The woman starts fooling around with her neighbor’s husband, he’s got a big cock and she wants to get it all the way down her sluttish pussy…

Hello, dear folks! I’m a sex raving woman, some people may say that I am kind of nymphomaniac, but I really love to fuck, and it relates to the story I’m gonna tell you about. My husband can do his life without sex, on our honeymoon we fucked almost every day and now, after 5 years of married life, I’m lucky if I get sex at least every week. It should be noted that I have never cheated on my husband but I play with myself every day using a large collection of dildo in my nightstand a couple of times per day. Sometimes I would spend the whole day masturbating and making my pussy happy. Recently, I have started putting dildos in my pussy and ass at the same time, for it really makes me feel like a whore being fucked, and this is the best and most favorite feeling of mine in the world. My husband makes a very prospering and good business, so he doesn’t care of my sexual needs. I made him buy a very beautiful 2 storied house so I could decorate it like I have always wanted to do.

We have been in this house about 6 months and I have gotten very friendly with the lady next door, she showed me all around town! We have a cup of coffee together a lot when she comes home from work. Her husband is very handsome, and I would let him fuck me the way he wants, any time, if he wanted. He works the night shift and I don’t usually see him in the day time until the weekend. But he really makes me salivate and I get in the bathroom with a dildo in my pussy.

Well, this weekend my neighbors had a pool installed in their backyard and were having an opening, so they invited all of the neighbors from around. I went without my hubby, of course, he was busy at work as usual. I wore my new bikini to show off my hot body and when I saw Anthony, the neighbor next door, staring at me, my pussy got wet! Oh, God I wanted to fuck him so bad I would have spread my legs for him in front of all the guests. Soon I got into a conversation with the hostess and a few other ladies about our husbands and I told them about my sexless husband. At this time Barbara, Anthony’s wife and my neighbor said that her husband would be a good match for me, because he is always horny about sex and whereas she doesn’t like to do it often.

Then, I needed to change, so I had to go to the bathroom. Barbara told me to use the bathroom upstairs, the bathroom for guests. So I went to the bathroom. When I was walking down the steps I started thinking about what Barbara had said about her husband and my pussy got wet. I walked into the bathroom not knowing Anthony was right behind me and when I turned to close the door he pushed me against the sink with one hand while closing the door with the other. He didn’t even give me any time to react, he put his hand down my bikini bottoms and told me what I good slut I looked like and that he wanted to fuck me at the first sight! When his hand groped my steaming pussy, my hot cunt went into heat and I spread my legs apart for him. He was rubbing my pussy and telling me what a good slut I am! All I could think about was his hot hand on my pussy, making me insane with desire. He kissed me and slid his finger into my boiling hot pussy at the same time, and my cunt exploded with cum like a volcano.

He took his tongue out of my mouth saying I was a hot wet cunt, he dropped to his knees and pulled my bottoms off, and then he pushed my legs apart and buried his tongue into my cunt hole! Again, my hot pussy exploded with cum again into his mouth and all over his face. I couldn’t believe this was really happening to me, but I sure didn’t want it to stop! When he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me, I just moaned like any good slut: “yeas, I want you inside me, fuck me!”. He put his hands around my ass, picked me up, put me on the edge of the bath tube and with a jerk buried his cock in my pussy! He kissed me so French deep to muffle my crying loud! His cock was so awesome, it was bigger then my husbands and hard as rock inside me! I had never been so fucking horny and my pussy had never felt so good before! He ordered to wrap my legs around him, he was going to give me the fuck of my life. I wrapped both my arms and legs around him and he proceeded to bang me like a mad, fucking my pussy with his worth.

Now here I was, naked except my bikini bra, getting fucked in a bathroom by my neighbor and he called me called me a dirty cunt! He was making me feel like the whore I always wanted to feel like. I was moaning like a porn star when Anthony whispered in my ear:

“You’re going to be a good whore for me from now!” and my brain just exploded, my pussy stiffened up and cum started gushing out of my pussy! Then he removed my bra and began to eat my tits hungrily, now I was totally naked for this man and he was fucking me like the nasty whore I had always wanted to be! When I fucked with my hubby, the best I could receive was only 8 or 10 minutes, but with this guy we were in the bathroom for about half an hour fucking hot! I don’t know how many times he made me cum, but it was a lot. I felt his cock getting bigger in my pussy and I knew he was about to shoot his hot load into my hot cunt! Knowing that, I got excited so much that I came again. He fucked me a few more times, and then he moaned and ordered me to get on my knees. When I did, he grabbed my head pointing it towards his throbbing cock, and, jerking his dick fast, he shot a huge load of cum all over my face! He came a lot and so much that it covered the whole my face! His hot cum was running my chin onto my bare tits, and it felt so good! I was so happy! I sucked his cock clean, feeling his power subsiding down and his cum tasted so good!

