Faithful wife

October 31st, 2007

A wife should never cheat on her husband even if everyone is fucking around she should keep her pussy closed and let only her husband enjoy it. This woman really knows how to do it and men would be happy to have a wife like her.

I’m 30, and I’m newlywed. But I strongly believe that even if you’re married it’s not right to forget about your friends, one must still be very close to them. One of my close friends, Brit, broke up with her boyfriend last week. We decided to go to a pub to help her forget her problems. We dropped in several pubs before we finally chose the one we liked most. We were 10 girls. It’s not surprising that we attracted attention of all men in the pub. I love flirting, but on the other hand I love my hubby.

So, I wasn’t very spunky when guys were trying to talk to me or offered to buy me a drink. Unlike some of my friends…When it was pretty late some of the girls decided to go home. When they were left we stared dancing. There were very few people in the pub, but we were still having a lot of fun dancing, drinking, and chatting. We met some men there who were dancing with us too. I was dancing with Greg. His tender words, his touch made me forget about my husband and my love for him. Is that so bad???

It was really late, maybe some three o’clock in the morning. The guys suggested going to another place to have fun there and drink and dance some more. So, we couldn’t say no. That moment I really thought it to be a great idea. We were five girls and six guys. We were sitting in the living room of a cool mansion. We all were drunk. Every girl had her own “boyfriend” and we were kissing. Everyone but Brit. (more…)

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Wanton Ann

October 18th, 2007

How about fucking with your lover right in the car? Seems nice and exciting, but what if your husband is driving by and sees all this?

-Are we gonna sit like this or what? – Ann heard Gunar say.

She didn’t dare to say the words that were on the tip of her tongue. Besides, the music was very loud.

-Turn off the radio, – she said in a hoarse voice.

He heard her request. It became very quiet in the car. It seemed to Ann that the night behind the window was also all ears to hear her words. She was thinking back on everything that had happened before their date: she remembered their accidental meeting, when they just couldn’t stop looking at each other, they were looking for a reason to start a conversation, their business dinner that day….

It had been a bit more than just a day since they met each other. Ann realized what kind of relationship they would have. That’s why she agreed to his “business meeting”. I wanna be your lover, when saying that, she thought she would die of shame, but nothing of the kind actually happened. Leaves were still rustling out the window, birds were still singing, and the one she was talking to was sitting by her side. Gunar’s hand lay on her neck, squeezing it and turning her to face him. She looked up at him and saw a lustful smile hiding in his moustache. (more…)

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Fallen angel

October 15th, 2007

When you go on vacation with your wife, you should stick together with her, it’s not a good idea to leave her even for a while, this guy did and here is what happened…

Summer night, vacation, 64 degrees. A terrace of a rented cottage. Smells of spruce, pine and gone out fire. I was left alone for almost two days (my two daughters and my hubby had gone home). I saw light from our neighbors’ windows in the dark. I heard them speak, laugh, I heard glasses clatter.

It was so bad to be sitting in panties and bra under a summer dress. I decided to change clothes. I got in the house. I was standing in front of the mirror. Naked. I saw a stocky woman of over 40. I was thinking if I was still attractive or … I took my moisturizing cream. Breasts first. I was shivering, obviously and apparently aroused. I began spreading the cream over my back, my hips, and … my crotch. The same shivering!

I put on my dress. I wanted to take a walk by the sea. Why the hell did my husband leave alone with our daughters when we could finally spend some time together? Cold cocktail. More than usually. It’s the best thing when you’re left along. Cocktail gave instant relief. I felt warmth filling my body. I was walking along the trail to the beach. I had no panties on. Cool breeze was getting under my dress. Crescent moon, white sand, noise of the waves. Empty beach. I pulled off the dress and threw it on the sand. I ran into the water. The coldness of the water was so pleasant. But it wasn’t really helpful to chill me. (more…)

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Train adventure.

October 10th, 2007

Never let your wife go on a vacation without you, when you can’t keep an eye on her, you can’t do anything, she’ll get fucked by a bunch of horny guys and you’ll never know…

The station platform was gradually leaving far behind together with the passengers of the other trains, people who saw off and also packs, trunks generally speaking all the attributes of the railroad stations. Having taken hundreds of its different passengers, the train was gaining the speed and going away from the city to the vast expanses of fields and forests. Now all of them were unpacking their luggage and preparing for the fatiguing trip. The train headed for the south…

Christine was seating next to the window of her roomette. She felt blue and perplexed. She wanted to do nothing, or rather, didn’t know what she would start her journey with. Everything happened so unexpectedly that the woman even didn’t have time to collect her thoughts. Once in a blue moon her husband let her go to the south alone. For the first time of their 7 years’ marriage! Of course it is wrong to say that she was striving eagerly anywhere without him. They just usually had their leaves at the same time and never parted. But now Richard got a very profitable job, as they say in “the business corporations” and he couldn’t leave the city for two weeks. And that’s why they decided that she could go for the rest without him, but not alone. God forfend! Her old friend Jane decided to go with her. All together they came to the conclusion that two friends can also have a good time together in Miami Beach. Why not? (more…)

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While husband was out!

September 23rd, 2007

The husband is always on the job and there is no one to take care of a young wife, well, but there are neighbors, aren’t there?

