My wife Vicky

February 9th, 2008

A husband comes back home earlier than usual and sees his wife getting fucked by two workers, who were supposed to be installing the new windows, but instead of fury, he feels a wave of excitement and he really loves seeing his wife enjoying their cocks….

This one is about my wife or how I got to know her from the other side. My wife Victoria is a gorgeous woman. She has highest values and model looks. She’s 27 but looks much younger. She’s got amazing green eyes and chocolate hair. She’s an ideal woman. We’ve been married for three years. We dated almost seven years, but have known each other much longer since elementary school.

I’m a successful doctor. My life has been going the right direction until that one thing that happened in my wife’s life. In both of our lives actually. It ruined our ideal harmony. Well, it all started when we decided to refit our house. There was a lot to do. We called up the service and they send two guys to change the window frames. They were the usual guys. One looked weird though. He looked like a Rasta man. His head was braided and he looked like he has just smoked up. The second one was shaved and neat and looked like he was the boss. Colby and Derek.

They did all the measurements and said they would be back tomorrow at noon to fix the new ones. The next day I got a call from the hospital and they asked me to come for the urgent consultation. I called the service guys and told them I won’t be there. But I told them to go anyways. My wife was supposed to be at home all day long. (more…)

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Sex with the pizza delivery man

January 30th, 2008

A pretty chick orders pizza and the delivery guy turns out to be a hot stud who can give you much more than just a quick meal…

It was a rainy and cool autumn night, not a nice travel from the long, hot summer. It had been a busy day and so I decided to call for a pizza to be delivered. In the meantime I took a long, hot shower to relax. My husband was working very late. Just as I was rubbing soapsuds all over my body, I heard the doorbell ring. At first I wondered who it might be but I suddenly remembered that I had ordered a pizza. I knew that the delivery person would be standing in the rain, so I quickly put on a very short red silk robe.

I was still wet so it was sticking to my body all over. I ran to the door and opened it to find the pizza man who was also quite wet. I told him to come in. Poor guy looked so bad and pitiful. When he stepped into the light of the hall, I was very happily surprised. He was about 6 feet tall, dark hair, brown eyes, very good looking, young and cute.

I was immediately excited. My nipples got hard under the wet silk and I think he noticed. My robe was coming open a bit when I took the pizza and went to get the money so he could see more of my breasts. I was shaking with cold when I was coming back from the kitchen with the money and I dropped some of it. He helped me pick it up and I could tell he was breathing heavily. (more…)

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The Arabian nights

January 26th, 2008

A vacation in Egypt could leave you with long-lasting memories, the only condition is – you gotta be open-minded and take it all easy…

Last year I and my wife went to Egypt for the first time. The tour operator advised us the five-star hotel in the city called Charm el Sheikh. For the first few days we did nothing but enjoyed the beautiful waters of the Red sea.

It was incredible how my wife looked like one of the Egyptian TV stars. She was singing and dancing on the TV screen 24/7. Well, my wife is a pretty woman. She’s 6 foot tall burning brunette with deep green eyes. She’s got D-cup size boobs, thin waist and a delicious ass.

Her name turned out to be symbolical to the Egyptians. Natasha- just like in Turkey they call all the Russian girls… so I tried not to call her by her name. I called her darling, honey and all that.

After we got enough of sunbathing, swimming and making love we decided to go down to the Old City for shopping. There is a huge market to buy all kinds of spices, souvenirs and clothes of course. That day, my wife was wearing a long skirt with a huge cut on the side, kind of conservative but actually calling, to be honest. And on top she had a long-sleeve see-through blouse…

Down at the market Natasha created a furor…Those bold and annoying sales-men were smiling to us, telling me I had a beautiful wife and was a lucky man. They were telling her a bunch of compliments, even in Russian, offering us to go in to the every shop that was there.

I took a camera like any other tourist and using the opportunity of my “popular” wife we took lots of fun pictures. I would dress as a bedouin, than Natasha would try on some local dress. Those locals would also ask to take a picture with my wife on their cameras, saying she really did look like that celebrity. (more…)

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Damn, Maria!

