Faithful wife

October 31st, 2007

A wife should never cheat on her husband even if everyone is fucking around she should keep her pussy closed and let only her husband enjoy it. This woman really knows how to do it and men would be happy to have a wife like her.

I’m 30, and I’m newlywed. But I strongly believe that even if you’re married it’s not right to forget about your friends, one must still be very close to them. One of my close friends, Brit, broke up with her boyfriend last week. We decided to go to a pub to help her forget her problems. We dropped in several pubs before we finally chose the one we liked most. We were 10 girls. It’s not surprising that we attracted attention of all men in the pub. I love flirting, but on the other hand I love my hubby.

So, I wasn’t very spunky when guys were trying to talk to me or offered to buy me a drink. Unlike some of my friends…When it was pretty late some of the girls decided to go home. When they were left we stared dancing. There were very few people in the pub, but we were still having a lot of fun dancing, drinking, and chatting. We met some men there who were dancing with us too. I was dancing with Greg. His tender words, his touch made me forget about my husband and my love for him. Is that so bad???

It was really late, maybe some three o’clock in the morning. The guys suggested going to another place to have fun there and drink and dance some more. So, we couldn’t say no. That moment I really thought it to be a great idea. We were five girls and six guys. We were sitting in the living room of a cool mansion. We all were drunk. Every girl had her own “boyfriend” and we were kissing. Everyone but Brit. No wonder – she had two guys at her disposal. I was kissing Greg, when I looked around, the situation got totally out of control! Liz was caressing her guy’s dick, her hand was sliding up and down the stem. Vickie took off her blouse, exposing her breasts. One of Brit’s guys was fondling her pussy. The party turned into a real orgy!

I looked at Greg.

-It’s not that I dislike orgies, it’s just that I don’t wanna go that far. I’m married. Do you understand me? –I told him seriously.

-it’s just wonderful! – He exclaimed smiling. – I just wanna do one thing to you, if you don’t mind.

He slid down on the floor. He was sitting there in front of my knees. He started pulling off my stockings. Though I wasn’t intending to get laid with him, I was really excited and hot that moment. I stood up from the couch to help him dress me off. Then he spread my hips wide and started kissing my pussy. It was fantastic! My snatch was well shaven as my hubby liked to feel the soft skin of my vulva lips. Greg’s tongue made me lose my head. I closed my eyes, moaning. Someone’s voice made me open them again:

-Look at Brit! Isn’t she gonna choke?

It was amazing! Brit was standing in the center of the room. She was absolutely naked, safe for her high heels and stockings. She was giving head to a guy with a giant dick. I saw her throat getting tense when she was sucking into it. Her lips touched his balls, her face was buried in his bush. Another guy was caressing her butt. He spread her lips, showing us her wet pussy. Brit’s hand was caressing his thin short cock, poking it inside of her flesh. She was moaning, swaying her hips. She was impaling herself on his pecker.

Another friend of mine, Mary, was sitting right in front of me. Her partner was kissing her clit, while she was watching Brit. Liz and her lover were watching Brit too. Liz was caressing the hard dick of his with her hand, while he was playing wit her love button. Vickie and a tall guy were to my left. He was fucking her. But Brit seemed to be having even more fun. She stopped sucking the giant dick and looked around, whispering:

-I want more dicks…

Greg looked up at me, saying:

-Sorry I gotta go.

He joined the other guys who rushed to Brit. Greg got on his knees in front of her. She squeezed her big boobs creating a kind of tunnel for his cock. His stem was the largest among the guys, in my opinion. So, he was fucking her breasts, while the rest of studs were busy with her mouth and twat. The whole thing was driving me crazy! I wanted to do the same, I wanted them to do the same to me! But I couldn’t help thinking about my hubby.

Liz couldn’t resist the temptation; guess she forgot all about her boyfriend. She got down on the floor, standing on her fours, sticking out her butt. She was lucky, one of the guys came up to her and entered her cunt. His thrusts were so mighty that soon Liz was standing right by Brit’s side in the center of the room. Liz came standing just several inched away from Brit’s ass.

Brit’s lovers were cumming. Greg’s huge stream of cum hit her breasts and stomach. But she still wanted more. She took a dick out of her mouth and said:

-More! I want more drilling! Someone! I wanna cum again!