My name is Nadya, I am 28. I am tall, slim slender blonde, with a very nice shape! I’m living with my husband, Dan. He is tall also, well-built, dark-haired, a man of 32. Working as a vice-president of the hi–teq company he is going to work early morning, comes home late at night, we have been married for 4 years. I have asked him to change his work many times, to pay more attention and tie to me, but because of this stupid work we had sex only on weekends. But Dan kept putting off the decision of this problem all the time, and I stopped asking him soon.

Our TV had not been working for about 5 days, my husband promised me to work it out but he kept forgetting, as he was very busy and never had enough time. By the way he didn’t even watch the TV in his office at that. So, I had to handle this business myself, I addressed myself to our neighbor, Mister Andrew, who was living upstairs and knew how to do this problem. I always wore short robe that hardly covered my sexy legs, thus, I didn’t change my cloth and went upstairs.

Mister Andrew turned to be medium-height man of 50, with a nice beer belly. His wife had died 3 years ago, and he had been living alone since. He asked me to come in and inquired about what happened. I noticed Mister Andrew watching my legs with amazement and admiration; I was very pleased with such reaction and entered the flat with a gracious pace. Having settled on the sofa I crossed my legs thereby revealing my thighs. (more…)

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My Diary! Nati!

September 22nd, 2007

It’s nice to fuck someone’s wife isn’t it? This guy has a long list of whore wives whom he had fucked, why don’t you read along and enjoy.

Nati and I had been working in the same department and even lived in one block. She was very beautiful, a girl of 22 -23, with very big boobs and nice tight but. Nati never suffered from lack of men’s care, they always surrounded her like bees, but she was married and by this she rebuffed everyone. We worked till late, so our company’s bus took us to homes we lived, and we got used to coming together as lived in the same area. So, once on the way back home she suddenly asked me to buy her something to drink, I was surprised as she was known as an abstainer. In the bus she told me having quarreled with her husband and he went for the fishing. He was gone.

We moved down the street she lived, not far from her house, our way was just near their entrance. The street was empty, as for street lamps, they were alight next nearest, not one by one, so it was quite dark out there. I stopped Nati and kissed her, she returned it for me to my surprise, I cuddled up to her feeling her tits, and my hands started fondling her ass, her lips were so sweet and tender. I rode up her skirt, stroked her naked ass, while my second hand reached Nati’s pussy. My fingers passed her panties, Nati’s lingerie was already wet, and she moaned and groped my penis with her naughty hand. I sat on the curb, pulled her to me, she settled onto me impaling her pussy on my shaft, I was sensing her cunt squeezing my pecker tight; it was so hot and exciting. I would certainly come inside her if she had no affluent love juice in there, and as her pussy was very tight it kept me from erupting at once. A loud groan escaped her lips, I turned right involuntary and there, in the dark shades of road trees I saw some man who was staring at us. Don’t know why and how but I got turned on, and just came in Nati in a minute. After I finished, she rose, and we made our steps to her house, Nati didn’t even see that guy. Having seen her off, I kissed Nati at lips and hobbled away back home. (more…)

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My Diary! Evie!

September 21st, 2007

While the husband was out buying something for his guest, he fucked his wife! That’s really mean of her, isn’t it? But on second thought, it’s so sweet to fuck someone’s sweet wife’s pussy.

I would like to tell you my story that occurred to me recently, and this story is really true, like on 99% whereas 15% of it covers juts details… her name was Evie, she was the best friend of my wife, when she got married she introduced me to her husband, Azamat, though he was not my friend but they built up friendly relations with us since marriage, and we met very often. On of those days they came to us when my wife was away, having cooked some snack for us she went to the bed room to watch TV while Azamat and I left in the hall drinking cognac and talking odds and ends. When we ran out of booze I moved back to the bed room to see how Evie was and turn the TV, but a mere glimpse inside was enough to take my breath away. Evie was lying on the bed with spread legs and her fat thighs tempted me like no tomorrow. I returned to join Azamat, he suggested going outdoors to buy some new supply of drinks as we were supposed to go on the whole night, I didn’t mind as I built up a plan what to do with Evie while Azamat was gone. I figured out I had about 40 minutes till Azamat returned, without wasting a second I rushed into the bed room and approached her. I settled close to her and my eyes began to examine her ass and legs. I recalled one day at some party, she was drunk, we were dancing and when I started advancing her she just smiled without resisting. (more…)

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Sea vac

September 4th, 2007

A husband gets really hot when he things about his wife being fucked by some strangers, he suggests that she find some guys and fuck with them, she is first reluctant but soon agrees…

I spent a lot of time talking my wife into fucking somebody. She never agreed. She was outraged, saying she didn’t need anybody but me, and that I satisfied her in full. But as time went by, she calmed down and didn’t remain adamant anymore.

Due to my request she almost never wore panties. And once some time ago during our vac by the sea I talked her into teasing men on the beach. When going out of water she “accidentally” pulled down her bra a bit, thus, letting her nipple fall out of it at all. She pretended not to notice it for some time. I saw she liked the game.

Again, I started talking about her fuck with somebody else. Her first reaction was no. Then she said she couldn’t. In a while I made her say it turned her on. Generally and theoretically, she could try. Then she began saying that stupid bullshit about her being satisfied with me, and bla-bla-bla.

I kept on insisting. Ok, just as an experiment, was her reply. She made me swear that I wouldn’t break up with her after that, that I really wanted it, and that I didn’t consider her to be a broad… I swore. Her only request was that IT all happened out of our home town. So, we went to the sea. (more…)

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