January 17th, 2008

When you go on vacation with your wife, you’d better watch out for local hot studs, especially if you are in Mexico! Those guys love fucking perverted white pussies!

The summer vacation started off drastically. We shouldn’t have gone at all with our ridiculous income, but we really wanted to go to the sea. So, we decided to go to Mexico.

We started fighting on the way there. My wife spends money like a cheap whore, and I had to be convincing her to wait until we got to the shopping spots. But she would still buy any piece of shit that she liked. Money was melting right on my eyes. By the time we’ve arrived we fought so much that we stopped talking to each other. We even went to the different beaches.

There was one just one hour south of Cancun Airport, the Hidden Beach Resort that she picked to go to “spectacular vistas of the Mexican Caribbean sea…” Yeah, right! But the main thing it is a nude beach! I preferred to stay at the normal beach where people wear bikinis and shorts. So she would go off to that nude beach and I stayed at our civilized one.

I was in a terrible mood and got sick of just lying on my belly drinking pina-colladas. I decided to hang out at the local market and went walking around the shops. Suddenly I heard such a familiar voice…my wife’s prattling voice. I turned around and saw her. She was talking to the young Mexican who was telling her all kinds of compliments and at the same time was convincing her to buy something. (more…)

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The good girl

January 16th, 2008

When a babe’s husband is in the meeting, she sure doesn’t want to miss out on the wonderful time she might have with her lover, why not?

I met her in August 2006 when I was driving by the “Cinemax”. She was standing at the stoplight, waiting to cross the road. She was very cute, slim, with an excellent ass in tight black pants and white silky blouse underneath which I could see small but very delicate tits.

She had a nice conservative but stylish haircut, and a serious face expression… a real modest office gal. But the main thing was the shining engagement ring on her finger. “Yes!” I had in my head and started an attack. I offered her a ride and we started chatting. Her name was Roxy, she was married, and her husband worked at the “Formula-1” as an accountant.

She gave me her phone number and gave me a few flirty looks…

We agreed to meet on Thursday. She had a few days off from her work. She worked as a Sales Manager or whatever, it didn’t matter anyway. Those were warm summer days and the weather was perfect for a lunch in the park.

We went for a walk afterwards; we kissed, not so candidly, to be honest. She refused to go over to my place saying it was too soon, but luckily it started raining like hell. (more…)

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High school reunion

January 7th, 2008

Even if you are married and your family life seems happy and flawless, it can all be changed when you are invited to High School reunion, your former classmates don’t care about your being married and they want to have fun!

Twenty years have passed since they graduated high-school. Mandy was thinking with tenderness about those two guys back in school she had thing called “love”.

When her husband saw the invitation for the high-school reunion he insisted on going with her. He bought two business class tickets and booked a room in the hotel where they were supposed to have the reunion.

But the last minute his plans changed. He had super busy schedule at work but thought that Mandy had to go anyways and took her to the airport. After a few hours of comfortable flight his beloved wife arrived to that hotel.

Mandy came up to the reception and in a few minutes was waiting for the elevator to take her to her room. Suddenly she heard someone calling her name. She turned around and saw him…

Ashton hasn’t changed much in 20 years. His hair got a bit grey but other than that he looked handsome. Ashton was her first boyfriend in school and was the best man she has ever had including her husband.

Sweet memories collapsed on her. Their first time when she lost her virginity in the school summer camp, her first orgasm, their making outs in the boys locker… when she was standing on all fours so that he could easily do her from the back just pulling up her cheerleader’s skirt! They fucked like bunnies until Ashton’s family moved to Colorado. (more…)

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Teen love

December 27th, 2007

When your husband is away on a business trip a wife feels lonely, but if she’s got a nice neighbor who is willing to make you a company, there’s nothing to worry about…

I made a lap to reach home. It was hard work day, and I was happy to get back home earlier. My husband, Bob was away from city (his business trip again). As the day wore on I could relax and have rest. On my way I saw Kan walking over his dog. He was about 20; we had grown up in the same yard together. He was going for bodybuilding and his muscles were very strong. He looked tired. Kan was wearing old jeans and white T shirt. Dropping a stack to the dog he watched his pet ran after it.

