Good bye!

September 14th, 2007

What is it like to have your last lesson with a teacher whom you really love, she is a sexy female slut, but she is the professor, kind of inaccessible, or not quite so?

- Bye, and don’t’ forget, you have a test on your next class! He looked at her, the only desire he was having at that moment was to have this woman in his hugs.

SHE was his teacher, and too much depended on her in his future life. he was supposed to study abroad, and he was in need of studying French very well to have this opportunity as he was gonna to Sorbonne, she was a very skilled and professional teacher, but he couldn’t succeeded in the language of Gauls, and that’s why he always had to stay late to finish the exercises. He was both angry and happy to stay a bit longer with her, she was writing something down in her note book.

Having cats up her eyes she looked him: Oh, my God, did he really want HER? But he was her student, and rules of subordination prevented anything between them. Thought it wouldn’t hurt me now, but stop!!! I shouldn’t think of it! I mustn’t even admit a mere thought of it! I had not had sex for a whole week, my pussy was leaking and it turned very hot down there… damn, I am sitting with my legs open and he saw it!

I was looking at her, strong desire to put her in dog style and bang right here didn’t give me a moment’s rest! Heh, here I have one more exercise, and I have to finish it. I know she us married, but … you can never tell! Perhaps he had hot bang yesterday night! Hell, it takes only a mere thought of sex to get a cock stand! She is gonna call me to see how well I go! What? (more…)

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August 29th, 2007

For a college student to pass an exam it takes lots of time to cram for it, but there is another way if you are a girl and your professors are experienced and horny males, do you want to pass the exam, welcome…

Once, (it was May outdoors) I had to face some troubles with my exams, I wanted to pass it another day, as I had to leave the city for a week. That’s why I called to the professor who was supposed to pass me, and asked to let me do it another day. Mister Andrew was having a headache and asked me to come to his office for a talk at 8 pm. As the evening promised to be hot I dressed some summer top and short skirt. I have to also add that my body has always turned guys on, long roundish legs, tight round ass and a slender waist. When I entered his office it seemed to me that he had been waiting for only me, I came in and started repeating my request again. Then, may be too soon for the teacher, he agreed suddenly to me: “we shall see”. At this moment I felt his hand passing down my thighs up to my secret region of the body. I started and looked at him, his advances confused as the situation was clumsy!

Mister Andrew didn’t miss his chance, he took this opportunity to make his game go on, and his palm reached my kitty and groped my pussy. “I see you can pass your exam right now, huh?” he asked flicking my clit with fingers. I thought that it would be bad to rebuff him; he was a handsome man of 37, so I gave in. then Mister Andrew removed my panties.Mister Andrew started by kissing me softly on the lips, gently pinching my nipples with his hands. I let out a moan and his grip on my nipples tightened. I couldn’t do anything to myself, I was really enjoying it! He kissed my neck, softly nibbling on it, knowing that was my spot might be. Mister Andrew could feel my pussy begin to get wet as he made his way down my body. Kissing my belly, making me arch my back, Mister Andrew slowly inserted a finger into my soaking wet pussy. Frankly, I had never seen and even thought of such intimacy between a college teacher and his girl student before. Like it was the most natural thing in the world to do, Mister Andrew stripped off his clothes, kissed me long and slowly on the lips. As for me, I am always being open to new things looked up and smiled at my dirty teacher. (more…)

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Extra curriculum activities

August 27th, 2007

They study together at college, she is the cream of the crop, pretty, sexy, intelligent, he wants her so much and once a nice opportunity comes up, they stay together alone after the rehearsal and it happens…. The story is real

The grey building of the university abutted by the road. My taxi pulled up at the entrance. Several more yards and I entered the hall. My first class was on the third floor. It took some time to get upstairs, there were crowds of people running, rushing in both directions. The first floor, the second floor. Standing on the last storey I heard a ringing “Hi”. A pair of sparkling brown eyes was staring at me. Hither was responsible for the faculty’s extra curriculum activities. She had a snow-white smile, cheerful look, and curly hair. (more…)

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