When a husband and a wife don’t match in their sexual appetites, one of them will look for pleasure on the side…

I’m a very sexually horny woman, some people might even say I’m crazy about sex or even nymphomaniac, but I reallyf love to fuck. My husband can do without sex in his life, on our honeymoon we fucked only a few times, and now, after 5 years of married life, I’m very lucky if I have sex with my husband 2 times a month. I have never cheated on my husband, but I play with myself every day using my sexual toys, dildos and vibrators, sometimes 2 or more times a day. A few times I have spent the whole day fucking my pussy, when I have a dildo in my pussy and ass at the same time. It makes me feel like a whore being used, this is my favorite feeling in the world. When I have 2 toys in my ass and cunt, I imagine being a street slut getting fucked by 2 fat cocks. My husband, however, doesn’t take care of my sexual needs; he is always busy with his work on stock exchange, so that’s why I frequently stay at home alone. I talked him to changing a place and moving to another house, bigger than previous. That was a big Victorian styled home, and now I could decorate it like I wanted.

We have lived in this house about 3 months and I have gotten very friendly with the lady next door, she showed me all around the town and we usually have coffee together when she comes home from work. Her husband is very handsome and I would let him fuck me if he wanted to, works somewhere on military plant and I don’t usually see him. Quite often, I usually go to the bathroom with a dildo in my pussy and think of him. (more…)

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May 10th, 2008

A couple is invited to a party and the wife is flirting with some guy from the party, in the long run he takes her to a bathroom and fucks her while the husband is having fun with the guests…

We were invited to a birthday party. It was summer and the party was held in a country house. It was great fun there. My husband and I got drunk. It was real blast! We were partying like crazy teens. There were many people doing different things there – some were chatting, some were dancing, some were drinking.

One of the guests asked me to dance with him. Sam pressed my body close against his. My breasts were pressed against his chest. His hands were squeezing my butt cheeks. I felt his erect penis through the dress. If I weren’t drunk that time I wound consider it to be offensive but I was drunk and I must confess I liked feeling his arousal, it turned me on too. The only thing that made me a bit embarrassed was his tight hold of my ass. I looked at my hubby.

Luckily for me he was absorbed in a conversation and didn’t even look my way. He was chatting with our mutual friend Kalista. She was sitting quiet giving him a tipsy smile, seemed she didn’t really understand what he was talking about. My man was actively gesturing telling her something. Her knees were slowly sliding apart, soon he could see her panties. Though it was getting dark I noticed a wet spot on her panties, she was leaking. She was aroused, so was I. And my hubby didn’t see her obvious seduction.

Kelly, another friend of mine, saw me dancing with Sam and winked at me playfully. Sam was whispering different romantic crap in my ear. (more…)

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Sexy neighbor

April 12th, 2008

A guy falls in love with his neighbor, she’s a young, hot woman but the problem is that she is married. He’ll find a way to get her into bed, read and see for yourself!

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

I was absolutely nuts and crazy about my neighbor, she was a lady of about thirty years old, married but her husband was an absolute jerk. He worked shifts at some geological site and sometimes he was missing for days spending his time in the mountains looking for gold and stuff like that. His wife, Jane would easily drive any man crazy, she was a brunette with long legs and big, yummy boobs, her face was beautiful and one could drown in her deep, dark eyes. I really couldn’t understand why she married her husband, he was the exact opposite of her, a middle-aged man with a belly. It was obvious that Jane wouldn’t stand him for long and recently I began to notice that when her husband was on his shift she was visited by a man, he stayed over at her place and it was certain she cheated on her husband.

I must say that I didn’t care, I didn’t blame her as a woman like her needs a good man by her side, but not her husband. The only thing that was as frustrating as it could be was that I was not her lover and I wished I were. My problem was that I was too young at that time, I was only 20 and she was ten years older than me. Of course she never even thought about me being her lover, but I dreamed about her so much, lying in my bed and jerking off imagining her close to me, riding and sucking my dick. (more…)

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April 8th, 2008

A married couple moves from the USA to Moscow when husband gets a job there, he has to keep an eye on his wife as Russian studs are hot and impatient…

I live in the States for almost my entire life, my family immigrated here many years ago when I was just a teen. So I consider myself to be a real American girl though I still speak some Russian, and I can surely understand it.

