Ellen’s sex affairs

January 4th, 2009

This slut is not wasting her time while her husband on a business trip, he’s throwing her sexy butt into some really hot adventures and I am sure you’re going to luv reading about them…

Ellen entered the room. Oliver was sitting on the sofa and doing nothing. He was obviously bored. When he saw the woman he transformed. Ellen was wearing a black chiffon gown, the collar and the bottom part of which were trimmed with faux fur. A chic satin lingerie set including a bra, thongs and a garter was seen through the fabric. The lingerie was embellished with lace. Ellen’s slender legs were covered by black stockings with a lacy band. Black patent-leather high-heeled shoes completed the picture.

- How do I look? Do you like me?

- Sure, – the man mumbled, being struck by the beauty he saw.

Ellen came up to him, kneeled down and pulled his pants down quickly. The boxers followed the pants and Ellen saw a huge cock increasing in size in her hands.

- Wow! It’s so big!!!

Saying that Ellen wrapped her full lips around the cock and sucked it inside her mouth. Oliver leaned back and started moaning blissfully.

Soon his penis was as hard as a rock and Ellen could see how huge it was. It was over 10 inches long and more than 2.5 inches in diameter with an enormously big swollen violet head. However, the woman wasn’t frightened by the size of the monster in front of her face. She kept on sucking it, having embraced the base of it and jerking the shaft. Ellen either swallowed it up to the balls or released it and licked the whole body of the cock, touching the bollocks occasionally.

- Ellen, I want you, – Oliver let out a moan.

Ellen rose and spreading her legs widely lowered herself on him. Their lips joined in a passionate kiss. Still kissing her partner Ellen moved her panties aside and directed the penis into her hot vagina.

- Ellen, I want to fuck your butt. I like smaller holes.

The woman stopped for a second and then answered playfully:

- You’re bold… You want to fuck my butt at our first date… It’s all right though… But we need to lube up my little hole, your tool is too big to enter me dry.

Ellen stretched her hand to the handbag and took the cream tube out of it. The she squeezed some on her finger and spread that over the divide between her halves.

- Ok, now let’s try. Don’t hurry…

Helping herself with a hand Ellen set the cock against her anus, parted her asscheeks and started moving her ass trying to push it into her small hole.

- It’s so big that can’t go inside…
Oliver helped Ellen. He held her waist in his hands and pulled her to him slowly impaling her butt onto his monster. Soon with their combined efforts they succeeded and giving a scream Ellen sat on the cock, up to the balls.

- Oh, my God! Your dick is too huge! – When she relaxed a bit she added, – it’s big but very sweet. Oliver, don’t hurry, please. Let me do it myself first.

Ellen started moving her ass slowly, rising till the cock was going to leave the passage and then lowering down to the base. Pretty soon despite the size of the cock Ellen’s butt was sliding over it easily constantly increasing the tempo. Oliver was breathing heavily helping his cock enter the butt deeper.

- Stop for a moment, darling, – saying that he took Ellen off his dick and pushed a bit aside. – Let’s try you from behind.

He stood up from the sofa. Ellen kneeled down obediently leaning her hands against the back of the couch and moved her thighs widely apart. Oliver came up to her from the rear, looked at her and stroked it tenderly.

- You’ve got such a butt that no men can resist it. I guess it’s not the first time your ass is being pumped? – He asked.

- I’ve experienced butt-fucking a few times, – she confessed. – But it’s my first time with such a tremendous dick! You’ve barely torn my hole. Hey, are we going to talk or fuck??? – Ellen grinned and put her head on the back of the sofa.

She spread her halves and Oliver thrust deep. Ellen screamed and they continued. Soon they built the tempo. Everything mixed, patting, panting, moans… Oliver pulled down Ellen from the back of the sofa and fucked her standing on his knees. Then he put her on her fours on the floor in the middle of the room and kept on drilling into her, standing over the woman on half-bent legs.

- I’m tired, honey, let’s move to the bed, – Oliver said rising. He helped her to stand up and pulled her to the bed.

- Shall I lie on my back or belly?

- Whatever, I’ll fuck you anyway…

- You’re so hot! Fuck me to death! – Ellen said putting her legs high.

