Good morning, everybody!

March 18th, 2009

The wife feels that she is lonely and does not get enough of passion from her husband, although his friend is rather gentle and always willing to please her leaking pussy while the hubby is out…

When I woke up I saw a ceiling with nice patterns. The first question I asked myself was – where am I? Then I understood it was Will and Sandra’s apartment. They are my friends. I came to visit them yesterday. They have a two-room flat with a through living-room. They went to bed in their bedroom and I was in the living-room.

I looked at the watch. 6 a.m. I didn’t want to sleep any more. I stretched myself and heard my joints crackled. At that very moment I heard some rustle and laughter. My friends woke up. Then for some time it was quiet again but soon I heard their wooden bed squeaking – the sound characteristic of only one certain activity. And then their moans and uneven breathing joined the cacophony.

“They’re fucking…” I thought jealously envisioning myself on Will’s place.

I like Sandra. I really do. She is petite, pretty, with beautiful eyes. Very optimistic and energetic.

“I want more!” Sandra said.

Her voice was quiet but clear. And then it was quiet again. A few more minutes later I heard the steps. I pretended to be sleeping not to reveal the fact I heard them. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up again from the door slam. I smiled when recalled the recent sounds. At this moment Sandra appeared at the doorway. She was wearing a short light-blue bathrobe. Her brown hair was in two ponytails with two white big bows on both sides of her head. Gee whiz! A nice picture! She looked like a young girl!!! There were crazy fires in her eyes and the face was shining with ardor. I immediately got infected with her good mood.

- Get up! Good morning! – Sandra said in her ringing voice. Then she paused and continued, – get up everyone! – And she repeated again, – get up everyone!

- Who do you mean by everyone? – I heard my own voice asking.

- I mean everyone and everything that can get up! – She said with a funny intonation.

She ran up to me, removed the blanket and commanded:

- Go to the bathroom!

When I returned I found Sandra in my bed. The blanket covered her up to the face. Her little bathrobe lay beside her on the armchair. Sandra’s face expressed joy, desire and fear that I could refuse to participate in her game. Actually I just couldn’t refuse… I always wanted her. And here she was before me with the bows on her head…

Such scene could make even the dead excited not to speak of me. I came up to the sofa and pulled the blanket away… Sandra was nude.

Slim body, beautiful small breasts and hands joined at the pubis. Nice picture… The girl showed me unambiguously what was going to happen. While I was pulling my boxers down Sandra stretched her nice arms towards me as if in passion:
- Come to me, – she said.
Her pubis wasn’t covered by her hands now and I saw she wasn’t naked actually. When she took her hands away I saw the tiny panties. They were the size of a small matches box. From a little scrap of fabric two thin strips went around her body and hid somewhere behind. The scene made my cock as hard as a rock and the heart was pounding. I needed just a second to feel I was ready to do everything she wanted.

When I was pulling the boxers off my dick was still rather limp and when I took the garment off it was very stiff. I was proud it was so fast to get erected.

Then the events changed each other very fast. No sexual games or prelude – we were not only ready for sex, we couldn’t wait to join into one whole piece. It was quite clear why it happened to me – it was just a usual good morning erection. As for Sandra –her hubby hadn’t satisfied her.

We threw ourselves into each other’s arms feeling insatiable and horny. Our body interlaced. I don’t remember whether it was Sandra or me who pulled her panties off. It was like in a dream. Such a passion!!! Our bodies were dancing in a crazy manner. It was PASSION and nothing else!

The first thing I remember clearly is Sandra lying under me. Her legs were parted widely. My cock was entering her pussy. She moaned… It was fucking pleasant to penetrate the woman for the first time. And such a terrific woman!

I liked to feel my head spreading the walls of her vagina, it was a tickling but blissful sensation! And my mind was filled with the idea that I had just penetrated the most beautiful and gorgeous woman in the world. Young, tempting, the woman I had always wanted, but didn’t have the right to touch. And now I had such a great opportunity!

I started moving. She moved towards me. Her vagina muscles were very strong. She squeezed my cock tightly. Her pelvis was moving slowly, she was raising me almost up to the ceiling. I’d never experienced such a passion before. It was so nice to fuck the woman who wanted that too. A storm of emotions compared to nothing…

We were close to the climax. She was moaning loudly in rhythm with my thrusts. And here she had an orgasm… Her body strained, legs squeezed and letting out a long moan she climaxed. Then she relaxed and put her head on the pillow. Her loin became soft and pliable and very tender.

I left Sandra’s pussy and put my rigid cock on her vulva lips. A half a minute later I thrust inside again and it might seem strange but the vagina felt quite different now. Only thirty seconds passed since I’d pulled the cock out of it! I was there! And I was enjoying it. And now I was entering again but the sensation was different as if it was another woman that I was fucking. It was no longer weak and soft. Her pussy was tight and elastic again.

My thrusts were sharp and strong. My partner had already climaxed and now I was trying to satisfy myself. When I ejaculated into Sandra’s passage with great pleasure the girl asked me not to pull out the penis. So, with my cock in her I fell asleep. When I woke up I revealed that my limp dick was still in her nice cunt. I made a few movements in it and put my hand on her breast. My palms squeezed it by reflex. The girl woke up. We looked at each other and smiled happily.