So when my husband got a job in the Moscow branch office, I didn’t like the idea much at first because I thought it would be really boring for me to live in Moscow. I didn’t remember much of Russia and was a bit scared of that country. But then when contemplating over the whole thing I decided I should try to change the environment, besides I was offered an interesting job in the newspaper there, so I agreed to go.

It was my fist visit to Moscow, I just loved the city. We got a great apartment in the center of the capital. I was to start working on Wednesday but I decided to go to the office and meet my colleagues on Tuesday evening.

I knew women always tried to look great in Russia so I bought a new blue dress, a new white purse, and new white stilettos. I looked terrific! The driver took me to the office. (more…)

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Her first orgasm

April 7th, 2008

When a woman is having problems in her sexual life with her husband it’s a good idea to turn to a family therapist, he could sure help them out and give good advice on how to spice up their sexual life…

“I’ve never had an orgasm”,. Linda said in a sad voice to the family therapist, the sessions of which she had been visiting with her husband. They were having troubles in their family life and Linda thought it would be a good idea to try to save their marriage by turning to a family therapist.

Linda and her husband Jerry were having real problems. Jerry was a gardener spending his days working on the gardens of rich people. He was, to put it mildly, a bit illiterate about sex and could never satisfy Linda in bed. All he could do in sex was to fuck her in the missionary position. All Linda’s attempts to spice up their sex life failed.

This was a separate session and Linda was alone in Dr. Hesky’s office. He was listening to her very attentively. Asking questions occasionally.

“Jerry doesn’t seem to care about me having an orgasm and I must say I’ve never had an orgasm in my life”. Linda said in a sad, trembling voice and it seemed she was on the verge of crying.

“Well, I don’t know, maybe it’s not him, maybe it’s just all my fault, I just don’t know what to do”. (more…)

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He made me his sex slave!

March 5th, 2008

The girl gets married at the age of 18 and it turns out that she made a big mistake, that’s because her husband keeps neglecting her and she feels so unhappy before a husband’s brother comes on stage…

Now read this! Perhaps some of you say that this story is false, but things happened just the way I’m gonna tell you about. I don’t know why I share this story of my life with all of you, may be because I’m tired of keeping it so far. I got married when I was 18 and I was probably the most naïve girl on this earth. Can’t say exactly that I was sure of what exactly was supposed to happen on my honeymoon night. Though I had dated many guys before, but I always allowed myself only dancing with them and the last thing that could come in my mind was getting in the back seat of a car and letting some boy put his monster inside of me. When I got into bed with my husband and he began kissing and then feeling my breast, I was getting a twitch between my legs. I had never experienced it before. Soon he started eating one of my breasts and running his tongue around my nipple as he continued to play with another boob one with his fingers. I thought I’d go crazy coz I felt so hot. As he sucked the first one and then the other tit, he moved his hand to my throbbing cunt. Rubbing it gently at first, and then moving his finger up to my clit, he knew that I was getting hot every second. He slipped down his boxer shorts and I caught a glimpse of his large dick.

He took it in his hand and placed it straight against the entrance to my pussy. I was not the first virgin he had ever deflowered. He parted my pussy lips with his fingers allowing the cock head to enter. At this moment I was really scared of that thing inside me, but he moved it up to my clit massaging it around. (more…)

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Taxi Adventure

March 1st, 2008

A lady who is tired of her husband wants to take a break from him and goes to the bar, there she gets drunk and calls a cab to go home but the cab driver doesn’t think so…

… That happened once in the weekend… I didn’t feel any joy of the up coming holidays, because I knew the usual program for it. My husband was to get drunk as usually, fall asleep… and I was to seat along… I was so tied of this fucking life!!!

I thought I’d better go to the club than to stay at home. At least I could forget about it for some time. That was decided! I was going to the club! I washed myself up quickly and set preparing little by little. I made up, brushed my hair, put the black low-necked blouse on and black fight-fitting jeans.

