At the seaside. Part 2

March 6th, 2009

The vacation is going on and the couple is getting fucked away, they are completely lost in their dirty fantasies and kinky dreams. They really want their neighbors to see and to notice them, so they try to make their sex action as noticeable and visible as possible…

The next morning I woke up when the sun was rising, pulled the shorts on and went to the toilet. Can you imagine how much I was surprised when having opened the door to the veranda I didn’t see our neighbors? It seemed to me that all what had happened at night was just a dream. There were no flippers, bathing suits or swimming trunks as well as a sporty bag. I couldn’t understand how they could get up so early after such a great fuck yesterday. Didn’t they sleep?

Lily looked absent-minded the whole day thinking about something all the time and looking into the eyes of the couples passing us by, especially those with petite slim women. I realized she was trying to recognize our neighbors. When I told her it was almost impossible she got embarrassed and became even more absent-minded. She wasn’t happy about either the nice weather or a warm sea. Finally we had dinner in a café and returned home at least two hours earlier than usual. (Read More…)

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At the seaside. Part 1

March 4th, 2009

The couples comes to the seaside to have the best vacation in their life, they rent a cottage and find out that their neighbors are also a young couple who love fucking right on the terrace…

- Sebastian, listen!

Oh, God!.. We went to bed so late yesterday and now she was waking me up…

- Sebastian! – Lily was getting angry with me for the fact I didn’t want to wake up.

- What’s up?

- They are fucking!!!

- Let them do whatever they want; I’d like to sleep a bit longer!

‘They’ were our neighbors. We were on vacation at the seaside renting a room in a cottage. What we liked best about it was that we could enter our room walking through the garden behind the house and veranda. It was very convenient as we could come and leave when it was comfortable for us without disturbing the landlady. (Read More…)

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Things were gonna start…

February 27th, 2009

This woman is loyal to her husband although kinky fantasies keep coming into her mind, she meets a horny, young guy at work and we should read to find out whether she is going to cheat on her husband…

This is a story of what happened to me last month!

Let’s start from the beginning. My name is Catarina, I’m a 48 year old happily married woman, in may late 40ths, and I have only ever been with my husband, I was a virgin when we met and stayed faithful ever since. Stayed faithful up to last month.

I work in a big store, I have worked there for over 12 years and always worked my way from the store to the home, all the time the same. I really enjoy my job and have met some really great people. I’ve been friendly with one of the men there for about 6 years, his half my age, we just got to know each other because we both do the same kind of job. But we work in different sections of our store. It was nothing more than friends, he had a girlfriend until recently and as for me, I have always said and stated that I’m happily married.

I would say, at one point, over the last years, I have always wondered what it would be like if I had something with another man or woman, like most women of my age do, even married ones, and moreover, I have always a fantasy of being with a group of men at the same time. Actually, I am flirty by nature and sometime I caught myself flirting back with someone, but always stopped! (Read More…)

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Alicia’s last day

February 25th, 2009

This girl is a real slave and it seems like she is enjoying it, she gets all of her holes fucked and there’s nothing more exciting than that…

Time passed and recent changes in Alicia’s life didn’t seem so disastrous. Now besides sleeping with Frank and giving heads to him she satisfied his lovers. There were a few of them and soon Alicia got used to licking the women.

Natalie was the worst of all. The woman liked humiliating Alicia and punish her for nothing even if the girl was absolutely submissive. She could punish her for submissiveness even harder than for disobedience.

Natalie was a real bitch but Frank liked that. Judging by conversations between her and Frank the woman made many girls lick her. For example, one of the girls was her friend who she forced to eat her as she threatened she would stop their relations. The naïve woman agreed to serve Natalie who didn’t consider her as a friend at all.

Now Alicia was in Frank’s apartment. Frank and Natalie were lying naked on the bed while Alicia was between the woman’s legs bringing pleasures to her. The orgy lasted for more than two hours already. Both Frank and Natalie got tired of torturing Alicia. It would soon be over. Frank had already ejaculated after the girl’s long stimulation. And now Alicia was eating her cruel Mistress Natalie. (Read More…)

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The Perfect Fuck

February 24th, 2009

Read a new story from our new Author where he describes the perfect fuck and the way it should be. YourLust team really thinks that the author has an amazing talent for writing and he should keep making us hotter and happier with new stories!