He positioned behind her on his knees, put her legs on his shoulders and gripping the woman at her waist impaled her on his phallus. Ellen moaned and they went on fucking.

Holding Ellen by the waist with his left hand Oliver put his right one into her panties and started caressing her. Soon the woman was near her climax. She held the bed with her both hands and was impaling her butt on the partner’s dick fiercely. Suddenly she stopped and her body began shaking:

- A-ah! Oh, lord! I’m coming!!! Hold me tight!!!

He gripped her by the waist with his both hands and pressed to him. At that moment Ellen burst out, she screamed, then moaned, her body was spasming. Oliver could hardly hold her. It all lasted for a minute or two, then she leaned against the back of teh sofa and smiled blissfully.

- Oliver, you’re so nice… I haven’t had such an orgasm for years. I thought my womb was going to fall out.

Saying that she moved a bit aside and pulled the cock out of her butt. She raised her legs high, put them together and pressing them to her breast took off the panties quickly.

- Look at my lips, they’re so swollen and wet, – she said and moved her thighs apart.

The view was fantastic! And they both smelled the odor of female juices. Oliver, as well as any other man, couldn’t look at that for a long time and mumbling “What a nice pussy!” he set his face between the woman’s legs. Ellen screamed from surprise and lying more comfortably spread her legs wider. Oliver’s skillful tongue worked well and soon Ellen was moaning. The man didn’t have to work long and it all repeated once again. A wave of pleasure consumed Ellen, she squeezed Oliver’s head between her thighs and a long moan went out of her. She parted her legs only when her climax released her. Oliver made a deep breath.

- You’ve nearly suffocated me, – he said recovering her breath.

- I’m a hot girl, you should have expected that! – She whispered licking her lips. – I’ve climaxed twice and you didn’t. Give me your dick!

She kneeled down allowing him to lie comfortably. She positioned herself between his thighs standing on her fours. She took Oliver’s cock with her right hand and jerking it off embraced the head with her full lips and started working with her tongue. He was breathing with bliss. And here convulsions went through his body and he moaned:

- Do it faster, I can’t…!!! Deeper, deeper, into your throat!

He wrapped Ellen’s head with his both arms and impaled her deep on his huge cock… She made an attempt to free herself as the dick entered too deep but the man’s strong hands held her tight. She could hardly breathe with her nose and stopped still being afraid to move. At that moment Oliver let out a long moan and a spurt of semen hit the girl’s mouth, then again and again. It seemed to Ellen it would never stop. She couldn’t gulp everything and the sperm was flowing out of her mouth.

At last Oliver relaxed and stretched himself on the bed removing his hands from Ellen’s head. She had a chance to make a breath at last… She didn’t raise her head but licked the cum from the man’s dick. When she swallowed the last drop she looked at him:

- I was going to choke! Why do you have so much semen? Haven’t you fucked anyone for a long time?

Oliver didn’t reply, he half-rose and wiped the drop of cum from Ellen’s chin. She licked his finger greedily.

- Let’s go to the kitchen, have a cigarette and drink something. My throat is dry, – the man said rising from the bed.

- I don’t mind, but my throat is not dry at all! – Ellen smiled.

She stood up and put on the panties, straightened the gown and followed Oliver to the kitchen.
At the kitchen the woman put a bottle of cognac, a dish with a lemon and an ashtray on the table.

- Sorry, but I didn’t expect this date and haven’t cooked anything.

- No problem, – Oliver said pouring the drink into the glasses. – Cheers!

They drank, had a cigarette and started talking about nothing serious.

- Ellen, can I have some coffee? – Oliver asked.

- Sure, – she rose, took the cups from the cabinet and came up to Oliver.

- Can you move aside, please. I need to get the coffee.

He obeyed and Ellen opened the cabinet hanging on the wall. Looking for the coffee she had to raise her hands high and her short gown pulled up exposing the inviting butt. Of course, he couldn’t look at her curves calmly. He put his hands on her asschecks and started kneading them.

- Your ass is cool! – Oliver stood up and leaned all his weight on Ellen and thus put her on the table.

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