November 12th, 2008

You can’t be in love with your wife all the time, you’ll get tired of her sooner or later and that’s the time when you should discover something new and exciting…

The air was stale and hard to breathe. Neither short-sleeved flannel shirt with all buttons undone occasionally nor air conditioning in the office or car, even the fact that total time spent in the open air on the way to work and back home was not more that half an hour could help in this situation. Nothing, just nothing could save you from the heat.

Two hours after he’d had a shower he started to feel the skin on his face become wet and greasy. A drop of sweat would roll down his backbone at first slowly then faster and faster. His boxers were not very close fitting that’s why the drop would slide between the headband and his body along the tailbone between the buttocks touching and tickling tenderly the most secret spot. He couldn’t say if he liked that or not. It always happened so unexpectedly that all he was able to feel was slight tickling, a drop of sweat in his butt and wet coolness. He knew it wasn’t repulsive but he wasn’t willing to repeat that either. He didn’t feel fear of becoming a gay as it seemed so primitive and deserving attention of those only who really had to be afraid of that.

It was mid-August. Midday temperature was over 35 degrees centigrade. Half of the office personnel were on vacation and those unlucky to work in this conditions used to be late for work and disappear after lunch. It seemed everybody from all offices went on vacation. Partners, customers, even the company manager who had never been on vacation and was considered a thorough workaholic stopped replying to e-mails and receiving phone calls, he had forwarded all the calls and correspondence to his employees. There were not so many inquiries. However, business was not very successful as there cannot be any business without people. And those who didn’t manage to leave their workplaces could just envision those more fortunate be dancing at a disco or relaxing in the open air. (Read More…)

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Her first story. Part 2

November 10th, 2008

The job in the brothel is not that bad and the girl gets to experience several strongest orgasms in a row…

Zoe was introducing the sluts.

“Good night gentlemen! I’m happy to see you in our brothel. Here’re our girls, you can take one or you have several of them. It’s up to you. What are your preferences – do you like blondes, brunettes, or maybe hot ginger ones? Look at these boobs, gentlemen. Monica is one of the hottest babes you’ve ever seen. And Victoria has the loveliest and sexiest ass in the world. And this is Andy, she’s a blowjob pro…”

One of the clients liked Monica’s tits and led her to a room. The second was still undecided. He was looking so smugly looking girls up and down. He was ugly. He was short, bold, he had a black mustache and a hooked nose. He was tanned and reminded Kelly of some southern hotel manager. He was about 50 and she considered him to be mummy old.

So the client was silent, thinking. Zoe decided to take advantage of the situation.

“Would you like it cheaper? And younger? Here’s a new face. She doesn’t know much yet, she’s just lost virginity but check her body and her boobies out. What a cute butt she has! Kelly, come over here.”

The girl standing by Kelly’s side pushed her out of the line. The client was staring at Kelly very attentively walking round, squeezing her boobs and buttocks (Kelly trembled and blushed). Then he asked her to open her mouth and looked inside there too.

“Is she as innocent as she seems? Are you sure she’s not a virgin? I want her.” He said finally.

He squeezed her butt and looked round not really knowing what room to go.

“This way please…” Zoe bustled. “Please be gentle to Kelly, she’s such a sweet girl.” (Read More…)

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November 10th, 2008

Have you ever had sex in the changing room of a clothes shop? That must be pretty exciting, read and enjoy!

It was Saturday morning… I was in high spirits, wanted to smile and breathe fresh morning air mixed with strong coffee. The whole day was ahead and I was going to spend it nicely. I was to meet Nancy and then go shopping with her.

She’d been dreaming about new close-fitting shorts for summer and a seductive swimsuit. She wanted to tease men on the beach and make the most lustful of them turn on their bellies to hide erection. With a light smile she enjoyed the hottest looks and her own sexual appeal.

Nancy was a dream girl with snowy white smile, slim figure and an angel face which hid indefatigable temperament and obscene thoughts living in her head. Oh, yeah!!!

