High school reunion

January 7th, 2008

Even if you are married and your family life seems happy and flawless, it can all be changed when you are invited to High School reunion, your former classmates don’t care about your being married and they want to have fun!

Twenty years have passed since they graduated high-school. Mandy was thinking with tenderness about those two guys back in school she had thing called “love”.

When her husband saw the invitation for the high-school reunion he insisted on going with her. He bought two business class tickets and booked a room in the hotel where they were supposed to have the reunion.

But the last minute his plans changed. He had super busy schedule at work but thought that Mandy had to go anyways and took her to the airport. After a few hours of comfortable flight his beloved wife arrived to that hotel.

Mandy came up to the reception and in a few minutes was waiting for the elevator to take her to her room. Suddenly she heard someone calling her name. She turned around and saw him…

Ashton hasn’t changed much in 20 years. His hair got a bit grey but other than that he looked handsome. Ashton was her first boyfriend in school and was the best man she has ever had including her husband.

Sweet memories collapsed on her. Their first time when she lost her virginity in the school summer camp, her first orgasm, their making outs in the boys locker… when she was standing on all fours so that he could easily do her from the back just pulling up her cheerleader’s skirt! They fucked like bunnies until Ashton’s family moved to Colorado.

Mandy didn’t get anything from their conversation with Ashton except the fact that he was divorced and moved back to California. She got so flattered from the splash of those first love feelings and was happy when someone called Ashton and he left her.

Mandy went up to her room, took a shower, got dressed and had half an hour until the start of the ceremony. She decided to call up her dear husband and tell him she missed him.

On the way to the restaurant in the hallway she met Bryan. That freaky Bryan stuck with the nerd label for the rest of his pathetic life! He got chubby and was wearing huge glasses. The computer genius lived in Moscow with his Russian wife. She looked so jealous of him and acted like a real bitch. Mandy wanted to tell her she was the only crazy girl who could marry such a freak!

While they were talking Mandy remembered the things she did to Bryan. She couldn’t resist from looking down on his pants. Although Bryan was a slow and shy guy, he had a huge one. Back in school he was so shy and stammered when he talked to girls, so that his female classmates decided to help him out. They decided he needed to lose his virginity before graduation and the lot fell to Mandy. The bet started from feeling sorry for this loser but ended up being a prize!

Bryan came as soon as she zipped off his pants. But his dick got hard again when Mandy started caressing it. His dick was too huge to jerk with one hand and Bryan fast but with difficulties stuck it in her pussy that was tiny back than. He gave Mandy the complete filling. He fucked her harshly and for a long time which made her reach unforgettable orgasm.

Mandy thought that in twenty years he must have improved his technique and thought it was a pity she won’t find out.
In the restaurant there were about 50 classmates and it looked like it was going to bring a lot of nice emotions. By accident, Mandy bumped on her other boyfriend from school. They were the Homecoming Queen and King. Jason looked outstanding after so many years and he told her he was in the Air Force, stayed at the same hotel and came without his wife.

Mandy was so excited by the atmosphere around the reunion and tried not think of sex and her husband, she mainly talked to the girls from the cheerleading team.

The party was going just fine and Mandy relaxed after a few cocktails. Bryan came up to her asking for help. His Russian wife had drunk too much vodka and they took her to their hotel room. On the way back to the restaurant Bryan apologized for his wife and said she usually didn’t drink that much. He said she got jealous because she felt Mandy had influenced him in some way in the past and that was the reason why she got so trashed. “Those Russian girls have devilish intuition!” thought Mandy.

In the restaurant Mandy had a dance with Bryan than sat down at the table. Soon she was invited for a dance with Ashton, than Jason. In the end four of the old friends decided to go over to the bar to get another drink.

It was too packed in the bar, someone offered to go to Jason’s suit on the top floor with a nice view. Jason said it was a cool idea and it wasn’t that loud so they can talk, and there was so much they wanted to tell each other!

Mandy was totally in! As usual she was the only lady surrounded by men charmed with her confidence and beauty. They went upstairs and sat around the bar. The first toast Bryan offered to his “godmother” Mandy…

The rest of the guys thought perhaps Mandy hooked him up with his wife because she had relatives living in Moscow. But that stupid nerd said that Mandy helped him lose his virginity and recommended him to other girls in their class.