I went into the house and made some wine glass. Having filled my bath with warm water I slipped inside. Relaxed. Applying foam onto my neck and breast my hands reached down to my nipples which got perky at once. Putting rubber onto the bath’s edge I got down to massaging my tits. My fancies ran away. I had been dreaming of having sex with someone else except my Bobby for a long. We got married when I was 22, at this time I was still a virgin. Wine soon made me feel pretty hot. My palms slipped down there to fondle my pussy.

On finishing taking bath I went out, put on my lovely white strings and bra. Suddenly the door bell rang. I wondered who it was; opened the door. There was Kan. (more…)

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Wild night!

December 25th, 2007

When you are married to a military general your sexual life is a bit boring, cause all he’s thinking about is his regalia, what to do?

I got married when I just turned 18 and it was quite unexpected for me and my mom! I broke up with my boyfriend, but to be honest he left me indeed, we had been dating for 2 years and he gone when I was pregnant. He soon married another girl. I was in despair at first, thinking of suicide, but soon I met one wonderful man, he was military, and 10 years my elder. He talked me out of having an abortion, and we soon got married. He was a very good person; he knew how to support a family, a smart and loyal guy of 32, he turned out to be a good farther for my son. He loved me and kept saying I was the most beautiful woman all over. Now he is a general, he’s got 2 stars but I am in a dark about all these honors and sorts of military regalia. We had never had any rows and quarrels, for he was a good listener and I had no reason to be angry. However, despite all his positive qualities he had no that passion fascination that my ex, Alex used to have!

I always wanted to be expectant mother for the second time, I never used birth control devices but in vain, I didn’t know why but couldn’t become pregnant with my husband. May be because we had rare sex due to his service, and it was like a pleasant duty we had to fulfill, though without passion and flame! All my time I spent on doing my house and breeding my son Russell. My mom always helped about this, and lived with us. (more…)

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Seducing Mrs. Smith

November 23rd, 2007

When a husband leaves his wife all alone, he doesn’t even know what can happen to her, let’s read one of such stories, I am sure, there are many of them!

Once during my winter vacation I and my friend stayed at the ski resort. We got a room in a small house. Our only neighbors lived the next door. A married couple in their mid forty’s. Sometimes we would meet each other for a drink at the bar. Just saying hi and talking about the slopes and stuff, you know.

My friend left in a week. He had to go back to the campus and prepare for exams. I stayed alone. The first evening I went to the bar for a drink and met some cool chicks. We hung out together, played pool, and that was going all right. I also met that lady from the next door. It turned out she was left alone as well. Her husband had to go back to town for the weekend.

I got drunk with those girls and went to my bungalow with one of them. We got wild and had nice dirty shag with that girl. I was drunk and forgot that I had neighbors so I didn’t let that lady sleep for the whole night. We were loud, especially my girlfriend’s moans!

The next morning, to be exact the next afternoon I woke up hung-over and ran into my neighbor on the way out to the pool. I stopped for a second and thought of how loud and crazy I acted last night and wanted to apologize but she said: (more…)

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Sperm spots

November 9th, 2007

If a woman suspects her husband of cheating on her, she better hire a pro detective but then, how can she help not getting on with him?

The girl entered Mr. Dan’s office. She was wearing an elegant suit as if she was on her way from a classical music concert. She really was. Mr. Dan recognized her. She was the leading cellist of the city symphony orchestra.

-What can I do for you miss… – He said, not daring to announce such a well known name.

-Call me Michael. I don’t wanna pronounce my family name as I share it with my husband, and…


-This bastard is cheating on me! I want you to get evidence of it.

It was classic! Once Dan thought it was a real adventure to be a detective. But he hadn’t even caught a thief for his entire life! Unfaithful husbands and wives that’s what his cases were about.

The only good thing about the new investigation was that his client was extremely beautiful. One could hardly believe that such a young lady could be a famous musician. She seemed to be about 30. Her black hair looked even darker against her angel like white face. Her eyes were very beautiful. And her lips seemed to be longing for a kiss. Michael was definitely his type of girl. (more…)

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