Hardcore paradise

June 6th, 2008

Have you ever thought what paradise for sex lovers is? Read this story and find out what it is, I am sure you’re going to like it…

“You’re so uninhibited…”

“I had a good teacher…” She smiled. “When I was 19 I met a guy who was 24. I was seeing him for several years and he taught me a lot of things. He discovered my sensuality. We tried everything from classical positions to some sex action and gang bangs. Is it ok I’m telling you this? Are you jealous?” She smiled again.

“No, no. Tell me your greatest experience.”

It was autumn, we were going to celebrate our second anniversary. Nick told me we would go on a trip to some swing resort in Jamaica. It was a very private resort and he had to try really hard to get us there. According to his stories, people never wore clothes there, one could have sex anywhere and with anybody they wanted. I’d been dreaming to visit that kind of place where I could finally get what I wanted and as much as I wanted! I was inching to pack my things and get on the plane.

We landed at night. Hotel worker picked us from the airport. As soon as we got in the car he suggested us take off our clothes and put on some see through smocks. We didn’t mind the dress up.

The resort was surrounded by tall fence walls for nobody to be able to see what was going on there. We had to leave our cameras in a special box at the entrance. We could keep our cell phones “for our comfort,” as the receptionist said. The doorkeeper wearing just a white gown showed us to our bungalow. There was a pool by it and there were some open air gyms on the beach. (more…)

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Hot foursome

May 28th, 2008

Two couples get together and have too much to drink, it’s going to be a wild party and the night is going to be even wilder…

Ladies and gentlemen, dear perverts!

I’m gonna tell you a true fuckin story. It happened to me and my beau a few years ago.

We had friends that we used to hang out with. Cause my bf and that girl’s bf were colleagues. So we would always spend weekends and other days off with them and do just the usual go outs and house parties.

So it was another weekend. Just an ordinary winter weekend. Me and Benji were cuddling on the sofa and didn’t know how to entertain ourselves. The phone rang. It was Joel. He asked Benji to bring some papers he needed to look at. He said he would really appreciate it if he could drop them by his place and that it would be cool to hang out over at their house. On the way to their house we got a bottle of cognac. We know Joel and Nicole love to have some from time to time.

So we drank, and started getting kinds drunk. We sang, we danced and acted naughty. Sometimes, when one drinks it is real fun. It’s like being under anesthesia. Everyone was in a good mood and it is fun to talk about intimate stuff. (more…)

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Principles of Lust

March 20th, 2008

Two couples meet and drink together, they conversation turns to sexual issues and they share the most intimate fantasies, men get excited and their wives are to please them!

Clyde and Andreas have been drinking since 6 pm and already got pretty buzzed. Their conversation got absolutely loose character. Clyde asked Andreas about his wife:

“So your Laura… how often does she want sex?”

“Well, I don’t know. It depends. Sometimes she wants me few times a day, other times she has “headache” for weeks. What about your Mary?”

“Mary is so horny!!! All the fuckin time! No matter how much I do her she keeps on longing for more. If she gets turned on she goes wild. She doesn’t give a fuck if there are people around, if I’m tired, anything! Sometimes it freaks me out. I want to tell you my friend… I’m afraid that as time will go and if I can’t handle to satisfy her all the time she will leave me for someone else. But you know what? She’s the best one I’ve ever had. She is the best in bed. I can’t find anyone better than her…” and Clyde became kinda sad. (more…)

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Swingers in the country house

February 18th, 2008

When you’ve spent a lot of years with your wife, you certainly feel that your sexual life gets kind of bleak and unexciting, that’s where swingers come to color it up!

My wife stretched her hand to touch his pecker. She asked me to turn round in order not to embarrass her but I could easily see everything reflected in the window. I saw her clutching on the dick, she was playing with it then, becoming braver with every single touch. Her palm was already sliding along the stem making the cock get hard and large. Zoe was getting more and more aroused. Then she got on her knees and neared her face to the purple red dickhead. I’d seen it so many times during fifteen years of our marriage. She loved to please me orally, moreover, she managed to cum several times shivering in orgasm, sucking me to cum. My wife was still so beautiful!

