Her first orgasm

April 7th, 2008

When a woman is having problems in her sexual life with her husband it’s a good idea to turn to a family therapist, he could sure help them out and give good advice on how to spice up their sexual life…

“I’ve never had an orgasm”,. Linda said in a sad voice to the family therapist, the sessions of which she had been visiting with her husband. They were having troubles in their family life and Linda thought it would be a good idea to try to save their marriage by turning to a family therapist.

Linda and her husband Jerry were having real problems. Jerry was a gardener spending his days working on the gardens of rich people. He was, to put it mildly, a bit illiterate about sex and could never satisfy Linda in bed. All he could do in sex was to fuck her in the missionary position. All Linda’s attempts to spice up their sex life failed.

This was a separate session and Linda was alone in Dr. Hesky’s office. He was listening to her very attentively. Asking questions occasionally.

“Jerry doesn’t seem to care about me having an orgasm and I must say I’ve never had an orgasm in my life”. Linda said in a sad, trembling voice and it seemed she was on the verge of crying.

“Well, I don’t know, maybe it’s not him, maybe it’s just all my fault, I just don’t know what to do”.

“Well, we could try a therapy that could help”, Dr. Hesky said and looked straight into Linda’s eyes.

“What therapy, what do you mean?”, Linda asked with hope in her voice.

“Well, this therapy implies that you should entirely trust your doctor and do whatever he says”, Mr. Hesky said making sure his words had an effect on her.

“I am willing to do anything to experience this damned orgasm, I am tired of reading women’s books about all the women in the world having an orgasm except me!”,. Linda said in an angry voice.

“So, let’s start our therapy then, get up from the chair and lay on the table, let me lock the door so that no one bothers us”, Mr. Hesky stood up from the chair and marched to the door as if he was sure Linda would exactly what he told her.

Linda paused for a moment but then decide to do what the doctor told her. She rose from the chair and lay on the table. Mr. Hesky locked the door and approached her. Linda was a thirty year old woman, she had been married for over seven years now, all those seven years she didn’t know what quality sex meant and orgasm was just out of the question. Dr. Hesky knew that, when her husband Jeremy attended his session Dr. Hesky easily found out that Jeremy was having problems with his potency and cared little about sex.

Dr. Hesky approached Linda and started taking her skirt off, “are you sure we’re doing the right thing?”, Linda asked but didn’t show any resistance. “Yes, we are, I have to find out whether you can have an orgasm”.

With these words Dr. Hesky took off Linda’s skirt and than her panties, in her thirty Linda still had a nice body, she had long legs and judging by her body one could say she was not older than 22.

Dr. Hesky finally got Linda nude and looked at her pussy. Linda’s pussy was half shaved, she had a pretty bunch of hair on her pubis area, but the area near her clit and her pussy lips was absolutely neat and clear.

Dr. Hesky knew perfectly what a woman needed to reach an orgasm so he started rhythmically and methodically. He brought his tongue to her pussy and started licking it slowly making sure his saliva was making her pussy as wet as possible, in a minute he positioned his tongue to her clit and started licking that area over. Linda started trembling, her husband Jeremy didn’t even know where clit was located and he didn’t even want to know. Dr. Hesky on the opposite knew a woman’s body like the palm of his hand and it was easy for him to make Linda feel good. His tongue was skillfully working on her clit and Linda was moaning louder and louder, in a few minutes he pushed his finger into her pussy and felt how wet it was, Linda was leaking and she was leaking real hard. Mr. Hesky’s finger easily penetrated her pussy and started rubbing the upper wall trying to locate a g-spot, Linda was on the verge, she started trembling and she was begging Mr.Hesky to go on, he never stopped working on her clit while his finger was furiously rubbing the upper wall of her vagina, when Mr. Hesky felt slight contractions of her pussy muscles he understood that the orgasm was nearing.

He took his pants off and out jumped his dick, which was fat and impressive, he brought it closer to her pussy and pushed it in one mighty thrust, Linda arched her back and moaned, his dick was much bigger and fatter than his finger and she felt that difference, but her pussy was wet and easily welcomed his dick inside. Mr. Hesky was now standing before Linda with his dick inside her, she was just a few moments away from her first orgasm and he knew that. He spat on his thumb and put it on her clit, then he started simultaneously moving his dick inside her while his thumb was rhythmically massaging her clit. In a few minutes he was drilling her pussy and his balls were slapping against her ass, it seemed that his mighty dick was entirely filling every millimeter of her vagina, his big thumb started massaging her clit even more aggressively and in just a minute Linda arched her back and screamed really loudly, if they were people waiting their turns in the lobby they sure heard the sound.

Linda started cumming, it was the first orgasm in her life, her pussy muscles started contracting as if trapping Mr. Hesky’s dick inside. He knew she was cumming, so he started drilling her even harder feeling his dick being hugged and embraced by her pussy muscles. Linda was thrashing like a fish in the net and it seemed her orgasm was never going to end, Mr. Hesky was drilling her pussy harder and harder and started cumming too, his sperm flooded her pussy and Linda started screaming even louder when she felt the liquid, the life juice of Mr. Hesky filling and flooding her pussy. When Mr. Hesky finally came he took his dick out and saw his sperm flowing out of Linda’s pussy. He took a napkin from the table and wiped his dick on it, then he let Linda lay on the table motionless for some time and when she finally came to senses he pointed to the shower that was located in his office.

When Linda got out of the shower she understood what she just did, she cheated on her husband with a doctor, a man who was supposed to save and revive their marriage passion. Although the orgasm that Doctor gave her was strong and intense, she could never feel it with her husband.

“So, can I go now”, Linda asked and felt herself blushing.

“Yes, you may, and don’t forget about our session on Friday”, Mr. Hesky said and smiled.

Linda stepped out of his office and headed home. She was in a pretty good mood as a woman always is when she’s just had an orgasm.

She was already looking forward to Friday’s session and the mere thought of another orgasm was driving her crazy.

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16 Responses to “Her first orgasm”

  1. Wet pussy Says:

    This story makes my pussy even wetter and i want to attend such sessions too!

  2. brandy Says:

    Sounds similar to my first orgasm, also with a Doctor, but I’ve had thousands since. Thanks

  3. soroush Says:

    very nice story

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  6. highway Says:

    I cummed in that pussy myself

  7. tob Says:

    i love to see my wife to fucked by that doctor too.

  8. Willing Willy Says:

    I Would Lik To Have Given Her A real Close Wxamination

  9. lickmypussy Says:

    Oh mann that was sooo hot im riding on my fingers now!

  10. Josh Says:

    I started to spurt, imagining I was inside her.

  11. rosefish Says:

    It is a great sexy story. Orgasm woman.

  12. Yum Says:

    This is fuching amazing I am fucking my self with my dildo

  13. wet ‘n’ sexy Says:

    wish i could find a dildo or had a guy with me right now! that was awesome! i so want some now

  14. yummy p Says:

    I have never had an orgasm myself,,,wish i could get that doc here!!! Nice story…

  15. Anonymous Says:

    wanna fuck u beb

  16. Ranny Says:

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