Just a dream-night!

March 10th, 2009

The perfect romantic fuck, just the two of them and nothing else matters, read and dream!

I lead you slowly up the stairs and into my room, closing the door behind us. I wrap my arms around you and hold you close to me, breathing in your face and kiss you softly. My hands run up and down your back, when I move my lips lower, to kiss and suck on your neck, causing you to let out a sigh of pleasure.

I move my lips away for a moment, just to pull your shirt off, before I kiss you passionately, sliding my tongue between your lips while I deftly unhook your bra.

I lower you down onto my bed, climbing on top of you to kiss your neck, your shoulder, and your soft round tits. You let out a soft moan when I take one of your hard nipples into my mouth and suck gently, massaging the other in my hand. I take both your tits in my hands, massaging them softly, kissing so slowly down your stomach, causing your pussy to get wetter by the second. When I get to your nipples I would work them with my hands getting them aroused, before licking them and taking them into my mouth! I would slowly start to trail my tongue down to your pussy. I would kiss your belly and work towards your legs. I’d kiss your butt and run my tongue all over you, kissing and licking closer to your pussy until you start pushing your hips to my face begging for me to put my mouth there. (Read More…)

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February 5th, 2009

This lady is telling about a new lover of hers, he is passionate and hot. He doesn’t mind having sex in public and he surely wants to get to know her pussy and her butthole better…

I’d like to tell you about my best lovers. This time the story is about Karl.

The club was overcrowded. Many people were dancing but that didn’t improve my mood. Actually I wasn’t in high spirits from the beginning. It was my crazy friend who brought me here and, frankly speaking, I had nothing better to do.

I hadn’t planned anything for the evening and was going to wait for my mom’s arrival from Washington. I wanted to light candles, cook nice dinner, open a bottle of wine… In other words I wanted to remind myself the fact I had a family. I woke up early in the morning – 9 am is early for me. Then I had a shower, put on a sports suit and went to the market. I liked to cook meals from good fresh food which you can find only at the market!

On my way I repeated the recipe again and again to make sure I’d buy everything I needed. Two hours later I was going home by taxi. For about thirty minutes we were in a traffic jam and I talked to one of my friends. (Read More…)

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It was like in a dream

January 17th, 2009

They met on the Internet and decided to bring their relations into real life, this is so romantic and full of love, read and experience the true feelings…

At last I met my sweetheart. We lived in different cities and that date was unforgettable. I couldn’t make up my mind for long to visit him though I loved him very much…

It was our first date. He met me at the train station. I was so much worried… He might not like me or something would go wrong… I was worried despite the fact he’d seen me million times at the picture…

As the train arrived my eyes started looking for my lovely man… My knees were weak because of excitement… We kept silence for a minute or so… and then he started kissing me. Mmm… This was the tenderest kiss imaginable. He pressed me to him and we stood like this seeing no one around us… We came to our senses when there were no people at the platform…

On the way to his apartment we talked. We were both so happy… He whispered into my ear that he was very glad I’d made up my mind to come to him… He told me how much he loved me and that he couldn’t wait until night…

We had agreed long ago that I would lose my virginity with him, my beloved man… I was scared but he persuaded me there was nothing to be afraid of… I had never experienced anything like that. I got excited even from the intonation of his voice… And now he was with me here and I could do whatever I wanted… (Read More…)

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Love affair

December 31st, 2008

The chick breaks up with her boyfriend and goes to New York to visit her parents, there she finds a love affair that turns into something more serious…

Wendy came to New York to visit her parents. Of course, she wasn’t going to stay at home with Mom and Dad all the time, besides she broke up with her boyfriend recently and needed a love affair to forget about her unpleasant experience.

Wendy was a beautiful girl, really beautiful, like the girls from the magazine pictures. And she was smart either. She knew exactly what she wanted.

Now she wanted to find a man to have fun with. She wasn’t going to fall in love again, so when creating a profile at dating.com she wrote ‘love affair’ instead of ‘serious relationship’. She uploaded a couple of her hot photos where she was wearing a bikini and looked very sexy.

She didn’t have to wait for long. Within an hour she received plenty of messages that varied from “Hi, babe! You’re so fucking hot at these pics…” to offers to spend an unforgettable evening in a restaurant or sauna (while his wife is away on vacation).