Ashton offered to give Mandy many thanks for their high-school memories. He said she needed to get “awarded” for that… Mandy felt her classmates wanted to fuck her. She got up and said it would be better if she left.

But the guys refused to let her go and told her they would treat her right and would be real gentlemen. They started convincing her that it was going to be the most exciting adventure in her life.

When she said she was a married woman and times have changed, and she didn’t want to cheat on her husband they said:

- “Just don’t tell him! Let’s keep this secret to ourselves.”

Mandy kept on protesting but her classmates slowly started getting on her.

Bryan was kissing her neck and his hand was feeling her hair. Ashton was touching her breasts and unbuttoning her blouse. He gently massaged her tits and his fingers tickled her nipples. He really loved her nipples that he remembered from the past. When he unbuttoned her completely he leaned his face on her beautiful breasts.

Ashton took off her bra while Jason got on his knees. His head and his hands sneaked underneath Mandy’s skirt. He slowly took of her lingerie…As soon as her strings fell down on the floor he felt the sweet aromatic smell. He uncontrollably buried his face on her pubis… and his hands went up to caress her ass.

Mandy intentionally moved her legs apart so that they wouldn’t take off her skirt, but Jason got up and grabbed her waist. His strong military hand easily pulled down her skirt.

Mandy was standing there absolutely naked surrounded by three men. Bryan was kissing her face and her neck, Ashton was all over her tits sucking on each nipple…

Jason got down again and put his hand between her legs. His fingers felt her cave and it was so wet in there…Mandy was already drowning in her juices. He turned his head to the other friends and nodded…

Jason got up while the other two put her on the bed. He moved her legs apart and his tongue went on licking out her clit. At the same time his fingers tickled the way to her crotch.

He stuck his finger inside and started moving it along with his tongue. It made her shudder as soon as she felt his tongue down there. Mandy moaned:

- “Oh, no, no, please don’t Jason…”

Jason stopped teasing Mandy and started licking her out really thoroughly.

Her first orgasm started when Jason slightly bit her clit. As soon as Mandy stopped shivering she said:

- “I need Bryan…”

He took off his clothes and pushed away Jason. Bryan’s dick got hard as hell. When Jason saw his gun he yelled:

- “Damn, no shit she wants you! Men, look at this!”

Everyone stared at Bryan’s treasure until Mandy screamed:

- “Guys, come on, don’t stop! Please…”

Ashton got back to her tits while Bryan started going inside her cave.

Bryan was going in slowly but surely all the way deep inside. He fucked her hard and fast like a hungry animal. Mandy was curving under his heavy body. Soon, so soon she reached an orgasm. She put her legs around him and squeezed him tightly.

After a minute she stopped moving and relaxed enjoying her orgasm. Bryan was brutal. He kept on banging her faster and faster. Mandy started making upward moves meeting his every single push. His balls got hard and he stopped deep inside her. His sperm was shooting inside her pussy.

Jason got naked while he was watching Bryan doing Mandy. His dick was sticking out waiting for his turn, pulsing with desire. As soon as Bryan stopped Jason pushed him away. Bryan lied down on the couch watching Jason turn Mandy upside down.

Jason put Mandy on all fours with her amazing ass sticking out for him. He waited a few seconds for the sperm to leak out from her vagina and said:

- “I’ve wanted this moment since I saw your ass at the reception.”

He pushed Mandy’s ass towards himself and slowly moved back and force savoring the warmth and moisture of the delight. Mandy couldn’t take it any longer and moved her ass towards him.

- “More, I need more…and faster.”

Mandy felt something wet on her lips. She opened her eyes and saw that it was Ashton’s dick. She moved her head away but Ashton pressed her cheeks and her mouth opened for his dick.

Ashton tried to move according to Jason’s temper but couldn’t hold himself too long and filled Mandy’s mouth with sperm. She couldn’t swallow all of his sperm and it was all over her face…some of it dropped on the couch.

As soon as Jason started going faster and faster Bryan lied down next to Mandy and put his finger on Mandy’s clit. That drove Mandy to another crazy orgasm. That exact moment Jason stopped inside her and started shaking while ejaculating.

Jason got off her and witnessed Bryan putting the shaking woman on her back. Bryan was playing with her tits and her hips waiting for her to catch a breath from the gang-bang.

