Damn, Maria!

January 17th, 2008

When you go on vacation with your wife, you’d better watch out for local hot studs, especially if you are in Mexico! Those guys love fucking perverted white pussies!

The summer vacation started off drastically. We shouldn’t have gone at all with our ridiculous income, but we really wanted to go to the sea. So, we decided to go to Mexico.

We started fighting on the way there. My wife spends money like a cheap whore, and I had to be convincing her to wait until we got to the shopping spots. But she would still buy any piece of shit that she liked. Money was melting right on my eyes. By the time we’ve arrived we fought so much that we stopped talking to each other. We even went to the different beaches.

There was one just one hour south of Cancun Airport, the Hidden Beach Resort that she picked to go to “spectacular vistas of the Mexican Caribbean sea…” Yeah, right! But the main thing it is a nude beach! I preferred to stay at the normal beach where people wear bikinis and shorts. So she would go off to that nude beach and I stayed at our civilized one.

I was in a terrible mood and got sick of just lying on my belly drinking pina-colladas. I decided to hang out at the local market and went walking around the shops. Suddenly I heard such a familiar voice…my wife’s prattling voice. I turned around and saw her. She was talking to the young Mexican who was telling her all kinds of compliments and at the same time was convincing her to buy something.

- “Mam, you are the most beautiful white woman I have ever seen in my life. Now, I have to go visit the United States for sure. I must give you the best deal on your purchase!”

He was telling her stuff like this and she seemed to be flattered. I could tell she was buying that shit! It’s not that I got mad, but I got surprised. She never liked Mexicans; she would even say bad things about those Mexican playboys. But look at her! She was so into that young boy! She was so flattered from his compliments.

He dropped a pine apple and got out from the counter to pick it up. He put the fruit back on a shelf. In such a sassy way he slightly touched Mary’s ass. She squealed but that wasn’t a burst of indignation. Since we’ve been married for ten years I’ve learned to recognize her different tones of voice. And trust me she was getting turned on!

My heart started beating fast! She wasn’t flirting with him… but it was something different. But for sure there was something naughty. She paid for her stuff and decided to hold on with buying the fruits. The guy told her it would be better if she would come in the evening for the freshest fish and fruits in town.

- “Lady, please come back in the evening! Especially, for such a beauty like you I will get the best fruits and flowers of Mexico!”

She was walking out and turned her head like a movie girl:

- “Oh, yeah? I’ll see if I feel like coming back…but thank you…you are very nice and generous!”

- “It’s my pleasure! But if you want to thank me than come by this evening…”

He shouted as she was crossing the road. She passed me by and had that satisfied face. Oh, I was so mad! I had a reason to be mad! She was flirting with that young macho, he was like twenty and she just turned 34. Oh, I thought to my self I would give her a hard time that evening.

But I didn’t say anything…I caught myself on the thought that it would be stupid to tell her I watched her flirting with that boy who touched her ass. That it would be stupid to complain that her “oh, god, what are you doing, young man?!” was fake… she would probably make fun of me and say something like “so, you were just standing there and watching some Mexican lad lay a hand on your wife?” …

And she would probably bring up the old shit that happened three years ago in NY. Late at night we ended up for some reason in Brooklyn and some drunken teenagers started a fight with us. I tried to fight with them, but the first fist knocked me down. While I was coming to my senses they grabbed Mary and put her against the wall. They grabbed her tits, pulled up her skirt and took off her panties… fortunately, the police came on time and arrested those damn, fuckers.

They ran away and didn’t get caught. I and my wife didn’t talk for like three weeks. So, I am not a super-man. I’m not good in fist fighting; I just don’t respect physical force. And this time I didn’t know what to do. I had nothing to complain about to my wife…I kept silent and kept on thinking a plan.

Mary dropped by the bar to tell me she was going to go for a walk downtown. I didn’t react. I had another shot and again in my head there was a picture of that sales-boy’s dirty hand on my wife’s ass… I got up like there was a spring on the chair and ran to catch a cab.

The streets were empty. Everyone was at the beach-party. Something like the full-moon party or whatever, I didn’t care; all I could think about was Mary.

I arrived to that guy’s shop and stood outside by the phone-box. I was watching. That macho was all over my wife, getting her drinks and feeding her fruits. His hands were going on her thighs, her waist, her hips and a couple of times he managed to put his hand on her bust.

She was laughing at his words; he was whispering them in her ear. She was pretending to push him away a few times, saying she was a married woman. But, hell no, she didn’t care! She was enjoying that bustard. She loved his touching and was excited! I know her.