Wendy didn’t think for a long time about what to choose and soon stopped at a nice suggestion to visit a sauna with a tall handsome man, 30 years of age.

They met at a café, had coffee and talked about nothing serious. It was evident they liked each other. At least she was sure he liked her a lot as his eyes were literally touching her exposed body: big breasts under the transparent blouse covered by a lacy bra and her shapely legs under a miniskirt. She knew how to look perfect and make men admire her. (Read More…)

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A nice morning

December 25th, 2008


What is the first thing every man wants to do in the morning? It’s probably to wake up and have sex, I am sure you don’t mind shooting a big load of cum into someone’s pussy when you wake up…

In my sleep I notice that something is different… I don’t feel emptiness and space that I experience every morning when I woke up alone on my sofa. And really, I open my eyes and see the most tender and affectionate creature. While sleeping I turned away from you. Though I remember embracing you with gratitude for such a loving evening and then night…

But you didn’t turn away from me. On the contrary, you’ve pressed to me tighter, moving me to the wall and warming me. Very carefully, to prevent your awakening I turn with my face to you. You’re so nice to watch! Your relaxed body is having a rest, gaining strength for a new day. Who can say that a couple of hours ago it was so passionate, wild and insatiable! You know, I have some pleasant sensations that tell me we’d had a nice time yesterday…

Yes, it was yesterday. And today I feel happy and need nothing except lying beside you, my darling! You’re sleeping, breathing quietly. Your face is smiling sweetly. You’re having a dream about something nice and I like that, I feel so glad for you. I want to stroke you tenderly, kiss your lips. But if I do that you’ll wake up and I don’t want that. It is morning already but I’d like you to sleep more because you probably got more tired than me. Keep sleeping, honey. I’ll stand guard over your sleep. I look at you for some time, lazy thoughts are in my head. I can hear the noise coming from outside. (Read More…)

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Alex and Leila

November 27th, 2008

A girl goes to Boston and hooks up with a guy who seems to be her long-life dream…

It happened this summer. I went to visit my friend in Boston. She had been living in this city for a long time and when I arrived she decided to take me around the city. We went for a walk and took her boyfriend with us. After the walk we made up our minds to celebrate my visit. Julia’s boyfriend phoned his brother and offered him to join the celebration. The guy agreed quickly and in thirty minutes he was sitting at a café with us.

Now a few words about him… Alex, tall handsome young man of about 25 with fair hair and grey eyes…

The party continued in a night club. We danced, drank whisky, talked… Soon Julia and her lover left for home. At 3 a.m. Alex invited me to his place and I sent a message to my friend informing about that. Half an hour later we were entering his apartment. By that time we were excited a lot. This grey-eyed guy was driving me mad!

He was kissing my neck and I felt I was wet in my panties. I pushed him on the bed and unzipped the fly of his jeans. His erected phallus was huge and so beautiful that I wanted to taste it! I kissed Alex’s lips and then lowered to his dick. I kissed the head first, then swallowed it… and began sucking it. He was moaning and stroking me on the head. I was caressing his head and licking the little hole in it. Then I was fondling his shaft with my hand and my tongue was working on the balls… (Read More…)

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Have you ever thought that you are never happy with what you have? You should really know what had happened with the guy as it can happen to you too…

Victoria was a wonderful girl. Faithful, quiet, modest… We had been dating for two or more months. We used to go to cinemas and have dinners with candles. But no sex… Unfortunately for me her mother had convinced her that all men wanted just sex and Victoria believed her. It seemed to me I could set the Thames on fire but couldn’t fuck Vicki. It was strange but I didn’t feel miserable very much, I was satisfied with my life. Victoria was beautiful, looked into my eyes with devotion and listened to every word of mine. She would admire even the way I laced my shoes up if I told her it was important.

I was flattered by her attention but gradually I got bored. That’s why when I met Alex or to be more correct he “attacked” me I yielded to her with no resistance at all. We met in the bar when she was very drunk and killing time with one of her boyfriends.

“Wow! You look handsome! – She was barely able to speak. – Let’s dance…”

At the dance pavilion she embraced me and pushed her tongue so deep into my mouth that I could choke. It happened so fast that I didn’t have time even to introduce myself. To be brief, I understood immediately that no decorum existed for Alex. And I liked it… (Read More…)

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A romantic story!

