This girl wants to feel the truly unique and sweet lesbian love so she arrives at a place where she picks up an experienced lesbian lover and things are about to get really wild…

Thanks to the author: HotSauce McSexyPants

I walk down this dark dinge hallway, doors on left and right. Listening to the sounds come from each and ever door. I walked down to the end of the hallway, turned to the right reading the number on the door twenty-twenty. I knocked on the door hard, my knuckles hitting the door repeatedly, the woman on the inside spoke, “Please come in.” I twisted the door knob and opened the door slowly, walked in and closed the door behind me as I stood-up against the inside of the door. “You here for good time, yes?” She spoke in what seemed to be a fake Russian accent. I nodded to her, as I watched her sit on what seemed to be a barber’s chair.

She used her pointer finger to motion me to come to her. I walked over to her, listening to the heels of my shoes hit the ground on every step I took towards her. She stood up and had me sit down in the chair, she pushed me back and kissed my lips softly. I closed my eyes as I kissed her back, wrapping my arms around this woman’s waist. She then straddled me, sitting in my lap as she took the arms of this chair I was sitting in and pushed them back. The arms of the chair were pushed back above my head, I looked side to side at the arms, as this lady took my arms and put them in like these built in hand-cuffs of this chair. My arms now above my head and my legs where still lose, knees locked together. (Read More…)

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A Secret Desire. Part 5

January 21st, 2009

Lynda XX has been kind enough to send us the fifth part of ongoing series where you can enjoy the sweet love that a girl and a woman share, they plunge into lesbian ecstasy and there’s no way of stopping them.

We extend our thanks to the author Lynda XX.

My eyes opened, it was morning, the sun streaming in through gaps in the curtains, I was on my back with Natalie’s head resting part on the pillow and part on my shoulder, her arm across my chest and her leg over mine, I felt her soft shallow breath against my skin, I smelt her musky perfume and the smell of her, my mind whirled back to last night. The unforgettable moments of carnal lust, the moments of softness and intimacy this flows as one woman loves another. I buried my face in her hair which was now spread out over her pillow marvelling at is richness and softness and remembered as she had teased my nipples with the end of her braid sending jolts of sensual feeling coursing through me,

I lightly trailed my fingertips over her taut breasts and stomach, watching the sensitized skin quiver at my touch, still enthralled by her beauty.

“You’re so beautiful Natalie,” I whispered before I leaned down to kiss her.

As my lips met hers they opened, allowing my tongue to sweep in, what started out as a gentle duelling of tongues turned into a frantic devouring of each other. Her eyes flicked open as her arms came around me and she fisted her hands in my hair, holding my head still as her mouth left mine, her big china blue eyes full of passion and lust boring into mine and then took little bites of my neck as she pressed and rubbed her body against me. (Read More…)

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A Secret Desire. Part 4

January 19th, 2009

Lynda XX keeps developing on a topic of lesbian love and I think she really knows what she is writing about, the story make all of YourLust team’s cocks and pussies hard and leaking. We are sure that you’ve got to read it and there’s no doubt that it’ll make you hot…

We extend our thanks to the author Lynda XX.

“Because, Natalie. Because it feels good.” I responded, and kissed her again, and she responded. She was wearing a musky perfume. It was driving me crazy. My tongue sought hers and hers sought mine. I reached and unbuttoned her blouse. We separated enough to let it drop to the floor. My hands came ran lightly over her lacy bra, over her breasts. Natalie’s hands were in my hair, God! it felt good, her fingers in my hair, on my ears.

I found the clasp for her bra in the front, and undid it. There is something exciting in taking off another woman’s bra. An anticipation, a quickening, my stomach gave a little quiver. I pushed the straps off her arms and it too fell to the floor. My hands quickly went to her small but perfectly formed breasts. I started rubbing around the base of her breasts and made squeezing motions around and up until I reached her nipples, they were already hard when I reached them. I flicked them with my thumb, pinched them, and rubbed them. I felt them with them base of my hand and with my fingers. I wanted to suck them so badly. Natalie was making a sound from the bottom of her throat. It started out as a moan but soon began to be a purr. I was making this lovely young woman purr!

I wanted to know what other sounds she would make. (Read More…)

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My slut neighbor!

January 17th, 2009

Neighbors are always so close and female neighbors feel so bored and neglected by their husbands, but that’s one thing, that can make them forget about a male’s cock, it’s sweet and wild lesbian love, read and enjoy!