Nancy loved sex. She got excited from her own thoughts and lewd looks. She got wet immediately turning in her fantasies into an insatiable bitch ready to allow her butt for every male. It was her endless imagination that I liked her so much for.

Have you ever done shopping with a girl? If yes, you must know how much time it takes. But it’s really pleasant to see a pretty face examining various beautiful things in the shop. Real passion of a fashion-conscious woman and full concentration on the process… I like watching that. I like when a girl asks for advice. Do you like this? Does this top fit me? (Read More…)

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Her first story. Part 1

November 8th, 2008

This girl is dreaming of becoming a really famous journalist and her boss gives her an assignment to write about prostitution, the girl decides to infiltrate the brothel and see the story from the inside…

She was so happy to have her first story! It was her first serious co-work experience in the newspaper. The editor didn’t really trust her with any serious story, she only had to write about a car crash once, and that was practically all. Kelly was dreaming of a big story, of bringing sensation to the world, she wanted to be a part of a serious team in some serious publishing house. Kelly was ambitious and self confident. Like all young journalists, actually.

It was just the day before that the editor called her to his office and suggested her making a story. A big one. The one for the fist column. She had to write a story about prostitution. She spent the whole day browsing the net in search of some useful data, she tried to remember stories she once read about or heard her ex friends gushing about. She wanted to make the story super popular and decided to add some spicy thing to the plot. She thought she could try to become a prostitute herself and the write about it, share her experience of how easy or, on the contrary, difficult it can be for an ordinary girl to become a whore. She didn’t intend to actually sell her body, she thought she could simply say “no I don’t like this guy,” or “I want much more money,” or something of the kind, turn round and leave. So Kelly found a phone number and arranged a meeting with the pimp or whoever that person was.

She didn’t have to wait for long, a car pulled up by her side. (Read More…)

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November 6th, 2008

The spouses share their fantasies with each other and what is better, they make all of them cum true…

The first chapter in brief.

Once I noticed my wife reading something with interest on a computer screen. Later I had a chance to see what was that. She’d been reading My Space blogs.

My wife and I used to try the advice we’d found there. Our fantasies were as follows:

Fantasy #1 Sex with a few men at the same time;
Fantasy #2 Sex with BDSM elements.

Fantasy #2 Sex with BDSM elements.

And here she was nude. I helped her to put on leather panties and a bra, put a blindfold on her, seated her in the armchair, then tied her legs to the front legs of the armchair and her hands to the back legs, she had to bend over the backrest a bit.

I began from kissing her and drove her almost mad with that. Then her breast… I unhooked the bra and fondled her nipples tenderly with my hands; while I was sucking them my hands lowered to her pubis, it looked so unprotected as she couldn’t cover it with her hands and bring her legs together. After that I began to bite her breasts but couldn’t control myself and squeezed my teeth too much, it was painful and I saw tears flowing over her cheeks.

I untied my girl from the armchair, took off her panties wet with her juices and positioned her in a doggy fashion at the edge of the bed with her bottom to the place I kneeled on the floor. Then I put her hands behind her back and put handcuffs on them. Her forehead and knees were set against the bed and her ass was mine, I could do whatever I wanted. I slapped her ass slightly and then hard, her buttocks reddened. She cried. (Read More…)

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My sex-partners

November 4th, 2008

A girl is reminiscing about the sex partners she had in her life and I am sure you’d like to be one of them…

I’m 25 years old and I love sex very much. I’ve had over 30 sex-partners during my life. Only one of them licked my anus and once I did that. Of course these are different people. The man who licked my shithole wasn’t even given a head by me.

I’ll tell you a bit about him. His name was Jack. We met at a disco. He was 40 and married. He could be hardly described as handsome, as he was big and awkward. A strange guy I must say… But he had a car; that was important for me at that time for he used to drive me wherever and whenever I needed.

When we had our first sex he licked my pussy and then my ass. I’d gotten cunnilingus before that but nobody had licked my butt. That was nice. I liked that.