We extend our thanks to the author Heather Towell.

You are tall, very muscular, with hair the color of chocolate. Your eyes are a striking deep blue, your nose perfect, your mouth, well, we’ll say it’s teasing. You are dressed in a suit, after a long day at the office. Yes you have an office job, and you make an outrageous amount of money. You own a large house with only the best technology. Large screen TV, leather sofas in the den, and blood red Egyptian Cotton sheets covering your massive four poster bed. This is your favorite room of course.

Should we tell the stories of all that you have done in this room?

Many women. Sometimes three. All beautiful, kinky, horny. All satisfied by your enormous lust.
But those stories are for another day.

I want to tell my story to you.

Your house seems to be built on nothing but glass. Long, dark grey curtains parade the walls, water falling between sheets of glass not covered by draperies, low lighting illuminating your room as you sit in your armchair to take off your shoes. You are daydreaming. Daydreaming about all your girls. Smiling as you hear them in your head.

But this is not their story. (Read More…)

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The strange day!

February 24th, 2009

The guy picks up a really wired girl who has a split of personality, on one hand, she is an innocent girl who wants to see no cocks, on the other side, she is a real whore who can fuck for hours…

This shit happened 3 weeks ago, I remember it was around 7 pm and I was off my work for a couple of days, going out in the night trying to find a girlfriend. So I walked down the street to the bar that I visited time after time. I walked in, there were 2 guys drinking at the bar. I walked towards the bar and got my beer, then I took a seat at the table and for some time it was quiet. At approximately 8 pm I was already drunk and the bar was being filed by visitors and clients.

There were people dancing and others playing billiard. A gay man and his lover were over in the corner table kissing and holding hands. Suddenly I found a girl sitting at another side of the hall. She seemed not to have any company. So I got up to walk over to this lonely girl and said Hello! She looked at me and said: “Sorry I am meeting someone” I looked at her, said Sorry and walked away. When I was heading to the bar for some beer, I stumbled over someone sitting in my seat. Well, I saw this red dress, tight fitting and looking great on her gorgeous body and I got into it at the very first sight! I really wanted to talk to this babe, so I walked over to her and asked if I could join her for a drink. She turned around to me and said: “Sure, why not!” “Wow, I’m gonna be lucky!” I thought to myself. I took the seat next to her and she turned around so I could see her face! (Read More…)

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My inner whore

February 20th, 2009


This guy realizes that he is dreaming of a hard cock inside his ass, he watches porn and imagines what it would be like to have a cock banging his nasty ass, he is jerking away and there’s nothing hotter…

We extend our thanks to the author Steph Andrew.

I’m 30 and Married. I’m of normal proportions for my height but just slightly slimmer. I have been told that my legs are sexy. I’m not that hairy and my skin is soft. As I write this and think about this, I feel and see wetness dripping down the inner side of my thigh.

One day my partner went out of town to visit family and I was left all alone. I thought it would be a good time to put on some porn. I have only a couple of them stashed away in our home.

I thought this would be a great time to have some private time and masturbate. I took off my clothes and I lay on the bed completely naked and watched. The scene is a girl getting serviced with 3 men. She is sloppily sucking one guy’s cock on her fours and receiving one guy from behind in her wet anal hole, while the 3rd guy is being jacked off with her right hand. The scene is totally hot and this girl is enjoying every second of it. She is in complete ecstasy! They are banging her hard and thoroughly. This girl erupted with orgasm almost the same time all the guys had exploded on her and in her. Cum dripping down her mouth dripping erotically, trickling down to her breast and thighs. The man’s Juices flowing out of her anus like a volcano slowly erupting. While watching this I found myself dripping with pre cum and soaked my bed without stimulating myself. (Read More…)

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My hot Spanish teacher!

February 17th, 2009

This Spanish teacher is a really hot slut and she wants to taste the cock of her student, I really wish I was in his place!