I live in a typically American suburban development and am friendly with most of my neighbors, especially Catarina, who lives right across the street from me. I should also tell you that I was participating in an annual beauty contests and won it. Even though I am now 32, I still look the same, with my curves still hot and fresh. Catarina has a sister in the Army, whom she hasn’t seen over a year because her sister was stationed overseas. Her sister was now home and coming to pay her a visit. Catarina told me she thought I would really like her sister and to come over to her house for lunch and to meet her sister. Catarina and I had gotten pretty close for the last years and I was happy that she thought it would be great for me to meet her sister, Rebecca. When I met her sister, I had a reaction I was totally unprepared for! Her sister looked like a lesbian and there was no doubt about it, a real lesbian in flesh! Short hair, carried herself like a man, looking very cute and pretty, about four or five inches taller then me, but for some strange reason, my heart jumped when I first saw her! When she shook my hand, it was like an electric shock was passing through me. I couldn’t imagine why she was having this effect on me, I had never ever thought about being with another woman, even like this one, and even my darling hubby didn’t have this effect on me when we first met. My heart was beating fast, I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach and my pussy was wet! You know, this feeling was like I was a teenager meeting her idol. She shook my hand with hers, and told me that he younger sister was right to tell her that I was very beautiful! Well to be honest, if she had taken me right there upstairs and take all of my cloths off, I would just moan and never resist. She pulled me into her to give me a hug, and when I felt her hard body touch mine, I did moan and wrapped my arms around her. (Read More…)

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My revealed I am a bi!

January 14th, 2009

Two sweet teen girls stay together and decide to share a bed, this is the time when they feel that they are really close to each other, they go on and explore each others’ pussies and feel the real bliss…

In my teens, I had a best friend named Samantha. We were really close. We did everything together, we even took baths together. We slept at each other’s house all the time. In fact, that is where this story begins, at my house during one of those famous sleepovers.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and my best friend was, as usual, at my house sitting on my bed in my room, it was like her second home. I called my mom into my room and asked her if Samantha could sleep over tonight. My mom didn’t mind and only asked Samantha to call her mom and tell her she would stay at mine. Samantha did. We were really excited, we could stay up all night talking girl talk.

As the sun went down, we ate dinner, and then we watched some TV. Soon my mom told us that it was time for our bath. So we went into my bathroom, and started running the warm water. We stripped our clothes, and when we got undressed, I noticed that Samantha’s breasts had gotten bigger and her pussy had a big bush of hair on it. Actually, she hadn’t shaved since the last time we took a bath together at hers. We got into the bath full of water and I just couldn’t stop staring at her breasts and pussy. She asked me if I liked what I saw. I was in a daze, brought myself back into reality and said:

“Yes, I’m amazed how interesting your body looks, I just can‘t stop staring” (Read More…)

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A Secret Desire. Part 3

January 10th, 2009

Lynda XX develops on the lesbian theme and the third part of “Secret Desire” is going to be even more exciting, just imagine a mature woman and an 18 year old teen girl lost in lesbian love and caresses, I am sure you’ll not tear yourself away from the story…

We extend our thanks to the author Lynda XX.

I stood transfixed by the bathroom door and watched in awe as this beautiful young girl masturbated herself, the sounds of her sexual lust permeating around the room, the smell of her musk reaching my nostrils, my eyes widened as her ministrations got quicker and quicker, her hips were undulating in a fucking motion, her whole body writhing from an inner passion that she was unable to control.

The towel slipped from my body as my hands started to caress myself, all sensible thoughts and vows I had made to myself slipped away, I was being drawn inexorably towards the final act, the one which I had tried to resist so much but my resolve was just melting away second by second as I watched her complete abandonment to carnal lust.

As if drawn like a moth to a flame I walked over to the bed just as she reached an orgasm, her screams and moans filled the room, I watched as her sweet cum flooded over her fingers, soaking the duvet cover, I leant over her and gently kissed her wet face, her eyes flew open wide in panic and she sat up staring at me. I gently pushed her back on my bed, asking her lie back, she smiled at me and did as I asked. (Read More…)

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A Secret Desire. Part 2

January 8th, 2009

Do you want to read the second part of the story A Secret Desire? Linda XX was courteous enough to send us the continuation and it’s going to get hotter and hotter with every word….

We extend our thanks to the author Lynda XX.

The pale winter light filtered through the closed curtains as I came out of my sleep, I felt her warm body close to mine, her arm across my waist. I could still smell her, thoughts of the sensual encounter during the night flooding back into my mind, I slowly lifted her arm from me and carefully slid out of bed, looking at her serene face, the long blonde hair splayed out on the pillow and silently padded to the bathroom.

I needed to wash my panties which had been soaked in my cum, it was then that I felt her dried cum on my thigh, instinctively I wet my finger and slid it over the dried cum, it became sticky, then as I looked into the mirror slid I slid my finger between my lips and licked it clean, tasting her offering to me, I did it again and again until my leg was clean. Oh my god I do want her so much.

