huge, and he used to cum all over her sluttish face. As she told me this, I pulled out my cock and jerked off my cum shot onto her face, coating her beautiful features with clammy loads of my enormous cum doze! Only then, after I was done, I proceeded to kiss my own cum from her face.
After that session I told her that I read her diary, I told her that I was not sure what to feel, but that it really made me feel horny about her being fucked by another man.

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    I would like to cum down her throat, and fuck her hard.

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