December 31st, 2008

Sometimes you don’t know many things about your wife, but sooner or later your get to know every little detail and realize that she is a complete whore and you live with her…

Her life was full of sexual adventures. I realized it too late…

I met my wife at work. We both work for a large corporation. Once I had to go to one of our departments and saw a beautiful girl there. She was neither thin (as many of her peers were) nor fat. Good body, big breasts, a rounded butt, a pretty face, a tender voice and long fair hair… After a short chat I understood I had been looking for her all my life.

Half a year later we started living together. She wasn’t a virgin and it was not surprising as she was 24 at that time. I understand it is difficult to remain a virgin when there are so many temptations around you. That’s why I didn’t talk about it with her. Of course, she had some sexual experience and I wondered what was her first time like and what types of sex she’d tried. However, she preferred not to speak about it and said she wanted her past to be forgotten, she had a new life and wanted to think only about it. I thought that probably something bad happened and she didn’t want to recall that. So, I stopped asking. But I was sadly mistaken!!!

Our sex was fantastic! She was skillful and knew how to enjoy herself. But she refused to practice anal and oral sex as she considered them dirty and couldn’t overcome the disgust she felt to it. Moreover, she was strictly brought-up by her parents.

Nevertheless there was one thing that amazed me. She was quiet, reasonable and generally very shy but when in bed she turned into an affectionate lady who loved passionate sex… She assured me she felt herself a happy woman with me only.

We respected each other and lived very well. Six month later I proposed her and she gave her consent.

Soon my love to Silvia faded a bit and I started thinking about our relationship. We both seemed to like everything. But despite that I felt discomfort about incompleteness. I knew so little about her, her past and her life in general. Soon I had a chance to know everything.

One day Silvia asked me to move her parents’ furniture and other things from their old house to the new one which they had recently purchased. The new house was smaller but enough for two people and it was more modern. While carrying various goods and chattels to the car I dropped one of the boxes. I started picking up what had fallen out and suddenly saw photos of my wife. To tell you the truth I had seen just a couple of pictures of hers and here I had a whole pile of them. I hesitated for a moment and then threw the box into my Opel.

It’s hard to say what I felt when I started looking through the things in the box having stayed alone at home. Curiosity, impatience, guilt – all together.

I couldn’t understand how it all remained untouched, for my wife used to throw away everything that was old. Probably she had just forgotten about this box. In any case she couldn’t have expected that I would find it.

The box contained letters to her friends, birthday cards from her relatives and some pictures. Here she was walking in the park with her friend; and this was a Christmas party at school; at another photo Silvia was bathing in the sea; here two guys were fucking her together… Stop! My heart was pounding in the chest! What a surprise!

The photo was black and white. Two young fellows were fucking my wife into her pussy and mouth!!! Her eyes are closed and face expressed enjoyment. On the next picture she was lying naked and laughing. That was all…

Besides, I found a couple of sketches made by my wife, some poems, dried flowers, a copy of a fan’s manual (it made me smile involuntarily), a few notes that were rather rumpled and a handkerchief cut into square pieces. I didn’t know what the handkerchief was intended for but I remembered seeing such a square in her handbag. I hadn’t paid attention to it at that moment but now it made me really puzzled.

I started reading the notes, birthday cards and letters. Letters were very dull, just a usual girl’s stuff.

After the photos the feeling of guilt that I was looking through her personal things disappeared. Before that I had wanted to know the truth but now I wanted to know all the details and answers for questions I had in my mind. And I found all that in those small notes. The whole story put together in front of my eyes.

“I saw you yesterday with Sam and Claus. You were fucking!!! I’ll be waiting for you in the park at a usual place at 7. Max.”

“Hi, Bitch!.. Shit! Talia, you were right. It’s such a pleasure! I tried it with Simon yesterday. I want butt-fucking again!!! BUTT-FUCKING!!! I couldn’t help myself and pushed my finger into the cunt yesterday. I want it today again. Don’t come. Kissing you, Silvia. ”

“Talia, I’ll tell you later. I was able to take the note away from Brad.”

“Silvia, I love you. You know who I am.”

In the same handwriting: “Let’s go to the cinema today. Michael.”

“Silvia, I dream about you, my sweetie. Michael.”

“You’re driving me mad. You’re a great sucker!”

“You’re a real whore! I saw you with our teacher, Andrew, after classes.”

“Talia, please, forgive me. I don’t know how it all happened with Andrew. When he kissed me I wanted him. I thought I would have gone crazy if he hadn’t fucked me. Please… I’m really sorry! I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Bitch!!! You knew it!!! You wanted it yourself!!! I know he ejaculated into you! I’d warned you!”

“Taaalia!!! I’m sorry!”

“You’re not my friend any more!!!”

“I’m sorry! I’m a fool. I hadn’t expected it would happen this way. He hadn’t wanted to ejaculate into me at first.”

“Have you done what I asked you for? Have you brought the handkerchief?”

“That’s right. Dave is a friend of his. And they were together there. You better tell me about the handkerchief.”

“Wow! It’s covered in their and your semen???!!!”

“Ok, you’ll act this way. Every year you’ll have to cut a piece from the handkerchief and keep it in your bag. It will remind you about it, that you are a real slut! If you don’t I’ll tell everybody about it!!!”

No, she hadn’t forgotten anything! She remembers about the box and about her adventures. And she refused me in anal and oral sex just because she didn’t want her husband’s cock to spoil the impressions!!! I was shocked to learn about it.

I looked through the letters again and found her friend’s, Talia’s, letter. I was sure it was the very Talia I was thinking of. I read it till the end and found what I had wanted to know since the very beginning. Here is what the letter contained (in brief):

“Hello, my dear friend! I miss you loads! What a pity you are so far now! We are all doing well, you can be glad for me. Helmut loves me. We are together on the picture and this is our house. Helmut has bought it lately. It cost lots of money but it’s our own now and out of the city. It’s peace and quiet here. Of course I have a lot to do at home but it’s Ok and I don’t have to earn money. There is only one problem here – men. They are horrible!!! I can’t imagine a love affair in this country…

I sometimes think that I should work as I would have an opportunity to forget about family and house. I feel I’m becoming stupid. Yeah, really. I guess I have everything but I’m becoming stupid. I’ve bought a crossword recently just to have some fun and realized I don’t know anything. Can you imagine? I could guess one word only… Funny!

Last night I remembered college. Do you remember what we did there? Write me how you live with your husband, how your job is. Write me everything. Helmut is greedy and doesn’t allow me to call you.

The dream last night was very interesting indeed. What fools we were! How could we deflower ourselves??? Right in the college!!! When I remember that I smile. And we believed Olga when she said we were the only virgins in the group. Fools!!!

Lots of things have happened since we saw each other but I don’t know what to write to you. Yes, that’s right, I’m becoming stupid… I must convince Helmut I have to work.

Don’t forget me, friend. Write me soon.

Love, Talia.”

My wife’s life was full of adventures. And possibly it IS full of adventures now. She’s usually so cheerful after parties with her college friends…

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