I stripped off my panties and got into the shower, turning water up hot and stood there soaking myself, then spread shower gel over my body and started to rub it in, my skin feeling silky and very slippery, as I rubbed my body I started thinking about Natalie again, my hands slowly caressing my breasts, my nipples reacting quickly, hardening and going very sensitive to my touch, my hands soon slid down my body, over my stomach towards my mound, my legs opened as one hand slid in-between, my fingers sliding effortlessly into my wet pussy. (Read More…)

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A Secret Desire. Part 1

January 7th, 2009

We’ve got quite surprise from our valuable author Lynda XX, she plunges into lesbian love and I am sure it’s going to turn you on… A woman and a young teen girl stay over in a motel and it seems that the innocent teen girl is not that innocent, sounds interesting? Read and enjoy…

We extend our thanks to the author Lynda XX.

I had known Mellissa and John for many years and their twins, Natalie and Peter since they were toddlers, they were now 18 years of age and very grown up. Mellissa and John had recently broke up and had separated which placed a heavy burden on Mellissa coping with her job in the city and looking after them, being still at home

It was just after the Christmas break that Mellissa phoned me and asked if I would do her a great favour and take Natalie back to her university, I agreed straight away and so the next day I collected her and her luggage and we set off for the school which was about 100 miles away, As the journey progressed the weather got worse and started to snow heavily, it soon became apparent that we were not going to make it to the school, so I decided to try and go to a Motel for the night and re-asses the situation in the morning. We saw the sign post for the Motel and managed to pull into the car park which was already very full, obviously lots of other people had the same idea.

There was only one double room left, I knew that Natalie would not mind sharing as she had stayed with me on several occasions in the past and there was nothing to it. (Read More…)

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Exploring myself!

January 3rd, 2009

Two stunning chicks plunge into some really hot lesbian love and there is no man who can be more gentle than they are, only they know what their bodies need…

I met Pamella on my 3rd year in college. From the first time we put eyes on each other we knew that we would be life long friends. While we were in school we lived in a small apartment of the campus. My life with Pamella allowed me to explore a side of my personally that I always kept hidden away.

Growing up in a traditional Latino American home where the thought of fucking someone outside the marriage was never to be thought of, and having sex on side would be considered as something unforgivable. However, life with Pamella gave me the kind of freedom that I had always wanted. The freedom I really strived for but somehow was scared to take it myself. My story began the night that Pamella and I became lovers. After 3 months of living together, and taking into account the fact that we were craving each other pussies, Pamella and I decided that it was time to give our bodies the release that we both needed.

It started that morning when I woke up. The night had been filled with dreams of Pamella and mines, naked bodies playing together, and that was not unusual. I would often dream of her lovely neat pussy when we would come together in our first wild pussy party. However, when I woke I was comforted at the sight of my sweet roommate, she was busy with pleasuring herself in full view. One of Pamella’s greatest joy in life is masturbation, she has always thought of is as an art! She said that no man has ever been able to get her off, or stimulate her G spot the way she could. I sat up in bed in order to get a better view of Pamella’s magnificent performance. Her night gown had been removed and she was lying on her back. The efforts of her hands and her vibrator send her close to the edge, as I saw it disappear inside her sweet brown bush. (Read More…)

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October 13th, 2008

A girl comes to work and finds an envelope with sexy lingerie on her desk, it is from her secret admirer and she wants her to wear them…

One Monday morning arriving at work Kate found an envelope on her table. A note was inside; it said:

“Dear Kate… It happened so that you’ve got into my erotic dreams. I want to give you something that you wear in my dreams. Your L.”

Besides, the envelope contained a tiny package with black lacy thongs inside. Kate usually wore ordinary white panties and this beautiful and expensive present made her intrigued and frightened at the same time. Coming home she tried them on and then spent a lot of time in front of the mirror reflecting about who this L was and what the dreams were about.

A couple of days later Kate received another note.

“Kate, I’m very sorry that I’ve made you the main character of my dreams without even asking for your permission. I can’t do anything with me anyway but I dare to ask you to put on my present next Monday.”

The thongs she’d been given were so small that they could hide only a little triangle in front, so Kate had to shave her pussy in a new way. On Monday Kate put on the L’s present. And again she found a mysterious letter on her table.

“Kate, I’m begging you not to be angry with me if I imagine you more lustful than you are. But if you had fulfilled my previous request I will ask you again and again. Leave my present in the middle cabin of the toilet when you are going to go home. And the wind will caress you instead of me today and I will have your odor. Your L.” (Read More…)

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  • First coaching.

    If you want to exercise in a sports school you are welcome, the coaches are willing to train you, but have you ever heard that sportsmen are willing to fuck twice as much as regular people? Here we go....
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