We used to meet in summer as we could fuck in the car or somewhere in the open air. Here is just an example of how it would happen.

We were driving. He stopped the car suddenly and asked:

“Sarah, shall I lick you?”

I guess it made him excited. I also got excited, morally rather than physically, as he wasn’t very good at eating a woman. I nodded smiling. Jack pulled my skirt up; as usual I had no panties under it. I spread my legs. He bent to me and started licking my pussy. Then he put me on my side and his tongue penetrated my anus. I really don’t understand how he could do that! I think it begins to stink fifteen minutes after I wash it. (Read More…)

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Hooker’s diary. Part 24

October 28th, 2008

The husband is definitely a valuable client but he wants more than just fucking his ex wife, he also wants to get a cock in his ass and as it turns out he is far from being straight…

… And again I heard people say I was meant to become a slut… that was strange but that was so true and so right… What’s so wrong about it? Life here was much more interesting and exciting than that in the US, besides I had so much sex to enjoy….

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m a slut, I’m a horny whore so what? I love having sex with several partners that buy to have me for an hour or for the whole night. If you were more attentive to me and gave me as much sex as I wanted and was as hot as you’re now maybe I’d still be married to you, maybe I’d still be loving you… but it’s to late, honey… I’m over you.” I told him.

Tim loved my passionate monologue, impaling me deep on his stem, caressing my nipples and back, kissing my neck and earlobes (that’s always making me so hot!). When cumming, he got his penis so deep inside me giving me a wonderful and really long lasting orgasm, making me cry out loud and shiver. Tim turned me round and put me on the bed. He dressed off, lay down beside me and lit a cigarette. His right hand was caressing my body, sliding down to my swollen wet red pussy. He took my portfolio to browse through pictures. It was fun to look at his face expression change. He glanced at me now and then as if comparing what he saw in the photos with who I was. His right hand was getting to be more and more playful, his cock was throbbing, getting larger and harder. It was time for me to proceed to work. Hardly had I started as Tim did another thing that really amazed me. He spread my hips and started licking and sucking my pussy. Wow! Well, it was nothing to be compared to Selma’s or Loren’s caress but it was still really good for the guy who’d been totally unaware of oral sex while we were married.

Luckily for me, he got rid of his stupid mustache and beard, and his freshly shaven chin was tickling my love button making me tremble in delight… I asked Tim to turn round and sucked on his dark red prick, changing blowjob for hand job now and then. We were ready to continue. I got in doggy style and asked him in a frisky voice:

“Do you wanna try it honey?” I said, patting my firm round butt.

“Wow! Can I?” (Read More…)

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Hooker’s diary. Part 23

October 27th, 2008

Who do you think the new client is gonna be? You’ll never guess but he is the ex husband of our heroine, he is really surprised to find her in the brothel…

… I was allowed to have some rest. I was lying beside Mateus, Fred was ramming my cave rhythmically – I had to thank Monica for that because it was she to suck his dick lustfully and horny to get it hard while I was having a wild ride with Mateus. Chris was fucking my girlfriend’s butt…. She was the one to make any guy’s rocky hard in less than five minutes. Very talented slut, I had to admit that.

Fred pointed at his sleeping pal (Mateus was dozing again). Now what? He wanted me to have it anal with his friend! What a pervert! Well, the customer is always right, as Mr. Selfridge said. My hands and lips were doing their best to turn Mateus’s flaccid member into a big and hard cock. Chris and Fred were laughing their heads off. It was fun for them to watch me. Monica couldn’t laugh – two big cocks were in her petite mouth, so it was problematic to giggle.