I drank wine just to relax a bit. Here I heard the door bell ring and I knew who it was. I was not to go to the club along. That was why I agreed to go there with the cousin of my husband and her daughter. In short, we called a cab and ran to the club. Everything was as usual. Nothing new. The bar + booz + dances + chasing men. But I was not interested in all that already. I was bored. My mind was far away from here. My thoughts were with my darling man who didn’t want me to leave… (more…)

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My weakness for sex!

February 18th, 2008

When a man can’t satisfy his woman in bed, she’s gonna look for satisfaction and pleasure from someone else and there’s nothing you can do about it…

My name is Kira, I’m almost 23. I’ve been married for the last three years. My husband is a really nice person, but unfortunately he doesn’t satisfy me in bed at all. For the last two years I lived in hell. I always admired husbands and boyfriends of the other girls that I know.

One day his cousin was visiting our town for business. He came along with two of his friends and we offered them to stay over at our huge house. My husband’s cousin’s name is Will and his friends Sam and Rob. The presence of three extra men at our house was so fucking turning to me! Those young guys also seemed to be into checking out my ass. So the next day when my husband left to work at 7 am I felt so excited and horny I decided to seduce those guys.

I made a plan of action. I put on my sexy tiny pink rob that barely covers my hips. I made my hair and prepared for another day. I put on light make up in tone with what I was wearing. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I loved myself! I looked fantastic!

My C-cups looked delicious sticking out the nipples and when I turned around my ass looked like a pie! I looked provocative. My slim legs could knock down even Brad Pitt. And my cute lil face was sleazy and lewd! (more…)

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Can stand no more. Part 2

February 16th, 2008

So how does it feel? To see your wife getting fucked right in front of you? Would you tell her about it knowing that this could damage your relations? This guy kept it secret, do you blame him?

Grace arched her back, moaning, swaying to and fro following his tempo. Her mouth was wide open, her lips were stretched up to the limit. Her face was looking different that moment. It wasn’t my Grace… It was somebody else. Juan was swaying his pelvis pretty fast and rhythmically sticking the stem deep in her throat and getting it out of her mouth then. I saw her throat swell. It was unbearable to watch them! Her throat got swollen with his every thrust. Sometimes he took the dick out to let her gulp for air.

Cold gave way to heat. I was hot, I was almost burning starting with my face. The heat was getting down to my neck and lower. It was so hot that I could hardly breathe. “For how long is it lasting? These sounds… I can’t stand the sounds!” Juan pushed Grace away. It was so rude! Her face was red, her lips were wet and swollen. I’d never seen such lips before! He bent down to his pants and took a condom out of the pocket. He tore off the wrapper and started putting on the condom. It slipped off his fingers and fell on the floor. He picked it up. “It’s dirty now!” I thought in disgust. “He’s got a short cock he’s got a thick cock! Why is it so dark? Why is the dickhead white? Why is there so much skin there? It’s all covered with folds!” Grace was standing motionless staring at his face. “She never looks in my face! She never gives me head!” I was cold and feverish at the same time. (more…)

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Can stand no more

February 11th, 2008

It’s always hard to know that your wife is cheating on you, how can you live with that? The best way is to share your feelings with someone, that’s what the man did, he wrote this story and it’s here for us….

This story is probably not just an average story, it’s more of a cry from my heart, of a way to express my feelings as I can’t stand it anymore.

Up till yesterday I was a happily married guy. I know my wife Grace since teenage. We’re married for 6 years now. We met when we were teens and everything was more that trivial. First we were just friends, then we felt like liking each other, and then we finally madly fell in love with each other. We’ve always been really honest with each other, I really love my wife with all my heart.
We’ve always been really careful to each other’s feelings making the utmost in order not to let one another feel offended or hurt. We’ve almost never quarreled during all these years of being together.

Grace is almost an ideal girl for me. She’s petite, very gentle and even fragile. She’s so perfect that I never even could say bad words when she was around. All our friends become calmer and more careful when being around her. She’s got a pretty face with small features. She looks really feminine. She hardly uses any make-up but that doesn’t make her face look pale or plain. Her body is petite and feminine too. She’s not very tall, she’s got petite firm boobs, slender hips, thin waist, and beautiful legs. She reminds me of an angel. I love her the way she is. (more…)

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