November 3rd, 2008

This guy is searching for some real and lasting love and he finds it, read and have fun…

My name is Nick, I live in London. I’m a 21, good looking guy with a cock of good size: it is about 10 inches long. My first time with a woman was about 3 months ago and it was after a night out in a club. Well, I had sex with a woman 15 years older than me and was not satisfied. She was all drunk and horny and every time she kept trying to lick my ass. Since that bad night I had not had sex at all, and from this point I was a bit disappointed and regret about my life. Being a pretty attractive man (most of the girl I know say that) I never occupied myself finding a girlfriend, though I should.

One day, I was hungry, and so I went down to my usual cafe about 2 blocks away. I ordered my usual course and sat by the window just a few feet from the bar. I was waiting for my meal and savoring the taste of maracana, when there suddenly a cute nice babe with long blond hair and blue eyes came to my table. She was all hot, with large high breast, open cleavage and appealing sexy curves. She had an ass to die for, and sexy good legs.

When I looked up at her surprisingly, I stared into her gorgeous blue eyes and asked:

“Hi, have we met?” she gave me a long gaze and replied:

“No, we haven’t, but I and my friends looking for you around, and they wanted me to ask you if you were doing anything tonight?”. (Read More…)

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I want him

November 1st, 2008

It’s hard for a girl to fall in love with the husband of her best friend, they are always together and they should find the right time for passionate sex…

What should I do if I hear that time is the best healer? that you can tell everything to your best friend because it’s gone already?

Some of your memories you better keep to yourself because each time you recall the events of your life you make your heart bleed and your imagination fly. As soon as you try to open your mouth to tell your friend about what happened you start to live it all over again and suffer even more than before. That’s why I decided to write about it; I can’t tell this story even to my best friend…

Each of us has his own measure of satisfaction. I’m writing this for my close people who can understand what I need and what goals in life I have. It’s really hard to tell you about my last years.

I had a lot of desires and aims. Job, moving to another city, my own business… I wanted to do a lot and something I could do, something couldn’t… a usual thing. Every time leaving home I was waiting for a miracle. I was really waiting for something to happen! I needed sex badly as I hadn’t had it for a long time. I often wanted some other men, strange to me…

Seattle! Having spent a month in Seattle I was sure I couldn’t live here. I used to cry at night, write messages to my husband telling I wanted to be back home. And it was me! Me, who had always been able to make friends anywhere!

My group mates were nice people and they supported me all the time. Every evening I would write letters to my relatives and friends. I went for a walk only in my neighborhood and a train journey was a torture for me. And again nothing happened… (Read More…)

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This woman has never experienced an orgasm before but she’s gonna get her one from the man she met on the Internet…

90 per sent of women don’t actually know what a real climax is.

This story is a part of my own life and I still don’t believe it could happen to me. It’s been nearly half a year since I’ve parted with my boyfriend. We were together for a year and had a lot in common. Generally that relationship was good. However, I wanted something more. I am 22 and I’ve had a lot of lovers. I’m pretty and as a matter of fact only the best men can be close to me. But the problem is that I’d never had a real orgasm with any of them. Occasionally I experienced some pleasure but I’m sure it was far from what it has to be. And it was one of the reasons why we’d separated from my boyfriend. At a certain moment I even started thinking the problem was in me.

I’ve never written stories for websites like this one but I used to read them regularly when I was in appropriate mood. And once I came across a story that provoked a hailstorm of emotions in me. It was about a man who could bring incredible pleasure to a woman. Despite the fact the story was written on behalf on that very guy the details he provided made me sexed up a lot. I guess I got obsessed with it. I was eager to be one of the girls he made love with in the story.

I made up my mind to send him an e-mail. I couldn’t think of anything better than to write “How are you?”… I know it was very silly.

I got the reply two days later. He was a bit puzzled by my question but wrote he was Ok and wondered very tactfully who I was. Those two days while I was waiting for his answer were just ordinary workdays that’s why I wasn’t so much excited about it any more. But the very fact that he hadn’t just deleted my stupid message and responded to it forced me to write him again.

Taking into consideration that this time I was fully aware of what I was doing I decided to send him a letter containing information important for both of us, nothing like “Hi! My name is Elisabeth. What do you do?”. At the beginning I wanted my letter to be brief and to the point. Instead I created a whole story beginning from telling him about the pleasure his story had given to me and ending with my great dream of being his sex-partner. (Read More…)

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