It was incredible if take into account the number of times she’d already managed to cum! Mary’s guy loved our insatiable Brit! He turned her round, made her get on her knees and began screwing her. Another guy came up to her face. It was the moment when everyone was cumming! Vickie was crying something like:

-Oh, my God! Harder, harder! – She was cupping her legs round his waist when he was cumming in her bosom.

As for Brit. One of her partners came in her twat, the other ejaculated on her breasts.

As for Liz. Sperm was flowing down her body. She was crying:

-Yeah! More! Spurt more! I’m cumming!

Everything seemed to be unreal. I’d never found myself in such a situation. I could kick myself for not having fun with the rest of the guys. Everyone was having wild sex! I was fingering my pussy, feeling I was about to cum too. I looked at Mary, she was doing just the same thing.

-I know Ann doesn’t wanna fuck cuz of her husband, – She said. (She meant me) – I have the same situation, but I have a wonderful idea. Let all the guys gather round the couch. You’re gonna see a great show now!

Saying that she took me by the hand and made me sit on the couch. We both were almost naked. I was wearing stockings and the bra, when Mary was nude. She made me lie on the couch. She spread my hips wide. She lay down too, but her head was at the level of my hips. So it was pretty like in the 69 position. Our pussies touched each other.

-OK, guys, -She whispered, – We’ll do it this way.

The guys were standing round us. They’d just come, but their phalluses were getting hard again.

-Ann, open your pussy for the guys to see it. – Mary told me. – OK, I’ll do the same. Now stick two fingers in.

I did, adding another one too, I liked to feel it filled, you know.

-Caress you clit with your other hand, -Mary continued.

She was doing the same. Out fingers touched each other now and then. Sometimes she swayed her butt to touch mine.

-Guys, you must jack of on us, -Mary said, breathing heavily. – I want you to spurt your semen on us.

We didn’t need much time to do it. I felt like cumming in a minute. It was real bliss. I was masturbating like crazy. Six hard dick were right above me, six scrotums were about to burst.

-Mary, I’m cumming, – I whispered.

-Don’t stop. – Oh, I’m cumming. Guys ejaculate on us till we cum. Cum on us!

First I felt one of the guys cum on my boobs, then another one, and another one…Our boobs, bellies and hips were all covered with sperm. We were fingering ourselves.

We went home soon. I was happy I didn’t cheat on my husband. I didn’t mind him to have some fun too if he didn’t fuck another girl. Now I know one can feel real bliss without fucking!

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13 Responses to “Faithful wife”

  1. Mark Says:

    I dont think your very faithful, you totally cheated on your husband!!!

  2. Daniel Says:

    OMG you call that faithful your such a cheater *sigh* as are most girls

  3. Jam Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Fucking Cunt!! thats so cheating don’t think it isn’t, such a bitch

  5. Memyself Says:

    Carry on cheating girl. Tell us more, soon.

  6. Joe Says:

    Fucking bitch cheating on your husband, how can you not call that cheating? Luckly its just a story and not true. If it was true I know I would not wanna be your husband. You cheated on him bitch.

  7. daniel Says:

    i love you

  8. qtkriss Says:


  9. Kyle Says:

    I think this is a wonderful story, I loved every word of it and I want to say I respect the lady in this story for trying to stay faithful to her husband while having fun with her friends. I would love it if my wife were to go out and have a fun night like this and enjoy herself. Have some fun with her friends. Hook up with a few guys I have no problem with it unless their is vaginal penitration and even then I am okay with it aslong as she had fun and doesn’t regret it. Good story Faithful wife.

  10. george Says:

    come with us, and you will be happy. just call ask “el Torrero boys”

  11. anti-kyle Says:

    Kyle – this one is aimed at you?

    I’m a guy too so I know exactly what you mean as I want my girl to do as she pleases as well…..but how would you feel if she had EVERY opportunity as the slut described in the story above and yet she STILL didn’t want to go anywhere near any guy BUT YOU….I know this is a bit of fantasy talk you can say or whatever, but let’s just say this is heaven we are in. Your girl can get anyone she likes, do whatever she likes but she wants you….only you and she loves everything about you. What would you think of that scenario and how would you feel if you ever found a girl that trustworthy?…..sorry for the long bite…it’s just I have a girl and sometimes I tell her to do as she pleases and I don’t stop her but I guess I just want to see what she’s really like.

  12. Dan Says:

    I agree with Kyle!!! Next time get fucked. Come on and be a slut!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    i wonder how this cunt would have felt if hubby came home with twat juice all over him…… not cheating???? bullshit

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