A nice comparison!

August 18th, 2007

Two young married couples meet to celebrate a birthday, but it’s going to be more than just a celebration, two wives and two husbands, why not discard the moral views and forget about that?

I have known Vlad and Irina for years; we have celebrated different holidays together. This time we met to mark Vlad’s birthday.

We spent the evening very well, drinking and having fun, and late in the day, when everybody was drunk, Irina decided to clean the table leaving only drinks and appetizers as well. Vlad and my Ann went out on the balcony to have smoke, for I decided to help Irina with the cleaning: she looked so tired. Thus, standing in the kitchen and wiping the dishes and talking things I suddenly realized that Vlad and Ann retarded over the smoking out there, I had to confess Ann catching Vlad’s fancy recently. When I tried to talk to her sincerely, she assured me of her faithfulness saying that she would never cheat on me. Ann never gave me a reason for jealousy, saying that she was truly pleased with me. But she was capable of wonderful things when drunk and this wild energy of hers made me alert over her behavior. She became loose and was able to do anything. In her 36 Ann looked sexy and perfect, with round nice ass and big tits, black hair and long legs. (more…)

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This can’t be true…

August 16th, 2007

They set off on a train trip and meet this couple in the compartment, they decide to try swing for the first time in their life and it seems like a good idea! Wild sex and new feelings, see your spouse being fucked and fucking yourself, what can be sweeter?

My name is Elen. Not long ago my husband, Pete and I met a very nice swing couple, Laura and Edward. We liked each other immediately but didn’t have a good chance to meet, although soon Christmas was about to come and we decided to spend our weekends together in Chicago. We warned everyone at work, got everything planned, bought all the stuff we needed, the only thing we missed out were the tickets we didn’t had not bought in advance. We came to the station (that was really packed as it was Christmas!), so we couldn’t get tickets for one compartment, still we decided to go thinking that we would be able to trade places with our neighbors. (more…)

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Alone on a secluded island, away from the city, they are just two men and two women, they can leave all the prejudices behind and dive into the waterfall of sex, no barriers, no restrictions.

The stars were hanging right above our heads, the fire was burning away, me and Berta were sitting near the tent looking at the big stars. Vlad and Mila went for a walk, though when they said they were going for a walk their faces were so enigmatic that we understood what kind of ‘walk’ they meant. They took a light and disappeared in the dark of the trees leaving us alone near the fire. We were sitting like this in silence until we heard Mila’s moans not far away from us.

- They sure aren’t wasting their time, Mila said raising and going into the tent.
- Where are you going? I asked
- I’ll be right back, and she got in the tent leaving me alone at the fire. (more…)

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New Year party

July 11th, 2007

The four of us spent the whole night of New Year eve on the carpet. Sex was followed by drinks and so on: fun went on without delay…The best New Year ever!
After we had fun in the bathhouse with Lenny and his friends, I don’t know why but somebody probably put the jinx on my wife. She was still beautiful as before but some lustful fire flashed in her eyes. Walking down the streets in mink coat and long boots she drew attention of men, passing by. They looked at her lustfully, like willing to undo her cloth and fuck her right there.
It was on the New Year’s Eve. I was so busy doing my job that failed to guess how to celebrate the New Year in a proper way.
- So, how are we going to celebrate the New Year Eve? – she asked
- Well, let it be in the family circle? – I proposed
The day before the party, I was on my way home when my cellular phoned: it turned to be my old school girlfriend. She congratulated me on Happy New Year and suggested that we should join them, to mark this important occasion. I decided to let my wife know first, and then I would call her back. My spouse gave consent and we resolved to join them. Her husband, Andrew, was an engineer and made a lot of money. In her turn she was found some company producing milk and dairy products. She was tallish, slim and charming woman, with round face big boobs and long legs. I used to love and admire her yet a school pupil then she moved to another city and we had never seen each other afterwards. Now we both have a family and round of own duties.
We visited them on the New Year Eve: Andrew’s apartment was comfortable and spacious. I and Andrew were savoring cocktail while women were in the kitchen, engaged in cooking some three-course dish. We were talking politics and sport while female part of our group discussed some latest events of show-business and fashion. (more…)

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Family meetings

July 10th, 2007

When I and my husband decided to try swing I wasn’t very happy about it, but when I saw Billy and his cock I forgot all my doubts…

It may sound strange, but I am happy with our marriage. All my friends complain about their husbands, but I am happy with Peter. We have been married for 7 years, and he still is tender, nice, and caring. My co-worker cheats on her husband, but I never had a desire to cheat on mine. I feel so good in bed that sometimes I don’t believe my own luck. Peter is very smart and he understands me, so I’m not ashamed to do anything in sex. As soon as we got married we began doing everything. My husband always tells me not to be shy. He likes when I look horny and naughty in the bed. He buys me underwear, and all of my friends are jealous. Once I told my co-worker that my husband likes to tie me. She was shocked; she said that he was a sexual maniac. But I don’t think so, because I feel so good with him. I even like him being so active. Once we were returning from the restaurant in a taxi, and he made me fondling him. I acted as if I was drunk, and a driver hadn’t noticed anything.

My husband says that I’m a nymphomaniac. He told me once that he married me because I had let him fuck me on our first date. I don’t remember how it had happened. I had some guys before him, but I didn’t like them at all. But I liked Peter right away. I agreed to marry him without thinking. And I am not upset about it. Peter is a businessman. I am happy and satisfied with him.

But to tell you honestly, I worry a little about him now. I think he is jealous. Sometimes he asks stupid questions. He looks suspicious. I don’t understand what he wants.

It began after the story I want to tell you. I think it is Peter’s fault. It was his idea. (more…)

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Starting swingers

July 10th, 2007

Sexual life can never be rich enough…try some varieties – change partners with your friends, for example!

We have been married happily for more than 12 years, we are immigrants from Russia now we live in one of the warm American states.
My wife Anna is really fun, out sexual life is rich, we make love almost everyday and it’s good for us.
That wasn’t always like this.
A few years ago, at a dog show we met a married couple soon we became somewhat friends, we communicated by the phone mainly and met occasionally. They invited us to the parties sometimes, I must say those parties were boring, the people who showed up at the parties talked about dogs only, for us it wasn’t a good subject to be discussed at a lively party.
Once at a party like this we met a married couple, they came up to us immediately after the host introduced us to each other. Pola was a tall, slender Italian woman who looked like mulatto, she attracted my attention immediately with her alluring, erotic dress which wasn’t quite appropriate for a party like this. The dress exposed the body parts which are usually hidden. When her thin and long fingers were in my palm I felt an excitement, she looked straight into my eyes, she slightly tickled my palm with her fingers while shaking hands. Mike, her husband was a short wide-shouldered bold American. (more…)

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