He offered her to help him close down the shop, but that first they had to try the fish he cooked. He asked her to follow him to the kitchen:

- “Maria, please follow me, I will feed you the fish you have never tried in your life! One day, I will become famous for it!”

They started laughing, and he grabbed her hand to take her somewhere in the back.

I was following them quietly. It was dark in there. I slowly went through the corridor and heard their voices and music. There were candles on the table and it seemed like a real date.

At first, I didn’t believe my ears, but it was clear what I heard was exactly what I thought. That young Mexican boy was fucking my wife! I carefully came up to the half-open door.

They were down on the hammock and he was kissing her legs! My wife, my wife! She was breathing hard and saying his name! They were making out for a while and than he picked her up and pushed her against the wall. He tore down her dress and shoved his dick inside her. She was moaning like she had already gotten an orgasm…

Than he put her on the couch in the doggy style and shoved her from the back as hard as he could. His dick was going in and out Mary’s pussy. The Mexican was roaring in pleasure. And she was moaning…she was lovesick from his powerful pushes. To be honest, I have never heard such passion in her voice.

I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe the fact that this young sucker could get that woman so much pleasure. But I had to admit it. She didn’t stop moaning for a second. I saw she was getting love stoned. She was giving all of her sex fantasies to the hands of the young macho.

He started cuming and took out his dick from her wide open pussy. I dropped my jaws! His dick was much thicker and longer than mine. And he was so fit…the rhythm of his moves was much harder as well… His sperm was going down Mary’s ass and she was lying there waiting for him to continue.

In a minute he straddled my wife. It started all over again. He was slapping her ass from time to time and she was saying he had the best and the strongest hands in the world. Than he asked her:

- “How would you like me to do you? Do you have a favorite position?”

- “Oh, don’t worry! I don’t care…just fuck me the way you like!”

Her voice was so passionate. He laughed, took out his dick and came up to her head. He grabbed her hair and took her face to his dick.

Mary’s lips opened automatically and his dick went inside her mouth. She was sucking his dick and took it all the way down to his Mexican balls. She did it herself! He didn’t make her do it! I was shocked and kept on watching his huge dick disappear in her throat.

“How can she breathe?” I was thinking to myself…and felt that weird turn on. I felt my dick got really hard and my hand was going to my pants. In a minute I was already jerking my feeble dick watching the Mexican macho fucking my wife.

I even started desiring to see his dick fucking her as hard as he could. Her every passionate moan reflected a sweet self-humiliation in my brain.

“Cum inside her mouth! Fuck her! Make her swallow all of it! Make her cum! Please her! Fuck out my wife! Take her the way you want it!” – I was begging inside my head and jerked my cock.

He was having her again and again as if he could hear my calls. She just sucked the lavish fountain of sperm he shot in her mouth and her face… and he turned her around to fuck her in the ass.

She had a big round ass, but even my average size dick had difficulties going inside her anal…And his dick was probably ripping her off. But extremely turned on horny Maria, as he called her, heroically underwent the active penetration of the Latin dick deep inside her anal…

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5 Responses to “Damn, Maria!”

  1. Bill W. Says:

    Man I wish this happened to my wife last week in Cozumel.

  2. dick Says:

    you had my cock cum so goood!!!

  3. carol L Says:

    Love this story, made me rememeber when I went to mexico with my sister’s boyfriend. cause she had to work. the minute i got there I was showing off at the beach. that night we met up with some people at the bar and I guess me being the slut I am, must have turn on the guys my sister’s husband was talking to. the three of them came over and said we should go to out room and have some more drinks and fuck me. I got hot just thinking about that, so on the way to the room I stripped as I walked in front of the guys. be they were all hard before we go to the room, and the best thing that happend along the way is we got caught by a hot chick walking back to her room, I could see she was also thinking this was to hot to watch me nude with three guys and she kept looking at my long legs and hot ass, so I finally asked her if she was alone and she said not her husband was in the room sleeping, I asked her if she wanted to come for some drinks, she jumped at the chance. when we got to the room, I kiss her and she put her tounge in my mouth and then all of us stripped her naked. I then went down into a 69 position with her and man we all went wild, they guys started to fucked us as we licked each other’s pussies clean. It just got better from there.

    Mexico is great for hot sex.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    que horror, la mujer es puta!!!

  5. 6-inch Dick Says:

    Thailand is better
    In the streets, I’ve once just suddenly pulled by a really hot girl with busty tits and started opening my pants int he backstreets. I cummed her in the pussy
    I wonder if she is pregnant…

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