My name is Oscar, and on the senior course. I had a really hot Spanish teacher. Her name was Manuela Himenez. But first, let me tell you about myself! At that time, I was only 23. I was of an average height, not very muscular, unlike hose guys from our football team, but kind of slender built. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I was pretty popular, and known around as a funny guy who had tons of jokes. I had a handsome face, with no bristle hair around, smooth skin and very attractive personality. I had a dick that was about 6 inches long at the time, and well sized in around. I got good marks, and I really loved Spanish language classes, – for a number of reasons. First, I was smart, so it came easily to me to study and learn a new language. Second: I thought it was just fun. And the last reason was probably the teacher.

Senorita Manuela Himenez. She was a rocking hot babe! She turned all the guys’ heads around the college! She had a really pretty face, big boobs, and a really round lovely big ass of 45 or more inches! Senorita Himenez was probably about my height, with lusty brown eyes and shoulder length raven black hair! She had a beautiful smile with perfect white teeth. She always dressed great, accentuating her amazing hot features. Every piece of her clothing would usually outline her gorgeous forms and she knew it! She would wiggle her hips when walking around, holding a pack of books and papers in her arm. She would wear tight slacks and heels. Whatever she wore, whether tops or button up shirts, it contoured every line of her large breasts. She was 25, and was engaged for about a year. She has only graduated from another University and was not married. I always thought that her boyfriend was probably one of the luckiest guys in the entire world, to come home after a long boring day and get to fuck such a beautiful and incredible ass! (Read More…)

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Hi everybody! And Happy Saint Valentine’s day! I wrote a story which I think you are going to like, it’s about a present that I prepared for my girlfriend, it’s a long-awaited facial and it’s the best present a girl can ever get!

We extend our thanks to the author Andrew.

Hello everyone, my name is Kevin and I really love the site. I haven’t been writing stories for long but I think it’s the right time to carry on and write more. It’s Saint Valentine’s day and I’ve prepared a present for my girlfriend which I want to tell you about. We once watched porn and whenever it came to the scene where the actor was cumming, my girlfriend always got excited when she saw the spurts of cum landing and covering the porn actress’s face. She really loved cum and she just dreamed of having all of her face covered with it. The more cum a man gave her, or the more cum she saw, the hornier and the happier she got. I fucked her many times since then, but I came like a regular man, there were three or four spurts at the maximum, of course that wasn’t a lot, but that wasn’t little. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend loved my cum, but she was not too much impressed, because I could not cover all of her face with it and I stopped after a third spurt and the fourth was not a spurt, but more of a drop being squeezed from my cock.

The Valentine ’s Day was nearing and I decided to really make my girlfriend happy. The month before Valentine ’s Day I went to another city to take part in a sailing contest. I forgot to mention that I am really fond of sailing, but that’s not actually the point of the story. So, we had to be away from each other for a month. (Read More…)

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The Teacher’s pet. Part 2

February 11th, 2009

The teacher is experimenting with a student’s virile cock and it tastes and feels so much better than her husband’s limp cock, she can’t be happier and the student is doing everything he can to satisfy her lust…

We extend our thanks to the author Thomas Hugh.

At the very climax of her lechery, she abruptly threw away the blanket and asked him:

- What about my pussy, Tony? Do you enjoy seeing it? Is it comparable to your hairy cock?

- Good God! Tony yelled in amazement.

You’ve got a wonderful, marvelous thick rug! Then, not waiting for his teacher’s permission, he rushed to her bedside, buried his face between her fat thighs and nuzzled up to her vulva. Aroused by its scent, with eyes half-closed, he rubbed his cheeks against the chubby pubic mound scatteringly covered with thin, dark, curly hairs. He strolled his tongue round her crack and gently nibbled her clit.This turned Laura’s cunt moist with juice.She felt herself frenziedly sexed-up and instinctively raised her hips in a pelvic tilt to welcome Tony’s lips and tongue. Her sexual pleasure was enhanced when Tony plunged his tongue deep inside her fuck-hole and explored the walls of her vagina with its tip.

Ooh! she moaned and bounced her buttocks while running her fingers vigorously through Tony’s hair and pressing his face down, closer to her pit. And when the pupil began to munch her bearded clam, she couldn’t stand it any longer and cried out:

- Tony, give me a good screw! Come on! (Read More…)

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