Capital repairs

July 10th, 2007

Wanna get 50% discount for new doors placing? Try fucking the workers!
My name is Sonya; I live in a big city with my old mom and a daughter in a three-room flat. I divorced my ex-husband 3 years ago, and now I had to solve all problems by myself. Being middle-aged woman, slim, tallish, brunette I never cared for men, who advanced me often in order to have sex. This was because first I had a husband, I’d been loyal to, then I had a couple of old friends, I used to go out before marriage.
It occurred in 2002. It was spring, warm weather and fresh air, blowing around; it was time when people usually start renovating their houses. So did I, because there left a lot to repair after my ex-husband divorced. I called around some firms and got so many unknown terms and words, which made me fall back upon my old friend, who was dealing with construction business. My request was regarded with favor with him, he explained to me what is what and advised me on what to do. I decided to start from kitchen doors, took its measures and placed an order with some construction firm.
The day when order was completed I met Sam (my friend I mentioned above), gave him money, doors order form and flat keys, then got to my work, as he went to place supplied doors with his workmates. Time passed quickly, as it got off the ground and now I really could have my house done over. (more…)

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The boat trip

July 10th, 2007

The boat trips aren’t always boring… especially when your sexy ass partner is with you, ready to fuck anywhere!
Once me and my wife won voucher on Mediterranean boat trip. Staterooms were very comfortable: broad bed, nice sofa under the sidelight. There was quiet public on the motor ship, elderly married couples, and retirees. There was only one chick to make a pass at: she was Asian, swarthy and very slim, long black haired and sweet ass. I didn’t know why she was alone, without a boyfriend. When she was passing by in the bar, or went out of the pool, wet and sexy, dressed in swimsuit, which distinguished her nice shape: it raised her tits a bit and boldly stuck into her ass; I couldn’t help watching her. Once, sitting on the chaise longue, I noticed that she had some red scratches on her elbows and waist. My wife had the same after we had sex on the hard carpet. It was evident that someone on the boat had already fucked this nice chick. And one day I was looking for any free shower cab, cause all of them had already been engaged. At last I lucked out and found one free, but there suddenly appeared this girl and asked me to let her take a shower first. She had flowing hair and dressed in short bathrobe. I suggested her taking shower together in response. She didn’t reply and came in. I followed her, closed the door and turned warm water on. Then I turned to her and kissed her tenderly. So did she, and soon we were kissing passionately and caressing each other. I threw back her locks and bit her ear easily; she grabbed my ass and moaned. I began kissing her faster, took her robe off and passed my hand through her waist. She was absolutely naked; and her ass, tits and pubis were damp and sticky. She had already been fucked and come right on her ass! She didn’t turn her attention on my confusion and went on snuggling up to me. I turned her around, pressed to the cab’s wall. Sheets of water poured off her wet body. (more…)

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