We stayed like that for a bit, and then he told me how nice my hot pussy was and how good it felt when he came all over my face! I was still caressing and licking his manhood and it made me squeeze his cock playfully, I was in fuck heaven. Then he said that I was going to be his fuck toy from now on and he definitely knew that I was really going to be a hot fucking whore for him! I just moaned: “Yes, you may fuck me any time you want, I want to be your whore so much!” He demanded me to suck on his cock again, which I did without any hesitation! It was so good I didn’t want to take that delicious cock out of my mouth! But we heard his wife calling him, so he left me to clean myself up in the bathroom. I went back outside and found other guest talking and having a good time, nobody missed me. Anthony was busy with chargrill, he was frying the meat and it smelled so good from out there. I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot Anthony made me feel and I realized that I would do whatever he wanted me to! We all ate, talked and soon, after about 3 hours, when we finished the barbeque, Anthony asked me if I could help him with cleaning the chargrill down the basement of their house. I knew what he meant and it made my pussy go wet again.

We went to the basement, he locked the door, told me to take my bikini off so he could see my tits. This time he put me on the small old couch that was there, sat me on it and got between my legs and ate my pussy like never before! I found out that he loved eating pussy, that he really liked making me moan and beg for more! This bastard made me cum twice before he knew I was ready to fuck. He out me on the couch on all fours, which was my favorite position, slid his cock deep in my pussy, grabbed my hips and started fucking my cunt like I had never been fucked before. I really loved being fucked in doggy because it some kind made me feel like a pervert slut being used! He was in total control of me in such position and could control me the he wanted. He also slapped my ass, telling me to fuck his cock like a good fucking whore! He said that I was born to be his cock sucking slut and all the time he never stopped ramming me. My head was reeling, tits, swaying from side to side, pussy being banged hot and I was going to be his whore for ever! I had never ever been so hot in my life before, the whole world was nothing for me at this time, everyone could walk in and see me being fucked like a bad slut! I really wanted to be fucked like it! All that existed for me was Anthony and his magnificent cock. This time he fucked me longer, than pervious time, before he came. Now he pulled out and sprayed my ass with his hot mess, and again he made me suck him clean when he was finished!

When I did, I could feel his cum pouring down the couch, leaving wet stains on it. His cum was dripping on the couch and some drops fell onto the floor. Anthony told me to clean the area off his sperm, so he grabbed me by hair and made me lick his sperm off the couch. I did as he told, being directed by his hand holding my hair, and it was really making me hot! When I finished licking up his cum, I found Anthony’s cock in front of my face, hard as rock again! With that I lay down on the couch with my legs spread and Anthony filled my hot cunt with his sweet cock again! He made me tell him what a good slut I was, how happy I felt being his fuck toy, and that I really loved to please and service his cock with my pussy and mouth and that my hubby was no match for his cock! I did everything I was told to, actually, my hubby could go along with this cock, because it was any woman’s treasure! My cunt from now belonged to him and I begged him to fuck me more! He shot his load all over my mouth again, once more I sucked his cock clean, cleaned his cum off the couch again. While cleaning the couch I felt his cock rubbing against my ass and I was in love. He wiped his cock with my bikini bottom, kissed me, said that I was his fuck property (which I really was) and then walked outside. The party was loud and merry, everybody was drinking and nobody was looming for us.

The party went on for a couple of hours and when it broke up, Anthony walked me home, just 30 feet or so. He first put his wife Barbara to bed, it seemed like she had too much drink and was faint. We got on my porch, and I could see my husband sleeping on the couch. Anthony suggested that we go to the backyard and sit on the wooden bench. I couldn’t believe that after so much fucking for the day, he was hard again! I could see that bulge down his pants! We walked to the bench, in the shadows of tress, I took his trunks off, he told me he wanted a blow job from his new cunt and he wanted me to swallow his cum like a good whore! I devoured his cock like it was the world’s greatest gift, and I gave him the best blow job of his life! I licked and sucked his cock, licked and stroked his balls, played with his cock while I played with his balls and it took 15 minutes of hard efforts to make him cum in my mouth! I couldn’t imagine how much cum he shot in my mouth, I just couldn’t swallow it all because there was so much of sperm! His white hot smelling sticky mess just oozed out around his cock while I was trying to swallow. Now I had my top revealed for him, he took my slight summer dress and bikinis off, so that I was on my knees absolutely nude. His hot com ran down from my chin onto my bare tits! Actually, to be honest, I had swallowed enough cum to make me choke!