I impaled my asshole on his shaft and started frictions. I wasn’t really enthusiastic about the whole thing, I didn’t enjoy it really. It was so ridiculous to have sex with the dozing guy…. Somehow, though not really trying hard to get as much pleasure out of the fuck as I possibly could, I was getting hotter, accelerating the tempo, desire was burning inside my anus and pussy. I was getting really horny! I didn’t really care the guys were laughing at me, I didn’t really care they were there watching. Mateus’s cock was the best dildo I could get to please my hole… I was massaging my boobs, rubbing my pussy and clit, impaling my rectum on his shaft, getting it deeper, fucking Mateus harder and faster…. Oh, great! How hot it was! I was on the verge of cumming…Ahhh…. And that very moment Mateus groaned and erupted a cumload inside my rectum. Some of his semen spilled and stained the bed sheet. Chris came on Monica, Fred ejaculated in my mouth.

We took a shower and got back to the main hall. Applauses and laughter broke the silence when we stepped in the hall. My show was broadcast live on the screen, So everyone could enjoy it. I saw Selma on the way, she kissed me in the ear, whispering:

“You were fabulous! Everyone was watching you. Even guys from the bar came here to see you with that sleeping guy. Everyone wants you. There’s no way to stop that guy… Over there.. You see him?” (Read More…)

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Hooker’s diary. Part 22

October 24th, 2008

There are three more clients to fuck the girl and they turn out to be real BDSM freaks, read and enjoy the action mixed with sweet pain…

“Girl, blue room is waiting for you,” Frau Dort said.

If I only knew what it would be like… As soon as we stepped in the room, one of the docs and I got elegant spike collars on our necks. I was wearing high boots and some strange outfit consisting of black laces that actually left all my body exposed. The docs were wearing black leather caps, tight shorts, spike wristlets and heavy army boots. The one with the spike collar was also wearing a tight mask over his face. He was tied with chains that were hanging from the ceiling and screwed to the floor, so he was practically motionless. I got chained too, with my hands and legs spread wide to sides in the form of letter X. The guys who chained us were holding a whip and a crop in their hands.

“Do you like it slave?” One of the docs asked his chained colleague.


He lashed him across the back.


“Yeah!” “The slave” cried.

He got some more hard and painful hits across his back, but he kept on murmuring he loved it. Well, I had to admit he did like it – his penis was getting larger in size. That sadomasochistic stuff was turning him on!

“So slave you like this blonde slut? You want her?”

“Yeah!” (Read More…)

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Hooker’s diary. Part 21

October 23rd, 2008

The new day brings on more adventures, there’s gonna be some lesbian fun and there’s going to be something you’ll really love…

… I woke up late. Liz was sleeping by my side, I didn’t see Selma anywhere around. I heard water splash, Selma was in the bathroom. I was too lazy to get up, besides I felt dull pain in my lower belly and my anus – last night wasn’t the easiest in my life. I tried to count the number of times I’d been fucked the day before. When I counted more than 10, I thought there was no use to count further… besides, I was lazy even to count.

I saw naked Selma walk out of the bathroom. She was looking so fresh, so full of energy. Her hair was wet and water drops were dripping on her dark skin and flowing down her sexy curves. Liz was sleeping and I was staring at my girlfriend’s alluring body. Selma smiled and pressed a finger against her lips, mincing over towards me. She kissed my lips, caressing my neck with her soft frisky fingers. I put my hands on her hips, patting her velvet skin. I love Selma! We were getting hotter with every new touch.

“Hey! What about me? Am I not good enough for you girls?” Liz said opening her eyes.

It was gonna be a wonderful and burning hot girl threesome. Selma and Liz were tickling my pussy and anus with their tongues. After sharing a wonderful morning orgasm for three, Liz and I went to take a shower together, and Selma went back to her room to get ready for work. I took my stuff and went to my room to get dressed, to get all my sperm-soaked uniform to the laundry and to put on new makeup. When I was almost ready to start a work day I got a call from Frau Dort:

“Lottchen! Darling! Time for breakfast girl! And come over to my office to get your pay. And take … Liz with you, that’s her name, right?”

“I’m coming, ma’am!”

I put on a sexy and kinky peignoir, knocked on Liz’s door, took my new friend by the hand and led her to Frau Dort’s office. Selma was in the room when we came in. (Read More…)

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