- You’re good at fucking.

- I can say the same about you!
- You’re an astounding woman!

- What do you mean?

- I mean you’re good in everything.

- I don’t understand you…

I pulled my cock out of Sandra and leaning my elbows against the bed I said:

- You have the most slender legs and beautiful breasts I have ever seen. Your loin is tender, pussy is sweet and your butt is really nice. I like all that in you!

- Beautiful words. It’s so pleasant to hear that from you.

- Doesn’t your husband tell you that?

- He fucks me in a routine way, as it was for granted. He doesn’t worry about me and my orgasms. The most important for him is his climax and nothing else.

- It sounds strange to me. I’ve always considered you to be a goddess, a fairy. And I’ve always wanted you. I’m mad about you. You’re such… I don’t still believe it is you lying here with me, nude. And I’ve just made love with you. I’ve been in you, fucking you tenderly!

- Oh… I like you saying that! Go on…

- You’re incomparable. I’ve always wanted you. To touch you, to caress you with my hands at least. Kiss you, touch your breasts, fuck you, drill into you!

- Fuck me, honey, if you want it so much… – Sandra said and then added thoughtfully, – It’s strange. You’ve always wanted me but never asked that. Why?

- You’re Will’s wife.

- So, what?

- You’re my friend’s wife, it’s wrong…

- It doesn’t matter really. Don’t be afraid, there is enough for both of you… And don’t worry about him. He isn’t very faithful either.

- Do you about his unfaithfulness?! And say that so calmly??

- I know almost all his whores…

I was enjoying the moment, this goddess-like woman, a princess, my friend’s wife. All Will liked in her was her hole, where he could push his cock in the morning…

I was enjoying the touch to her tender skin and sexy curves. My penis was already erected and swaying slowly. Sandra noticed that:

- Let me have a look at it.

She turned with her butt to me, bent to the cock and kissed it.

- Thank you, sweetie. You’re so good. I love you, – all that she was saying to my dick.

Then she passed her tongue over the head, turned to me and lowered herself on the cock. She was furious never letting me to relax. She was moving her pelvis forward and back squeezing her vagina muscles… And then she moaned loudly, being close to her climax. A minute later and Sandra exploded. Loud moans turning into screams. And at this very moment (the sod’s law!) her mobile began ringing.

I have to say she could control herself very well. When the last wave of orgasm released her she recovered her breath and picked up the receiver:

- Hello!.. I’m hanging the linen… Sure… Of course… Will is fucking me now… Ok! Stop that! Bye!

She hung up the receiver but didn’t climb down from my cock. She bent to me and asked:

- Why don’t you ask me anal sex?

- Will you allow me?

- No.

- Why?

- I don’t like that. We’ve tried that twice with Will but it’s not for me. If you want I can bear that. Do you know what I hate about it? It’s the fact the cock is covered in shit then and there is no way to take it into the mouth or hands. One should go to the bathroom and wash it with soap.

- I like ordinary sex more, vaginal one. Though I’ve tried anal either. But my cock loves pussy more than rectum. I love the position when a woman is on her belly, her butt is stuck, legs parted and I’m above her. My belly touches the buttocks. The cock is in her pussy, not rear. It’s very enjoyable!

Hearing me saying that Sandra rose from my cock and lay on her belly beside me. She spread her thighs. That was a sign for me. She didn’t have to ask me twice. I lay on her and Sandra’s hand took me by the cock and directed it at the right place. I penetrated her and soon ejaculated. I love this position. Why do I need a woman’s ass?

We relaxed a bit and then Sandra went to the bathroom. When she appeared she told me to go to the supermarket to buy some products necessary for the dinner.

I returned and found her in the kitchen chopping something on the table. She was wearing blue tight-fitting jeans and a yellow top on. The jeans were with a low waist line and didn’t hide the divide of her asscheeks. The scene was very tempting.

I took all the food stuff out of my packet and came up to the girl from behind. Pressing to her sweet butt with my groin I embraced her belly. My right hand slid to her shaved pubis. Only the half of my palm was in her jeans but the tips of my fingers touched the entrance of her vagina already. My cock got stiff again. I undid the button of Sandra’s jeans and pulled them down to her knees. The girl stuck out her butt and parted her legs as wide as it was possible. Bending my knees a bit I entered this very best loin.

And again the blissful sensation from fucking my passionate partner… Pretty soon though I felt my knees gave way and I realized it was impossible to have an orgasm in this position. So, I left my beloved pussy, took off her jeans and put the girl on the table. I entered her and thrust inside. My movements were fast and fierce.

- I’ve never been fucked on a dinner table. It’s sooo nice! – She said and climaxed.

Then it was my turn to burst out…

When it was over we smartened ourselves and cooked the dinner together. When Will arrived we had dinner as if nothing had happened. We didn’t wink at each other or in some way revealed what we had done.

Unfortunately we didn’t have sex since then, but I still remember this time…

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  1. corky181 Says:

    very very hott

  2. cougar 307 Says:

    why did you stop screwing her if she wanted it so

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