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, told me what a great cock sucker I was and made me walk naked into my house covered with his cum. This night Anthony had to go to work to his night shift, and he told me that in the morning he would be waiting for me because his wife Barbara is going to the work. I slipped into the house without waking my hubby up, still naked. I went upstairs to the bath room to wash, feeling like a well used whore, saw my cum covered face in the mirror, put a dildo in my pussy and fucked myself looking at Anthony’s cum and thinking about his cock. I came quite quickly and couldn’t stop, so I made myself cum again, leaving a puddle of squirt juice on the floor! Then I went to bed still covered in Anthony’s cum. My last thought before I went to sleep was that I should be fresh for Anthony’s cock in the morning and then slept soundly the whole night after such a good hard fuck day!

I awoke up with my pussy aching to the sound of the doorbell, so I went to answer it. I was still in Anthony’s dried cum, and still naked! I made sure it was Anthony, opened the door and he smiled at my state. He asked me if I was ready to fuck and I just shook my head. He pulled me to the couch, bent me over the arm, rubbed his cock against my cunt for a minute and then put the head in my pussy! While telling me what a dirty fuck whore I was, slid his cock in! I made a really loud squelching noise and came all over his cock because I was his dirty wanton cock craving whore and I loved this feeling! He was banging my pussy hard, smacking my ass and telling me what a hot fuck bitch I was! I spread my legs and fucked with all my worth, I couldn’t stop thinking of his fat cock in my pussy and didn’t want him to stop! Like yesterday, I had no idea how many times he made me cum, but I could feel the couch’s edge beneath me was soaked with my juices, and he fucked me like that until he changed the position. Without taking his cock out of my pussy, he picked me up and carried me to the front of the couch, put me down so I was on my knees against the couch and couldn’t move at all. He lifted up, positioning himself on my ass, and slammed his pecker deep inside of me with full force! It was an incredible and unforgettable feeling of being totally helpless and being used like that! I was making totally animal noises. I was on the verge, I was in total fuck heaven and the only thing I really wanted was his hot cum all over my face! Sweat was pouring down our bodies, and I could feel his cock swelling up in my pussy.

I went in some delirium, I knew he was about to shoot his hot load of cum and I was going nuts trying to move my ass against his hips! But he was in total control of me, I couldn’t do anything but make those animal noises. He slammed into my ass hard, then withdrew, grabbed me by hair, pulled my face to wards his throbbing cock, and shot a huge load all over my face! God what a fucking feeling that is, I would do anything to get such a feeling again! He covered the whole my face with his clammy warm mess. When he was finished using me, he laid me out on the floor, put his cock in my mouth and told me to clean his cock like a good cock sucking whore! So I sucked his cock clean like a good blow job slut!

Then he sat on the couch, turned on the TV and told me he wanted some breakfast, because he didn’t have any from the last evening. Like a dutiful fuck whore, still covered in his cum, I went into the kitchen to make some snack. After a short pondering, I came to conclusion that the best breakfast would be good old fried eggs. So, when it was ready, I went to him with a hot steaming plate and some juice in the glass. But this guy had something to surprise me! He said to get down on my knees and suck on his cock! I put the plate at his side on the couch and began giving him head with all my worth, I was kneading his organ, sucking it really hard, taking it all the way down my throat and gagging on it, covering it with tons of saliva and licking the balls! In what seemed like 10 minutes I could feel his balls tighten and he said he was ready to cum! Then he grabbed the plate with eggs, directed his pulsing cock to it and shot a huge load of cum into the food! He came so much that his cum totally covered the meal! When he was done, he messed it up with the spoon and fed me with this new dish! It was such a great taste, his cum with fried eggs tasted really good! I ate while Anthony watched me, and it was such a turn on. Then I cooked another plate of breakfast, this time for him only, and after breakfast we went up to bed for I needed some rest. We stayed in the bed, making out and talking and I was sharing my secret dreams with him. I really wanted to be fucked like a used whore and wanted to be his fuck toy! That day, until his wife and my hubby were away, we would fuck several times, almost everywhere and he would feed me with his hot cum every time. I knew I would anything to make him happy.

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