It was usual for her to stretch her hand to her vulva lips after the second or third orgasm and rub the crotch, or toss the clit frantically, or stick her fingers deep in her pussy. I could only last for about 15 minutes looking at her, and then I erupted a huge cumload in her mouth. She sucked me to drain then she lay by my side and fingered herself till she came. I was too exhausted to do anything usually so I lay still fondling her tits, caressing the nipples with the tip of my tongue. When it wasn’t enough for her she asked me to lick her vagina. That made her go plumb crazy! She usually climaxed so loud and had such long orgasms… (more…)

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New Year party

February 8th, 2008

A party should always be interesting and exciting, have you ever thought of a party that swingers have at New Year?

It was December, 31, and our friends Alex and Vicky arranged a party in their place. My wife and I were invited. The main thing about the party was that everyone was supposed to wear a mask on his\her face. Alex and Vicky were really great party planners, and they definitely could organize the best and most unforgettable parties ever.

We were dressing up for the party when I saw my wife trying her mask wearing just her tiny panties and stockings. I couldn’t pass her by. I came up close and kissed her neck. My dick was hard and I wanted her desperately. It was the mask that turned me on. I wanted to make love to that “stranger”. She turned round and we shared a very deep and passionate kiss. She felt the dick poking at her hip through my pants, so she squatted down and unzipped the fly. She started caressing it. It was so hot to watch a girl in a mask kneading my cock. The pic was driving me crazy, and I was absorbed in most unusual sensations.

I made her stand up and turned her around. I saw hew wonderful butt in front of my face. I saw her sparkling eyes behind the mask reflecting in the mirror. I entered her pussy. It was very quick but vehement sex. She arched her back and cried out with pleasure when I came inside her. I was watching her going to shower and I couldn’t stop thinking about the mask cause it was the mask that blew my mind. (more…)

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Best friends

February 7th, 2008

Family friends are the most precious thing you have, you can share your secret fantasies with them and hope that one day they’ll come true….

This fascinating chain of events started off with my wedding. Okay, let’s start with my colleague-friend Collin. We used to hang out a lot on Fridays after exhausting work days. He is a good fun to take a drink with, play pool, bowl and anything that guys like doing together. We liked talking. Talking about silly stuff, life issues, sometimes we would get even philosophical. But most of all we liked talking about women. We always ended up talking about women. You know, all men do.

We were in our early 20s and weren’t that experienced with women. Perhaps the lack of them in our lives was the reason why we were obsessed about them and could talk about them for hours.

But one day I told Collin I wanted to propose Tina because I felt she was the one. He knew her from his previous job at the consulting agency and said she was the perfect match for me. He asked me who would be the best-man. And I said I had no idea. He smacked me and said he wants to be the man. I was glad I had a friend like him.

My wedding party was awesome. There Collin met this girl Ashley who was married back than and her husband was in the Air Force. When he got back from Iraq Ashley told him to fuck off. She said she has fallen in love with Collin while he was fighting the stupid war. (more…)

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Time for new sensations

December 29th, 2007

Two couples decide to spice up their sexual life, they meet and have a really good time, when they exchange partners it gets really hot…

“Here is an old dream coming true. I wonder if they’re also trembling and excited. I guess so. It’s their first time too. Ok, I gotta stop shivering, maybe it won’t work anyway,” Rob was excited just like his wife. “Amy is so sexy today. When she reached for her purse lying on the back seat, I was about to cum seeing her sweet butt in a tight skirt. I guess I even saw her stockings… I wish I could persuade her not to put on panties… I wish I could get under her skirt and fondle her shaven pussy. Well I can do it through her panties, right? But I’d better not. I gotta wait for a while, she’s just too excited now anyway. Man, just 15 minutes left. I wonder what it’s gonna be like…”

The car turned over the corner and pulled up. He could smell the aroma of green vegetation and warm summer breeze. 7 minutes left.