As she come down a bit she sat down on top of Ashton. Bryan helped her out. He picked up her ass and pushed her on Ashton’s dick. The sperm from the previous men messed up Ashton’s abs.

Jason started massaging Mandy’s shoulders from the back and she felt his dick pressing against her back. Jason softly but hardly pushed her shoulders until she lied down with her tits against Ashton’s chest. Ashton put his hands on her cheeks and softly kissed her lips. He felt the taste of his own sperm and it drove him crazy.

He whispered:

- “Sorry, babe…”

Jason kept on touching her back and slowly his hands went down to her buttocks. Ashton was distracting Mandy and was kissing her lips and caressing her tits. Mandy relaxed.

Jason got himself comfortably sitting behind her ass. His thighs squeezed her hips and his dick slipped between her wet buttocks covered in juices. It was so pleasing to feel the warmth of his dick against her smooth tender skin.

Jason massaged her ass and was slowly trying to find the way to her anal. Mandy was thinking he was just playing with her anal although she knew that guys are being too pushy.

She felt his finger going round and round her anal. Ashton also put his hands on her ass. He kissed Mandy again and asked her if she wanted it…

Mandy stopped for a second. She thought of her husband again. They’ve tried it a few times but it was her husband not any other guy. But on the other hand Jason’s finger felt so right in her anal and the alcohol she drank made her feel brave.

Ashton kept on doing her and Mandy closed her eyes. She nodded saying go on. That moment she felt Jason’s dick going inside her anal. She felt the membrane dividing two penises.

Mandy shivered from the new feeling she had never felt before. In the beginning she moved towards Jason’s dick kind of slow and carefully, but she kept on going on faster.

Jason started going faster and she moaned. He asked her if she was okay. She told him to go on. Bryan that was watching the show for the whole time decided it was time for him to join. He came up to Mandy and took his huge one to her face. When she saw it she opened her mouth…

It took them a big effort to have it inside her mouth because it was difficult for her to breath. It was getting so tense that it couldn’t go on for too long.

Mandy felt a relief when Jason shot in her anal. The feeling was so unusual she pushed Bryan away and started jumping on Ashton. She was screaming from the orgasm. Her fingers clutched on her first boyfriend’s chest and he started cuming inside her.
All except for Bryan fell down and lied in orgasm. He looked at Mandy and saw it was enough for her. He washed himself, put on his clothes, put a blanket over Mandy’s body and left the suit… he went to fuck his wife.

The rest of the guys also washed themselves, took a shot of tequila and decided to leave Mandy alone until the morning. She was lying on the bed, and convulsively shivering from time to time with a smile on her face. They quietly left.

Three hours later Mandy woke up. When she realized where she was she quickly put on her clothes and ran to her room. She took a shower and fell asleep again. She woke up feeling guilt for the previous night.

After twenty years of faithful marriage she cheated on him, cheated once but with three guys at the same time. From the other hand she was proud she had enough balls to do that.

Plus she was feeling satisfied from the pleasures she had that night. Mandy felt that something inside her has changed and looked in the mirror.

No, there was nothing different, it was the same Mandy. The only evidence from the last night orgy was that her cave and her anal were feeling soar.

When she was checking out from the hotel she was struggling in her head. She was thinking if she had to tell her husband or not.
When she finally realized she had no regrets about the “reunion gang-bang” she decided her husband didn’t have to know. Let it be her secret!

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  1. John Says:

    Holly Fuck! My wife was planning to get together with her college friends, she graduated about five years ago and they arrange a party once a year where they recollect the old college years. Having read this story I’ll think twice before letting her join the fucking party!

  2. Canada Says:

    Hi there! Nice site, keep it up!

  3. Memyself Says:

    Mandy should carry on her slutty ways behind her husbands back when she gets home. Great story, keep em cumming.

  4. Susan Says:

    Wow, I remeber when i went to my class reunion. My boyfriend could not come. so I thought I should have some fun, I did the whole slut thing just like mandy. I just love it when I have two or more cocks in me… Keep it up Girl,

  5. majid Says:


  6. JoJO Says:

    Ahh What a FUCK TEAM WORK, Satisfiying

  7. erfan Says:

    oh yeah

  8. Andrew Says:

    that doesn’t even make any sense!

  9. mc Says:

    would love to see my wife like that

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