-Well, Amy let’s smoke and get it started.

-Are you ready?

-Yeah, you? Have you changed your mind?

Cigarette smell mixed with the smell of summer breeze.

-No, honey, I haven’t, – Amy whispered. – I do want it.

-Well, then it’s time for new sensations. (more…)

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New friends…

December 19th, 2007

Two family couples meet at the bar, they have a lot of fun there, why not have more fun together in a more intimate environment…

We extend our thanks to the author JOHN SMITH.

Kathy and I are thirty eight and have become more sexually active since our encounter with Tim and Jill. We decided to go out for dinner by ourselves this particular evening. Both Kathy and I work out at the gym three times a week. I would say that we are both physically fit. For a woman of 38, Kat looks fantastic as she is 5’3 Blondie hair, green eyes. I’m 5’10 with brown eyes and short brown hair.

We went to a restaurant for dinner and it was very crowded. We decided to go to the bar for a drink. On the other side of the bar was a couple, she was a larger woman and he was a big guy as well. Kat said I think that woman is looking at you. I laughed it off, as I smiled at the woman. The woman was a larger woman but she had an attractive appearance about her. She had deep brown eyes with wavy black hair which appeared to have a touch of red in it. She came behind me and said I know you from somewhere don’t I? Her breasts were leaning against my back. Kat said that she must have been mistaken. The woman apologized and we started talking about the restaurant. She stated her name was Missy and her husband was Billy. We heard a name called by the hostess, Missy said I’ll be right back. She came back and asked us if we would like to join them for dinner. Kat said sure why not. (more…)

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Right to be the first

November 25th, 2007

Two family couples get together and arrange a party, they get totally wasted and the real fun begins, they exchange their wives and open new feelings for themselves…

It was long time ago. I was married, Susan was married too. Our families were really good friends. What was it like? Well, we liked to hang out together, we loved to arrange parties, that’s what our friendship was like, basically.

Susan’s hubby David was a very self-seeking and thrifty guy. It took him quite a lot of time to decide whether to introduce us to his wife or not. He must have second sight, by the way…

As soon as I saw Susan I realized we were meant to be together. She wanted to have fun and get nasty, and I wanted her. She was so unlike my wife: her firm boobs, her slender long legs, lustful look of her black eyes were so arousing… We didn’t even have to say anything; one could easily see the desire in our eyes.

We were wasted that night. Everyone, but David. He was habitually sober. We arranged that party to drink, eat some tasty food and dance. It was gonna be great fun. (more…)

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November 12th, 2007

Sometimes you want to change your wife and try swing but the bad thing is that it doesn’t always turn out well

I and my wife have known Steve and Jane for quite a long time. I would say we used to be couple- friends. We often had dinners together, barbeques, went out couple of times.

I and my wife are the same age. Jane is five years older than us and Steve is for seven. Even though there’s such age difference we got along very well.

So, one day it was my wife’s birthday. Her name is Lisa. We invited our couple-friends over to our place. Just as usual. We decided not to invite anybody else and have a small best-friends party.

As we have agreed Steve and Jane came over in the evening. It was kinda boring in the beginning but when everyone had a bit of a drink Steve offered to play strip-poker. I was totally in, because I’ve seen Jane with no panties on and Steve has leered Lisa naked that time when we had a pool-party. But ladies did not like that idea so much.

Than Lisa offered a kissing game with an extra rule- kissing partners must fraternize with each other. In half an hour we all have kissed each other and got pretty buzzed. We danced like wild, than had tequila, than danced again… Suddenly out of nowhere we started a conversation on each family’s sex life with intimate details. Steve as the most experienced among us in such things as he is the oldest and it’s his second marriage talked a lot. (more…)

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